Final Award in Quick Composing TT-170 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-170

The Pawns are the soul of chess | Пешки – душа шахмат

Theme | Тема

150 entries were received from 55 authors representing 17 countries | На конкурс поступило 150 композиций от 55 авторов из 17 стран

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150 entries were received for the tourney: 62 direct mates (#2 – 17, #3 – 20, #N – 25), 72 – helpmates (h#2 – 15, h#2.5-3 – 6, h#3.5-N – 54), 7 – selfmates, 6 – helpselfmates.

I have received all compositions in anonymous form. Theme was very wide. In my opinion, to be thematic the problem must contain memorable actions of Pawns, and Pawns must be really a soul of the problem, they must play an important role in author’s design. Problems that do not meet this postulate were not included in this award. According to quantity of sent problems, I have decided to complete separated award in 6 (!) sections and choose only the best and beautiful. It was made in order to the soul of Filidor will glad for us – modern composers...

Pawn & King

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

17 entries were received from 16 authors representing 8 countries | На конкурс поступило 17 композиций от 16 авторов из 8 стран
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I did not include the following problems in the award:
- No 49 (Kf7-Ke5) – the improvement of Bourd’s problem yacpdb/411004 will be successful in another, non-thematic tourney;
- No 51 (Kb7-Kd5) – cycles of defences and mates, but Pawn play is not enough;
- No 56 (Ke1-Ke8) – record quantity of Pawns, but with retro theme;
- No 81 (Ke3-Kd5) – only Pickaninny. Similar scheme was realized 100 years ago in combination with Loyd’s organ: yacpdb/332623.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 61
József Tamás
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 88
Yury Gorbatenko
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 78
Luis Gómez
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 61, József Tamás (Hungary) 5B2/2ppp3/P1kP4/KpP4R/4P3/8/5Q2/8

1.Rxe6? zz 1...cxd6 2.Qxd6#, 1...d4 2.Qe4#, 1...dxe6 2.e8Q#, 1...bxa4!
But last Black move was 0...b7-b5, so: | Последним ходом черных был 0...b7-b5, поэтому:
1.cxb6! e.p. zz 1...cxb6+ 2.Rxb6#, 1...cxd6 2.Qc1#, 1...d4 2.Rc5#, 1...Kxd6 2.Rxe6#
It is the most interesting thematic problem! Nice key with retro-rationale. Change mates on Pawn defences. All content of problem is “permeated” by Pawn play. I am sure that Filidor, the famous chess-player and composer (operatic) would like this plot. So I say “Bravo!” to the author.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 88, Yury Gorbatenko (Russia) 8/3R4/2P1kp2/1p2P2n/3B1p2/2P1P1pb/3RQ1N1/1B1K4

1.exf6? – 2.exf4#, 1...Bf5 2.Ba2#, 1...Sxf6 2.Sxf4#, 1...Bxg2 2.Qg4#, 1...fxe3 2.Qxe3#, 1...f3!
1.exf4? – 2.exf6#, 1...Bf5/f5 2.Ba2#, 1...Sxf4 2.Sxf4#, 1...Bxg2 2.f5#, 1...fxe5 2.Qxe5#, 1...Bg4!
1.Bc5! – 2.Re7#, 1...fxe5 2.R2d6#, 1...Kxe5 2.exf4#
Salazar, simple and random change-mates, change-functions of moves. It is good (important) that the basis of author’s design is rich Pawn play.
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Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 78, Luis Gómez (Spain) 8/2q5/2RN2p1/1Bn1b3/N4p2/1p1p1Q2/3kP1K1/1b5R

*1...Kc2 (x) 2.Qxd3# (X1)
1.e3? (A) – 2.Qf2#, 1...Kc2 (x) 2.Qd1# (X2), 1...Qxc6! (a)
1.e4? (B) – 2.Qf2#, 1...Bd4! (b)
1.Qf2! – 2.e3#/e4#/exd3#, 1...Kc2 (x) 2.exd3# (X3), 1...f3+ 2.exf3#, 1...Bd4 (b) 2.e3# (A), ...Qxc6+ (a) 2.e4# (B), 1...dxe2 2.Qxe2#, 1...Se4 2.Sxe4#
Banny. Albino. 3-fold change-mates on a move of bK to free square. (author)
It seems that the author did not even notice that he realize a difficult Carlstrem-Fleck theme. It is pleasant that the theme is realized purely, without excess variations – there are only 3 defences which allow one of threats and three defences more which refutes all these threats but allow three new mates. It is pity that 3rd Pawn try 1.exd3? is unsuccessful (triple refutation). It destroys harmony a few and does not allow to evaluating this problem higher.
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Commendation - No 107
Anatoly Vasilenko & Mark Basisty
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

