Final Award in Quick Composing TT-270 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса ТТ-270

Upside-down switchbacks | Последним ушёл – первым вернулся

Theme | Тема

28 entries were received from 18 authors representing 9 countries | На конкурс поступило 28 композиций от 18 авторов из 9 стран

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I am very glad with total number of 28 entries for this TT-270. Only three of them was non-thematic: No 10 (Kg5-Kd4), No 12 (Kh5-Kd4), No 23 (Kb5-Kd8).
17 problems are included in the award. Level of creativity at prize-problems bewitched me special and congratulations to authors for wonderful works!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize - No 21
O. Comay, M. Witztum, R. Vieira
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
2nd Prize - No 28
A.Daga, V.Nallusamy, M.Solaiappan
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
3rd Prize - No 5
Marcel Tribowski
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022

1st Prize - No 21, Ofer Comay & Menachem Witztum (Israel) & Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil) 5nkq/5ppN/4p1P1/4K2P/8/6N1/8/8

1.f5 (fxg6?) 2.f4 3.f3 (fxg3?) 4.f2 5.f1B 6.Bd3 7.Bxg6 8.Be8 (Bxh5?) 9.Kf7 10.Qg8 11.g6 12.gxh5 13.h4 14.hxg3 15.g2 16.g1R 17.Rg7 18.Qh8 19.Kg8 20.Bf7 Sf6#
11-piece Meredith with 4 thematic Black pieces and undoubtedly the best composition in tourney. Wonderful thematic realization included 2 Excelsiors with switchbacks of promoted Pawns to their original squares! Also two promoted pieces and Black Queen create self-blocks on f7, g7 and h8. Bewitched me how one very difficult idea can be realized in so light setting!
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2nd Prize - No 28, Anirudh Daga & Velmurugan Nallusamy & Manikumar Solaiappan (India) 1b6/k1p5/1pP1p3/1K4P1/2P1b3/2P1R3/8/8

1.Ka8 2.Ba7 3.Kb8 4.Kc8 5.Kd8 6.Ke7 7.Kd6 8.Ke5 9.Kf4 10.Bf3 11.Kg3 12.Kf2 13.Be2 14.Ke1 15.Kd2 16.Bd3 17.Kxc3 18.Kd4 19.Be4 20.Ke5 21.Kd6 22.Ke7 23.Kd8 24.Kc8 25.Kb8 26.Ka8 27.Bb8 28.Ka7 Ra3#
Black’s move forms shape of an inverted flying Kite. (authors.)
Longest problem in tourney. Another meredith but with only 3 thematic pieces and wonderful content with double Rundlauf! Black King make 22-move thematic switchback-maneuver to a7 square, with Rundlauf as his part. Here we have several pre-thematic switchbacks of BK(on e5-d6-e7-d8-c8-b8-a8) but they are allowed as part thematic switchback-maneuver. Black Be4 open the lines for BK and also make Rundlauf-maneuver! Capture WPc3 open line for mate on a3 after switchbacks 3 Black pieces.
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3rd Prize - No 5, Marcel Tribowski (Germany) 8/4p3/3pP1b1/3p1kr1/4p3/3pp1BP/3p3p/3K1B1R

1.Kxe6 2.Rf5 3.Rf2 4.Re2 5.Bh5 6.Bf3 7.Bg2 8.Bxf1 9.Bg2 10.Bf3 11.Bh5 12.Bg6 13.Rf2 14.Rf5 15.Rg5 16.Kf5 17.e6 Rf1#
Very interesting concept with staggered switchbacks and annihilation of white mass. Black Rg5 must close the line e2-h5 to prevent check by Bh5/Bf3. On the squares vacated by thematic Black pieces after capture happened Black self-block on e6 and White mating move on f1! Nice idea.
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4th Prize - No 27
S. Kalyan & V. Nallusamy
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
5th Prize - No 20
M.Witztum, R.Vieira, O.Comay
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
Special Prize - No 19
Viktor Syzonenko
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022

4th Prize - No 27, Seetharaman Kalyan & Velmurugan Nallusamy (India) bk6/qrn5/1p2p3/bp1P4/1pnP1p2/1P1R1K2/8/8

