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Quick Composing Tourneys for 2018
No Tourney name Section Closing date Award icon Winner icon Judge
XXX название конкурса
раздел (задание) дд-мм-гггг dd-mm-yyyy А/З И. Фамилия победителя # арбитр
218 And Then There Were Captured None h#4-N 22-12-2018 formula
217 Delightful variety #2 (fairy) 15-11-2018 Janez Nastran
216 The Magic Wonder Masand Chess fairies 15-10-2018 Petko Petkov
215 White Pawn square #2-4, h#2-4, s#2-4 11-10-2018 Igor Agapov
214 Pinned by common purpose h#2 24-08-2018 12-09-2018 34/46 A. Kostyukov h#2 Anatoly Stepochkin
213 Queen under cover #2 09-08-2018 23-09-2018 10/17 Y. Gorbatenko #2 Anatoly Vasilenko
212 O tempora, o moves! h#3-6 02-08-2018 02-10-2018 12/17
R. Wiehagen & C. Jonsson
Z. Mihajloski
Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Marko Klasinc
211 Auto-unpinning h#2-n (fairy) 26-07-2018 Arnold Beine
210 Danaitians, take back your gifts! h#2-3 11-06-2018 15-09-2018 15/39 M. Witztum
E. Navon
Ricardo de Mattos Vieira
209 Kharkov-Rotterdam motives #2 24-05-2018 04-07-2018 18/29 P. Murashev & A. Feoktistov #2 Mark Basisty
208 The King’s Feed #3 10-05-2018 18-06-2018 16/39 A. Stepochkin #3 Grigory Atayants
207 Constant Checking h#2-n 30-04-2018 30-06-2018 16/31 J. Nastran h#2 Ingemar Lind
206 The Shooter h#2-3 (fairy) 05-04-2018 12-06-2018 21/46 F. Pachl & D. Müller h#2 Michael Barth
205 False half-battery #2 22-03-2018 17-04-2018 15/21 M. Basisty & A. Vasilenko #2 Vasyl Markovcij
204 Conditional echo hs#3-6 (fairy) 28-02-2018 04-09-2018 18/62 V. Zheglov hs#6 Ján Golha
203 The Helpmate, or There and Back Again h#2-n 01-02-2018 08-03-2018 34/76 R. Vieira h#2.5 Christer Jonsson
202 Black hole #2 08-01-2018 04-04-2018 32/58 M. Hramtsevich #2 Ilija Serafimović
201 Rook square #2-4, s#2-4
25-12-2017 28-02-2018 12/20
G. Atayants
A. Vasilenko & A. Frolkin
Igor Agapov
200 5+ without repetitions h#1.5-n 31-12-2017 14-02-2018 26/31 I. Lind
A. Skripnik & V. Medintsev
199 Correcting white weakness in advance h#2 14-12-2017 15-06-2018 40/114 F. Abdurahmanovic h#2 Menachem Witztum
Explanatory notes to the TT table
1) The numbers of active TT are highlighted with red background; the numbers of failed TT - with yellow one.
2) The date format in the table: day-month-year (DD-MM-YYYY).
3) The closing date column contains hyperlink to the announcement of appropriate TT.
4) Column marked with the icon icon shows the ratio of authors/works in appropriate TT.
5) Column marked with the icon icon contains hyperlinks to the winner compositions of appropriate TT; a composition appears in a new window when you click on the link.
Terms and Abbreviations
• ТТ - quick composing thematic tourney.
• active ТТ - closing date is not expired, one may submit original(s) to the tourney.
• closed ТТ - closing date is expired; waiting for award...
• completed ТТ - final award of the TT is published; all claims were considered.
• failed ТТ - no award, no winner.
• X-judge - a judge whose name is unknown to the TT participants prior to publication of the TT award.
Conditions of participation in TT
1) The requirements regarding all entries are as follows: legality of the diagram position; no extra-set positions (i. e. in the initial position, one side should not have 2 Queens / 3 Rooks / 2 Bishops of the same color etc.); unique solution; no duals in the main (conceptual) variants.
2) TT winners will offer the theme for the next TT reporting its formulation to TT Director and have the right to be the judge of the next TT, setting its timing.

Each participant in a TT is encouraged to ponder on a theme he would like to propose for the next TT in case he wins the current tourney.


Informational Materials

Terms and Abbreviations
Conditions of participation in TT
Explanatory notes to the TT table
REGULATIONS in TT [ in pdf format ]
The Register of prize winners in TT

TT Director

Aleksey Oganesyan alexeioganesyan@gmail.com

TT Winners for 2018

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