Commendation - No 107, Anatoly Vasilenko & Mark Basisty (Ukraine) 7Q/8/1Rpp4/2pP2R1/2kP4/3p4/3B4/5K2

1.dxc6? cxd4 (a) 2.Rb4#, 1...d5!
1.Qe8? cxd5 (b) 2.Qa4#, 1...Kxd4!
1.Rg4? cxd4 (a) 2.Qxd4#, 1...Kxd5 2.Qg8#, 1...cxd5! (b)
1.Qh1? cxd5 (b) 2.Qxd5#, 1...Kxd4 2.Qh4#, 1...cxd4! (a)
1.Qc8! cxd4 (a) 2.Qxc6#, 1...cxd5 (b) 2.Rb4#, 1...Kxd4 2.Rg4#
3-fold change-mates and function permutation of thematic Pawn moves. (authors.)
Unfortunately only Black Pawns play actively – they “eat” White Pawns, as punishment for their passivity. So I would add one more try (1.dxc5? – 2.Qc3#, 1...Kxc5!) to “rehabilitate” 2nd White Pawn.
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P. S. In TT-12 “Mate by Pawn move” (“SuperProblem”, 2012) the following problems were distinguished among others:
- A. Vorontsov – yacpdb/413239;
- V. Kopyl – yacpdb/413237;
- E. Permyakov, F. Kapustin – yacpdb/413238.
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20 entries were received from 8 authors representing 2 countries | На конкурс поступило 20 композиций от 8 авторов из 2 стран
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I did not include the following problems in the award:
- No 75 (Ka1-Kd4) – Pawn play is not impressive;
- No 136 (Kb2-Kb4) – multi-phase gravure, but without Pawn plot;
- No 138 (Kd4-Kc6) – the dual 1...e5+ 2.fxe6 d5 3.Se7#/Se5# reduces an impression;
- No 141 (Kf6-Kf4) – amusing gravure, but it weakly connected with the theme of the tourney.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 99
Sergey Khachaturov
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 89
Yury Gorbatenko
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
1st Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 76
Leonid Makaronez
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 99, Sergey Khachaturov (Russia) 2QnR3/1p3p1q/2bp1p1r/Np1k1Bp1/1p4N1/6Kp/2PP1Bn1/3R4

1.d3? – 2.Be4+ Qxe4 3.dxe4#, 1...Bxe8 2.Qc4+ bxc4 3.dxc4#, 1...Se3!
1.d4? – 2.Re5+ dxe5/fxe5 3.dxe5#, 1...Bxe8 2.Qc5+ dxc5 3.dxc5#, 1...Se6!
1.Bb6! – 2.Se3+ Sxe3 3.dxe3#
1...Bxe8 2.c4+ bxc3 e.p. 3.dxc3#, 2...bxc4 3.Qxc4#
1...Se6 2.Bxe6+ Ke4 3.d3#, 2...fxe6 3.Qxe6#
Ideal Albino. (author.)
“Continued” play of White Pawn in tries is impressive! It forms a harmonic plot on Albino theme in combination with a solution. Very powerful play of wPd2 – it rams black bastions! I congratulations the author!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 89, Yury Gorbatenko (Russia) 4K3/2ppp3/4P3/P1P4Q/3k4/P4P2/3B4/5B2

1.c6! – 2.cxd7 – 3.d8Q(R)# (pseudo-threat)
1...dxe6 2.Qb5! e5 3.Qc4#
1...dxc6 2.Qf5! c5 3.Qe4#
1...d6 2.Qg5! d5 3.Qe3#
1...d5 2.Kd7! Kc5 3.Be3#
Another problem with harmonic plot: in answer to Pickaninny, every time White execute a quiet move with zugzwang. Additional nuance is Black Pawn continues its way on 2nd move. But in last variation the Black Pawn cannot move on 3rd move in view of pin (3…d4??) – metamorphosis! Nice and light problem!
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1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 76, Leonid Makaronez (Israel) 8/p1KR4/2p1k1p1/3p1pP1/p3P3/1p1N3P/4nB2/1Q6

