Final Award in Quick Composing TT-272 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса ТТ-272

One finger in three pies | Одна затычка в трёх бочках

Theme | Тема

9 entries were received from 7 authors representing 5 countries | На конкурс поступило 9 композиций от 7 авторов из 5 стран

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The following problems are not included in the award:
- No 2, No 3, No 7 – in my opinion, besides one thematic mate (with the move to the point of intersection of the lines of action), there are too few interesting nuances. Moreover, in No 7 initially there is no answer on the check 1...Qd6+;
- No 4 – in comparison to 1st example from the announcement, here there are too few original moments and at the same time there are no thematic tries with Barulin theme. Moreover, here there are double threat and two more pieces.

In the TT conditions there were: “...White piece or Pawn goes to the point of intersection of the lines of action of these three Black pieces that allows to create a threat (or to immediately checkmate)”. In order not to limit the imagination of the authors, I deliberately chose a rather general wording "that allows". This meant: said threat (mate) should become possible not necessarily because of using all three interferences at once – using of one (two) from its is thematic too. But in this case, it is critical that two (one) other interferences are used, explicitly or implicitly, in another variations – otherwise thematic White move to the point of intersection has partially artificial effect.

It was for this reason that the following problems turned out to be non-thematic: - No 9 – mutual interferences of lines of Black pieces by each other are used but without White move to the point of intersection; - No 5 – the key to the point of intersection of the lines of action of three Black pieces but further only two of its are used. By agreement with the author, No 5 is published at the end of the award as an out-of-tourney dedication to the participants.

In the three marked problems, their authors implemented the theme with due imagination.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

Prize - No 1
Igor Agapov
TT-272, SuperProblem, 15-09-2022
Honorable mention - No 6
Gábor Tar
TT-272, SuperProblem, 15-09-2022
Commendation - No 8
Viktor Syzonenko
TT-272, SuperProblem, 15-09-2022

Prize - No 1, Igor Agapov (Russia) 8/K1p1B3/p3N3/2N1kb2/2r5/1B1qPQb1/4R3/3R4

*1...Bf4 2.exf4#
1.e4! – 2.Qxf5#
1...Qxe4 2.Qxg3# (I)
1...Rxe4 2.Sxd3# (II)
1...Bxe4 2.Qh5# (III)
1...Qxf3 2.Rd5# (IV)

1...Bf~ 2.Qf6# (V)
1...Bf4 2.Qxf4# (VI)
Thematic lines: Qd3-f5, Rc4-f4, Bf5-d3.
By key, the Pawn goes to the point of intersection of these lines. An interference of 1st from these lines is used in threat and in III, an interference of 2nd and 3rd – in I and II.
In IV an interference of another Black line Qf3-d5 is used.
Additionally: III, V – correction of bBf5; IV, V – opening of White lines; VI – change-mate in comparison to set play.
Perhaps the only thing that can be called a fly in the ointment is the insufficient loading of some White pieces, especially Bb3, which is needed only in II. But this pales against the backdrop of a complex concept and a fairly light (for such content) construction.
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Honorable mention - No 6, Gábor Tar (Hungary) k2N2R1/1pB5/1P6/2p4Q/4r3/N3p1r1/q3b1Bp/R4n1K

1.Qd5? – 2.Qxb7#, 1...Qxd5 2.Sc4#, 1...Ba6!
1.Qh3? – 2.Qc8#, 1...Bg4 2.Se6#, 1...Rgg4!
1.Qf5! – 2.Qc8#
1...Qe6 2.Sc4#
1...Bg4 2.Se6#
1...Re6 2.Bxb7#
Thematic lines: Re4-e8, Be2-a6, Qd5(e6)-a2; Re4-e8, Bg4-c8, Qa2 g8
A main feature of the problem is that two thematic mates are performed by the front pieces of two different White batteries (and not the same one, as in 1st example of the announcement). Therefore, from a thematic point of view, mates by Knight on c4 square in try and in solution differ in which side of this square the Black Queen stands.
In an additional variant of the solution – a mate on the same square (b7) as in try but by another piece.
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Commendation - No 8, Viktor Syzonenko (Ukraine) b3r3/8/8/2N4Q/7r/7p/1pNpPB1K/1Bbk4

1.e4+? Rg4 2.Qxg4#, 1...Rxh5!
1.Sd4? – 2.Bc2#, 1...Rxd4 2.e4#, 1...Be4!
1.Sa4! – 2.Sc3#
1...Rxa4(c4) 2.e4#
1...Re3(c8) 2.Sxe3#
Thematic lines: Ba8-f3, Re8-e3, Ra4(c4,d4)-g4
Among all the problems sent, this one has the most unusual (albeit simple) plot. Initially two thematic lines are ready: mate Se3#? impossible because of Re8-e3, and mate e3#? – not only because of Ba8-f3, but also because of the banal Rxh5. Therefore, White's goal is to force the Rh4 to make a critical move along the 4th rank, after which the White Pawn, having made a “bolder” move (two squares ahead), could interfere both this Rook and the Bishop.
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Dedicated to TT-272 participants
Yury Gorbatenko
TT-272, SuperProblem, 15-09-2022
Dedicated to TT-272 participants
Igor Agapov
TT-272, SuperProblem, 25-09-2022

Dedicated to TT-272 participants - Yury Gorbatenko (Russia) 6K1/2RpQp2/4N1B1/1p1k4/1r2p3/2b5/5q2/8

*1...Qd4 2.Sf4#
*1...Rd4 2.Rc5# (line-closing)
1.Sd4! - 2.Qc5#
1...Rxd4 2.Rc5#
1...Bxd4 2.Bxe4#
1...Kxd4 2.Qxe4#
1...Qxd4 2.Bxf7#
1...Rc4 2.Rxd7#
1...d6 2.Qxe4#
Thematic lines – Qf2-c5, Rb4-e4 and Bc3-h8, but an interference of Bishop is not used at all – so unfortunately the problem is non-thematic for TT-272.
The problem is somewhat similar to prize-winner No 1 (but without self-pins), but here additionally – 4th capture of White piece and a construction is even lighter and without White Pawns.
Also compare to yacpdb/480644.
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Dedicated to TT-272 participants - Igor Agapov (Russia) b1N5/b2r1q1p/Rn4p1/4k1P1/4B1Q1/N1R2p2/2rp4/6BK

1.Ra5+? Qd5/Rd5/Bd5!
1.Bd5! - 2.Qe4#
1...Rxd5 2.Re3#
1...Bxd5 2.Bd4#
1...Sxd5 2.Sc4#
1...Qxd5 2.Bh2#
1...Kxd5 2.Ra5#
1...Qf5 2.Qd4#
1...Qf4 2.Qe6#
Thematic lines – Ba8-e4, Rd7-d4 and Qf7-c4.
Reworking of yacpdb/480644 upto TT-272 theme.
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Judge: Aleksey Oganesjan
September 15, 2022
Судья: Алексей Оганесян