1.Sxd5 2.Rh7 3.Qg7 4.Qxd4 5.Qg7 6.Qa7 7.Rb7 8.Sc7 Rd8#
Excellent idea with only three thematic switchbacks by Q, R and S: Black open line d3-d8 step by step, created reciprocal Bristol by BR and BQ! Also here are three unblocks and three upside-down self-blocks of squares a7, b7, c7. Very good construction.
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5th Prize - No 20, Menachem Witztum (Israel) & Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil) & Ofer Comay (Israel) 3bb3/N2k1p2/3P4/4P2K/8/8/4P3/3RR3

1.Ke6 2.Bb5 (f5? check!) 3.f5 4.f4 5.f3 (Bxe2? check!) 6.Bxe2 7.Bb5 (f2? check!) 8.f2 9.f1R 10.Rf7 (Be8? check!) 10.Be8 11.Kd7 e6#
In the first hand No 20 was not candidate for prize, but after further analyze I upgrade his order. Here are only 3 thematic switchbacks, but one with Excelsior and high-original determination of Black moves! The moves by the BBe8 and BP are connected and they must wait for each other to avoid check to the WK. Thereby promoted R must return to f7! Also beautiful mating setting with three pairs connected pieces (Rd1-Re1/ Pd6-Pe6/ Bd8-Be8).
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Special Prize - No 19, Viktor Syzonenko (Ukraine) 8/2p3p1/3PP1R1/1pkbb1p1/2pr1p2/2N2p2/1PRB4/6K

1.Bxe6 2.Rxd6 3.Bxc3 4.Be5! (4.Bxb2? / 4.Bd4+? / 4.Bf6? / 4.Ba5?) 5.Rd4 6.Bd5 b4#
Prizegiving list ended with unusual thematic realization in only 6 moves (minimum). Here are 3 captures by Black: on e6 and d6 because open line for Rg6 + on c3 because pin BPc4/open line for Bd2. Final result: model mate b2-b4#. One important plus in content – dual avoidance at switchback on e5! After all problem deserve special prize.
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1st Honorable mention - No 3
Anatoly Stepochkin
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
2nd Honorable mention - No 6
Marcel Tribowski
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
ser-h#72 sol.(8+4)
3rd Honorable mention - No 22
Dimitris Liakos
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022

1st Honorable mention - No 3, Anatoly Stepochkin (Russia) N7/pR6/k7/p7/3K4/8/8/8

1.a4 2.a3 3.a2 4.a1R 5.Rb1 6.Rb6 7.Kb5 8.a5 9.a4 10.a3 11.a2 12.a1R 13.Ra7 14.Ka6 15.Rb5 16.Ra5 Rb6#
Nice thematic realization in 6-pieces miniature with one Excelsior! After 16 Black moves all pieces stay as in diagram setting, but now mate Rb6 (model) is possible.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 6, Marcel Tribowski (Germany) 8/4B3/3p2N1/4P1P1/5PP1/6k1/4KNrb/8

1.Rg1 2.Kg2 3.Bxf4 4.Bxe5 5.Bh2 6.Kg2-g3 7.Rg2 Bxd6#
1.Bg1 2.Kh2 3.Rxg4 4.Rxg5 5.Rg2 6.Kh2-g3 7.Bh2 Bh4#
Two analogical solutions with Black K, R and B as thematic pieces. In both case Black must to capture two White pawns to open line for Be7. So here are thematic switchbacks from different squares between two solutions. Very good meredith.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 22, Dimitris Liakos (Greece) 2K5/5p1N/2pppP1p/Pprkb2R/1p1n4/1PpR1P2/2P5/8

1.Rc4 2.Kc5 3.Sf5 4.Bxf6 5.Be5 6.Sd4 7.Kd5 8.Rc5 Sf6#
Excellent thematic content in only 8 moves: self-unpin of Sd4, Be5 and Sf5, self-pin Be5 and Sd4, unblock the square f6, reciprocal FML.
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4th Honorable mention - No 15
Gábor Tar (dedicated to Gabriella Tar)
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
5th Honorable mention - No 16
Slavomír Svetlík
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
Special Honorable mention - No 8
Vladislav Nefyodov
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022

4th Honorable mention - No 15, Gábor Tar (Hungary), dedicated to Gabriella Tar 8/8/4P3/3p1B2/2pP1pP1/pNpp1p2/Ppkb1K2/1nqb2B1