1.Qe1! – 2.exd5+ cxd5 3.Qxe2#
1...f4 2.Sc5+ Ke5 3.Re7#
1...fxe4 2.Qxe2 – 3.Qg4#
1...d4 2.Qa5 – 3.Qe5#, 2...c5 3.Qa6#
1...dxe4 2.Qb4 – 3.Qe7#/Qd6#/Qc4#, 2...Sf4/Sc3/exd3 3.Qe7#/Qd6#, 2...f4 3.Qxe4#, 2...c5 3.Qc4#
Four Pawn defences with different White play. There is no any plot here, but the play is quite interesting.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 109
Yosi Retter
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
Commendation - No 128
Vladimir Kozhakin
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

2nd Honorable mention - No 109, Yosi Retter (Israel) 8/6pN/2N2Pp1/3p1PR1/3pbk1n/3p1p2/3P1Pp1/4R1K1

1.f7! zz
1...Bxf5 2.f8B ~ 3.Bd6#
1...gxf5/Sxf5 2.f8S ~ 3.Se6#
Two underpromotions look good. I wanted to see any development of author’s design but this did not happen...
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Commendation - No 128, Vladimir Kozhakin (Russia) 6N1/7b/8/5pk1/6P1/6K1/8/5Q2

*1...f4+ 2.Qxf4+ Kg6 3.Qf6#
1.Qa1! – 2.Qf6#
1...f4+ 2.Kh3 – 3.Qf6#, 2...Bxg8 3.Qg7#
1...fxg4 2.Qf6+ Kh5 3.Qh6#
Clear idea – change-play on check to wK. Widescale key to corner. It is quite acceptable content for miniature.
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25 entries were received from 9 authors representing 3 countries | На конкурс поступило 25 композиций от 9 авторов из 3 стран
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Composers have more scope for fantasy for Pawn play theme in this section. But the properties of the genre were realized unconvincingly (apart from some exceptions). I did not include the following problems in the award:
- No 117 (Kc4-Kb7) – excellent key (1.Kd5!), but unacceptable dual 7.Qa8/Qb6#;
- No 144 (Kc2-Kd5), No 145 (Kb6-Ke5), No 146 (Ke2-Kd5) – the play is famous in the majority of variations, also twins are not successful.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 48
Grigory Popov
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
Special Prize, 2nd Place - No 119
Sergey Abramenko
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
#6b) Pg5->c5(7+7)
Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 57
Stanislav Vokál
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 48, Grigory Popov (Russia) 8/1p3p2/1P3p2/1P3P2/rP1p4/p7/p1pP3P/kbK2N2

1.d3! (2.Sd2 ~ 3.Sb3#) 1...Rxb4 2.Sd2 Rxb5 3.h4 Rxb6 4.h5 Rb2 5.h6 b5 6.h7 b4 7.h8S b3 8.Sg6 fxg6 9.fxg6 f5 10.g7 f4 11.g8Q f3 12.Qxb3 f2 13.Qc4! f1Q+ 14.Sxf1 Rb~ 15.Sd2 - 16.Qxd4+ Rb2 17.Sb3#, 15...Rb2 16.Qb3 Rxb3 17.Sb3#
13.Qd5? f1Q+ 14.Sxf1 Rb3! 15.Sd2 Rc3!
9 White Pawns moves + 9 Black Pawns moves = 18 Pawns moves (author.)
Interesting Black counter-play for self-stalemating! White execute underpromotion and sacrifice of promoted Knight. Final mating attack with “strangulation” of the Rook. Interesting multi-faceted problem with different ideas!
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Special Prize, 2nd Place - No 119, Sergey Abramenko (Russia) k7/P1pppppp/K7/3PPPPP/8/8/8/8

a) diagram:
1.e6? dxe6! 1.f6? gxf6! 1.h6? gxh6!
1...hxg6 2.f6! exf6 3.exf6 gxf6 4.h6! f5 5.h7 f4 6.h8Q#
1...fxg6 2.h6! gxh6 3.f6 exf6 4.exf6! g5 5.f7 g4 6.f8Q#

b) Pg5->c5:
1.c6? dxc6! 1.e6? dxe6! 1.f6? gxf6!
1...cxd6 2.e6 fxe6 3.fxe6 dxe6 4.c6 d5 5.c7 d4 6.c8Q#
1...exd6 2.c6 dxc6 3.e6 fxe6 4.fxe6 d5 5.e7 d4 6.e8Q#
Rich choice of play in both twins. The material – only Kings and Pawns – is fully consistent with the theme, despite the composition is more study than problem.
There were some other entries (No 111-118), but No 119 significantly surpasses them in beauty and scope of the play.
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Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 57, Stanislav Vokál (Slovakia) 2k2r2/1pP1R3/1B6/2P5/8/2P5/5P2/4K3

1.Kd1! Rh8 2.Kc2! Rg8 3.Kb3! Rf8 4.f4! Rg8 5.f5 Rf8 6.f6 Rg8 7.f7! Rf8 8.Re8+ Rxe8/Kd7 9.fxe8Q#/c8Q#
Main plan is excelsior of Pf2. But1.f4? Rh8/Rg8! So at first White hide its King and only after that move the Pawn to promotion. Simple foreplan requires an accuracy of executing.
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1st Commendation - No 33
V. Ivanov & V. Morozov & A. Shilin
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Commendation - No 34
V. Ivanov & A. Shilin
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Commendation - No 33, Valery Ivanov & Vladimir Morozov & Aleksandr Shilin (Russia) 2K1k3/7N/4P3/1N6/8/8/2P2P2/8

1.f4! Ke7 2.f5 Ke8 3.c4 Ke7 4.c5 Ke8 5.Sc7+ Ke7 6.f6#
Economic mate with active participation of White Pawns (authors.)
The problems No 33 and 34 contain any interesting Pawn nuance.
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2nd Commendation - No 34, Valery Ivanov & Aleksandr Shilin (Russia) 8/4B3/8/N7/3kPK2/8/4P3/3N4

1.e5! Kd5 2.Kf5 Kd4 3.Bb4 Kd5 4.Se3+ Kd4 5.Sc2+ Kd5 6.e4#
The mate by Pe2 on the square e4 which is occupied by another Pawn in initial position (author.)
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21 entries were received from 17 authors representing 7 countries | На конкурс поступила 21 композиция от 17 авторов из 7 стран
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I did not include the following problems in the award:
- No 90 (Kf2-Kb4) – different quantity of solutions in twins are not welcome. Also there is a repetition of thematic Pawn promotion;
- No 92 (Ka2-Ke5) – Albino on different moves of solution;
- No 94 (Ka8-Kd3), No 96 (Ke4-Kc8) – obvious play of both sides;
- No 95 (Ka4-Kf6) – the improvement of yacpdb/341405 has the right to an existing but not to a distinction in this TT;
- No 100 (Kc8-Kd6) – AUW, but with repeated move;
- No 127 (Kg8-Ke4) – Albino without additional nuances. There are following achievements in h#2 with Albino:
1) yacpdb/44172 (4-fold Albion on 1st and 2nd move with reciprocal change);
2) yacpdb/350360 (Miniature with Albino on 1st move);
3) yacpdb/398595 (Miniature with Albino on mating move).

Prize, 1st Place - No 79
F. Abdurahmanovic & B. Shorokhov
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
1st Hon. mention, 2nd Place - No 121
A. Ivunin & A. Pankratyev
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
h#2b) Pb2->e2; c) Sa8->f5(4+3)
2nd Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 77
Zoltan Labai
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

Prize, 1st Place - No 79, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) & Boris Shorokhov (Russia) 5r2/2K1PkPb/p5n1/6Pp/qb3r1P/pp6/8/8