1.Be2 2.Qd1 3.Bc1 4.Sd2 5.b1R 6.Rb2 7.Sb1 8.Bd2 9.Qc1 10.Bd1 Sa1#
Consecutive FML (follow-my-leader) with thematic switchbacks in good construction. One thematic move by promoted Pawn. However poor role Bf5 too.
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5th Honorable mention - No 16, Slavomír Svetlík (Slovakia) 1N1bk3/2p2b2/2p1ppN1/8/3K4/5P2/6B1/8

1.Be7 2.Kd8 3.Be8 4.Bd7 5.Bc8 6.Ba6 7.Be2 8.Bxf3 9.Be2 10.Ba6 11.Bc8 12.Bd7 13.Be8 14.Bf7 15.Ke8 16.Bd8 Bxc6#
FML and 12-moves switchback-maneuver of Bf7. However, idea with open Bishops line is well-known ago in better examples.
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Special Honorable mention - No 8, Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) 4N2R/5pBb/6pq/5pnr/4pKnr/4Pp1p/1R3P1P/k7

1.Bg8 2.Qh7 3.Rh6 4.R4h5 5.Sf6 6.Sxe8 7.Sf6 8.Sg4 9.Rh4 10.R6h5 11.Qh6 12.Bh7 Ra8#
bK walk - 1.f6? 2.Qxg7 3.Qa7 4.Kxb2 5-10.Ka8 13.Bb7 Sc7#, 3.Qc7 4-10.Kc8 13.Bd7 Sd6# – but one move is missing! (author.)
Another consecutive FML, all 12 moves are thematic. Black close and open line for WRh8 but it required switchback of 5 pieces.
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Commendation - No 11
Tibor Érsek
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
Commendation - No 14
J.Csák, Z,Laborczi, G.Tar
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
Commendation - No 24
Dimitris Liakos (version)
TT-270, SuperProblem, 04-08-2022

Commendation - No 11, Tibor Érsek (Hungary) 8/4B3/4B2N/K2Pp3/2Pkr3/2r5/4P3/8

1.Rxc4 2.Rc6 3.Rd6 4.Kc5 5.Rd4 6.R4xd5 7.Rd4 8.Re4 9.Kd4 10.Rc6 11.Rc3 Sf5#
Interesting mechanism close and open the lines of two White Bishops with two Black Rooks
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Commendation - No 14, János Csák & Zoltán Laborczi & Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/8/8/8/p7/2PpK3/Nppp4/qkbB4

1.cxd1B 2.Kc2 3.b1R 4.Qxc3 5.Qa1 6.Rb2 7.Kb1 8.Bc2 Sc3#
Also consecutive FML but now with two thematic Black promotions.
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Commendation - No 24, Dimitris Liakos (Greece), version 4Brkr/5p1p/5P1P/3p1pP1/8/3pK3/3R2b1/8

1.Be4 2.Rxe8 3.Kf8 4.Rg8 5.Rxg5 6.Rg8 7.Rh8 8.Kg8 9.Rf8 10.Bg2 Rxg2#
Consecutive FML + another thematic switchback of Bg2. However, cruel mate (RxBg2)
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Commendation - No 25
Dimitris Liakos
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022
Commendation - No 26
V.Nallusamy, M.Solaiappan
TT-270, SuperProblem, 25-07-2022

Commendation - No 25, Dimitris Liakos (Greece) 1b5K/2rbBp2/4k3/1p1nPp2/1p1P1P2/1Bp5/2P5/1R6

1.Rc4 2.Sf6 3.Bxe5 4.Bb8 5.Sd5 6.Rc7 Re1#
Another thematic realization in only 6 moves. Seven different motives at Black moves: unpin of Sd5, close the line e5-h8, capture because open the line e1-e5, line-vacation by Be5, close the Black line + self-pin of Sd5.
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Commendation - No 26, Velmurugan Nallusamy & Manikumar Solaiappan (India) 8/8/8/3K4/6P1/6Sb/5ppk/5Rbq

1.Bxg4 2.Kh3 3.Bh2 4.Qxf1 5.g1R 6.Rg2 7.Qh1 8.Bg1 9.Kh2 10.Bh3 Sf1#
Unusual 10-pieces FML example with switchbacks by 5 pieces with an underpromotion.
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Judge: Dragan Stojnić
July 25, 2022
Судья: Dragan Stojnić