1.Sh8 exf8Q+ 2.Kg6 gxh8S#
1.Rb8 g8R 2.Rb5 e8Q#
1.Rd8 g8B+ 2.Ke8 exd8Q#
AUW, even with additional promotions! Three different promotions of Pg7 and three promotions of Pe7 on different squares. There is no a full harmony but it is the most difficult design in this section.
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1st Honorable mention, 2nd Place - No 121, Aleksey Ivunin & Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) n7/2P5/8/4K3/2kB4/8/1pP5/8

a) diagram: 1.b1R c8S 2.Rb4 Sd6#
b) Pb2->e2: 1.e1B c8B 2.Bb4 Ba6#
c) Sa8->f5: 1.Kb5 c4+ 2.Kc6 c8Q#
AUW in miniature is always achievement! Nevertheless it would like to see thematic promotions on the same moves.
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2nd Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 77, Zoltan Labai (Slovakia) 1b2r3/8/4pPB1/2pN1P2/2RPk3/5p2/2K5/8

1.cxd4 Rc5 2.Be5 fxe6#
1.exf5 Bf7 2.Re5 dxc5#
It is pleasant that both White and Black Pawns play here!
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3rd Honorable mention - No 52
Christer Jonsson
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
h#2b) Sf1->e1(5+6)
Special Hon. mention - No 108
A. Vasilenko & S. Tkatschenko
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
b)–e)–mat.pos.of prev.twin
without mating piece
1st Commendation - No 53
Christer Jonsson
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

3rd Honorable mention - No 52, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 6K1/3R4/4B3/7p/4p3/4p3/4P1p1/1b3N1k

a) diagram: 1.g1B Rd3 2.exd3 Bd5#
b) Sf1->e1: 1.g1R+ Bg4 2.hxg4 Rh7#
The play of Black Pawns. Underpromotions on 1st move. Function permutation of wR/wB.
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Special Honorable mention - No 108, Anatoly Vasilenko & Sergey I. Tkatschenko (Ukraine) 6k1/6B1/5K2/2p5/p1q1pP2/rp3P1P/1n3PbP/1r1n4

a) diagram: 1.Kh7 f5 2.Qa6+ Kf7 3.Qg6+ fxg6#
b) mating position in a) –wPg6: 1.Sd3 h4 2.Sf4 h5 3.Sg6 hxg6#
c) mating position in b) –wPg6: 1.b2 f4 2.Rg3 f5 3.Rg6 fxg6#
d) mating position in c) –wPg6: 1.e3 h4 2.Be4 h5 3.Bg6+ hxg6#
e) mating position in d) –wPg6: 1.Sc3 f4 2.Rg1 f5 3.Rg6 fxg6#
Task: 5 model mates by different Pawns on the same square (authors.)
Mates by 5 different Pawns on the same square was earlier – yacpdb/341405. But in No 108 Batumi twins is original.
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1st Commendation - No 53, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 8/b2p4/3K4/1NpR4/kN1Bb3/7r/4B3/8

1.cxd4 Sc6 2.d3 Bd1#
1.cxb4 Bb6 2.b3 Rd4#
The change-functions of white pieces is pleasant. Nevertheless there is only geometric analogy in a play of Black Pawns, without tactic homogeneity.
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2nd Commendation - No 10
Daniel Novomesky
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
3rd Commendation - No 54
Christer Jonsson
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
4th Commendation - No 62
B. Shorokhov & D. Turevski
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
h#2b) Sa1->a2; c) Sa1->c4(6+11)

2nd Commendation - No 10, Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia) 8/8/8/4K3/nbkP4/1b6/P2P4/8

1.Sc3 a3 2.Sb5 Ke4 3.Bc3 d3#
1.Sb6 d5 2.Kc5 a4 3.Bc4 d4#
Ideal echo-chameleon mates! Total in two solutions all pieces execute at least one move.
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3rd Commendation - No 54, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) B7/2N5/1rpq4/2k5/2n5/1rp4K/P3p3/2Nb4

1...Sb5 2.cxb5 a3 3.c2+ Sxb3#
1...Sd5 2.cxd5 a4 3.d4 Sd3#
It is similar to No 53 (h#2).
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4th Commendation - No 62, Boris Shorokhov & Dmitry Turevski (Russia) 8/6pr/3p1b1n/2pk3K/3N4/1PP2N2/2Pp4/nq1b4

a) diagram: 1.Sxb3 cxb3 2.Qe4 c4#
b) Sa1->a2: 1.Sxc3 Kg6 2.Se4 c4#
c) Sa1->c4: 1.Bxc2 Sxd2 2.Be5 bxc4#
The idea looks very thematically: cyclic Pawn Zilahi! Earlier problems yacpdb/414439 and yacpdb/414438 do not allow to evaluating this entry more high. Also the twin Sa1→a2 is not entirely successful because shifted piece plays on 1st move at once (1.Sa2xc3).
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54 entries were received from 21 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 54 композиции от 21 авторов из 12 стран
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Подавляющее большинство задач в этом оказалось на тему эксцельсиора. Однако, без дополнительных нюансов эта идея не может иметь конкурсной перспективы даже при взаимных эксцельсиорах. Таковыми оказались: No 1 (Ke4-Kc2), No 2 (Kh2-Kf3), No 3 (Ke8-Kg8), No 6 (Kh5-Kc4), No 7 (Kd2-Kf4), No 9 (Ka1-Kc5), No 14 (Kh1-Ka1), No 17 (Kg8-Ka1), No 18 (Kc1-Kf6), No 19 (Kh6-Kb1), No 20 (Kf8-Ke4), No 22 (Kf1-Ka8), No 28 (Kh4-Kd8), No 29 (Kb6-Kh4), No 66 (Kf1-Kd1), No 71 (Kg1-Kf5), No 80 (Ke5-Kg4), No 91 (Kf1-Ka8), No 120 (Kh8-Ka4), No 123 (Kh1-Ka8). Достаточно вспомнить: yacpdb/100307, yacpdb/103433, yacpdb/304821. Также в общедоступных базах можно найти различные сочетания превращения пешек, например: yacpdb/392319, yacpdb/349748, yacpdb/349749, yacpdb/349750. Или сочетание эксцельсиора с пешечным матом: yacpdb/103318.

Отрадно, что в ряде случаев авторы всё-таки нашли оригинальные пешечные идеи! Об этом свидетельствуют отмеченные произведения. Ещё ряд задач оставлены за чертой присуждения по иным причинам:
- No 4 (Kh7-Kd4) – 5 (!) решений, но матостроительство не впечатляет;
- No 55 (Kh8-Ke4) – симметрию в построении и в игре следует всячески избегать;
- No 84 (Ka8-Kc1) – разное количество решений в близнецах нарушает гармонию;
- No 103 (Kb1-Ka4), No 104 (Ke3-Ke6) – перебор с близнецами, правильнее было искать коневое превращение для AUW;
- No 106 (Ka1-Kb3) – близка по содержанию к No 105 (Ke8-Ka1) (Спецпочетный отзыв), но уступает по качеству;
- No 122 (Ka1-Kh8) – из-за задачи yacpdb/414440;
- No 125 (Ka8-Kc6), No 126 (Ka4-Kb6) – в матовой позиции на доске остаются «лишние» чёрные фигуры.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 8
Rainer Kuhn
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 150
M. Degenkolbe & R. Wiehagen
TT-170, SuperProblem, 15-10-2016
1st Special Prize, 3rd Place - No 11
Daniel Novomesky
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 8, Rainer Kuhn (Germany) 8/8/7K/8/2k5/b7/4P3/8

1...e4 2.Bd6 e5 3.Kd5 exd6 4.Ke6 d7 5.Ke7 Kg6 6.Kf8 d8Q#
1...e3 2.Kd5 e4+ 3.Ke6 e5 4.Kf7 e6+ 5.Kg8 e7 6.Bb2 e8Q#
Recently the TT-168 with the theme of quick and slow excelsiors was held (however, with different promotions – editorial) where excellent 5-piece-problem wins – yacpdb/410476. But here we see mini-task – 4-piece-problem with both excelsiors in multi-solution form! I think that the problem is worthy of highest distinction! And I congratulate the author to the “extension of a horizon of opportunities” in chess composition!
EN <-> RU

2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 150, Mirko Degenkolbe & Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) 8/1p6/2np4/1qkp4/1nbb4/p1p4p/P3pp1P/7K

1.Bb3 axb3 2.Qa4 bxa4 3.f1B a5 4.e1Q a6 5.Qe2 axb7 6.Qb5 b8S 7.Bc4 Sd7#
White excelsior + double Black phoenix! It is the most difficult design. “Superfluous” Pawns (as a3 and c3) spoil the mating position a few.
EN <-> RU

1st Special Prize, 3rd Place - No 11, Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia) 8/3p1p2/8/3pK3/2k2P2/8/5PP1/8

1.d4 Ke4 2.f5+ Kf3 3.Kd5 Ke2 4.Ke4 g3 5.d5 f3#
1.Kc5 f5 2.f6+ Kf4 3.Kd6 Ke3 4.Ke5 g4 5.d6 f4#
Two ideal echo-chameleon mates in Pawn material. It is once more nice helpmate with Avanta theme! The play of bPd7 and bPf7 may be consider as “single Avanta”. In h#3 there is an unique problem with such mutual play of neighboring Pawns: yacpdb/342753.
EN <-> RU
2nd Special Prize - No 102A
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
1st Honorable mention - No 13
Aleksey Ivunin & Valery Kirillov
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Honorable mention - No 149
S. Dowd, M. Degenkolbe, R. Wiehagen
TT-170, SuperProblem, 15-10-2016
h#5.5b) Pg2->e2(2+6)

2nd Special Prize - No 102A, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 8/8/q3B3/2k5/8/4K3/4PP2/8

1.Qa1 Kd2 2.Kd4 e3+ 3.Ke4 Ke2 4.Qe5 f3#
1.Kd6 Bf7 2.Ke5 f4+ 3.Kf5 Kf3 4.Qf6 e4#
6-pieces-problem with Avanta and ideal echo-mates!
EN <-> RU

1st Honorable mention - No 13, Aleksey Ivunin & Valery Kirillov (Russia) 8/2p5/1p6/2p5/3p4/4pk1K/5P2/6B1

1...fxe3 2.Ke4 exd4 3.Kd5 dxc5 4.Kc6 cxb6 5.Kb7 bxc7 6.Ka8 c8Q#
1...Bh2 2.Ke4 Kg4 3.d3 f3+ 4.Kd4 Kf5 5.c4 Ke6 6.c5 Be5#
In 1st solution all black Pawns are captured by White Pawn. In 2nd solution all Black Pawns remain on the board. The plot of the problem is in this contrast.
EN <-> RU

2nd Honorable mention - No 149, Steven B. Dowd (USA), Mirko Degenkolbe & Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) 2k5/8/1pp5/8/3p3p/2p5/6P1/5K2

a) diagram: 1...g4 2.Kd7 g5 3.Ke6 g6 4.Kf5 g7 5.Kg4 g8Q+ 6.Kh3 Qg2#
b) Pg2->e2: 1...e4 2.Kb7 e5 3.Ka6 e6 4.Kb5 e7 5.Kc4 e8Q 6.Kd3 Qe2#
Excelsiors with switchbacks (authors).
Here in a pure Pawns setting we see a pair of “Pawn rundlaufs” – it looks very earnestly in terms of the theme (“The Pawns are the soul of chess”). “Single” Pawn rundlaufs was realized many times, even in 5-piece-problem – yacpdb/385797. The shortcoming of No 149 is in the fact that the solution begins with a move of shifted Pawn.

Editorial. There are two versions with exact echo-mates, but with two technical Black pieces:

- No 149A. 1k6/n7/1p2B3/1n6/8/8/5P2/4K3, h#5.5, b) Pf2->d2:
a) diagram: 1...f4 2.Kc7 f5 3.Kd6 f6 4.Ke5 f7 5.Kf4 f8Q+ 6.Kg3 Qf2#
b) Pf2->d2: 1...d4 2.Kb7 d5 3.Ka6 d6 4.Ka5 d7 5.Kb4 d8Q 6.Kc3 Qd2#;

- No 149B. 1k6/n7/1p2B3/1n1p1p2/8/8/4P3/4K3, h#5.5, 1.2.1.. :
1...e4 2.Kc7 exf5 3.Kd6 f6 4.Ke5 f7 5.Kf4 f8Q+ 6.Kg3 Qf2#
1...e4 2.Kb7 exd5 3.Ka6 d6 4.Ka5 d7 5.Kb4 d8Q 6.Kc3 Qd2#
There is no “Pawn rundlaufs” but also there is no a twin with shifting of thematic Pawn.
EN <-> RU
Special Hon. mention - No 105
Michael Lütt
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
h#5.5b) Ka1->a3(3+2)
1st Commendation - No 74
Sébastien Luce
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Commendation - No 65
C. Jonsson & R. Wiehagen
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

Special Honorable mention - No 105, Michael Lütt (Germany) 4K3/8/8/8/4p3/8/2PP4/k7

a) diagram: 1...c4 2.e3 c5 3.exd2 c6 4.d1R c7 5.Rd2 c8Q 6.Ra2 Qc1#
b) Ka1->a3: 1...d4 2.e3 d5 3.e2 d6 4.e1B d7 5.Bc3 d8Q 6.Bb2 Qa5#
5-pieces-problem! Two White excelsiors with underpromotions on the same move of solution. Separately both solution are famous but together they form an interesting and harmonic entry!
EN <-> RU

1st Commendation - No 74, Sébastien Luce (France) 8/8/8/1k6/1ppp3p/1ppp4/pPPP4/K7

1...dxc3 2.d2 cxb3 3.d1Q+ Kxa2 4.Qh5 bxc4+ 5.Ka4 cxd4 (tempo) 6.Qa5 b3#
1...bxc3 2.h3
(tempo) Kb2 3.a1R cxd4 4.c3+ dxc3 5.Ra5 c4+ 6.Ka4 cxb3#
Unusual initial position with a “slab” of Black Pawns. In solutions White “wade through Black braces”. Both sides execute tempo-moves.
EN <-> RU

2nd Commendation - No 65, Christer Jonsson & Rolf Wiehagen (Sweden) 8/2pp4/2p1kpp1/1p6/1P5p/3n2b1/4P1P1/4R2K

1...exd3+ 2.Kf5 Re4 3.Bf4 g3 4.Bg5 g4#
1...e3 2.Bf4 exf4+ 3.Kd6 Re5 4.Sc5 bxc5#
1...e4 2.d5 exd5+ 3.Kd7 dxc6+ 4.Kc8 Re8#
10 moves among 21 are made by Pawns. 3/4 Albino. (authors.)
3rd solution differs from two previous. But generally it is normal because a half of all moves are made by Pawns.
EN <-> RU
3rd Commendation - No 148
R. Wiehagen & M. Degenkolbe
TT-170, SuperProblem, 15-10-2016
h#4.5b) Bh3->g2(4+3)
Special Commendation - No 70
Krzysztof Drążkowski
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
Special Commendation - No 72
Krzysztof Drążkowski
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

3rd Commendation - No 148, Rolf Wiehagen & Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany) B7/8/k3p3/1N6/8/7b/3P3K/8

a) diagram: 1...Bh1 2.Bg2 d4 3.Bc6 d5 4.Kb7 dxc6+ 5.Ka8 c7#
b) Bh3->g2: 1...d4 2.Bxa8 d5 3.Kb7 dxe6 4.Kc8 e7 5.Bb7 e8Q#
Almost-Excelsior and Excelsior. (authors.)
I liked the play of both Bishops. This problem is pleasant to solve! And even after finding a solution, we want to play it again and again...
EN <-> RU

Special Commendation - No 70, Krzysztof Drążkowski (Poland) 2q1k2r/6b1/6K1/8/8/7p/6P1/8

1.0-0 Kh5 2.Kh7 g4 3.Rh8 g5 4.Qg8 g6#
1.Kf8 g4 2.Qf5+ gxf5 3.Kg8 f6 4.Bf8 f7#
1.Qc5 g4 2.Qh5+ gxh5 3.0-0 h6 4.Bh8 h7#
White Pawn executes mates on three different squares. Author adds skillfully new solution to famous problem yacpdb/413424. Nevertheless, mates became not ideal.
EN <-> RU

Special Commendation - No 72, Krzysztof Drążkowski (Poland) 2rB4/4pK2/2kp4/2p5/8/6p1/2p3P1/8

1...Bc7 2.d5 Bxg3 3.c1B Bh2 4.Bf4 g3 5.Kd6 gxf4 6.Rc6 f5+ 7.e5 fxe6 e.p. #
It is the only problem with capture en passant as mating move in this TT. Similar maneuver is in yacpdb/414144, but No 72 has an ideal mate.
EN <-> RU
Special Commendation - No 98
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

Special Commendation - No 98, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 3nr3/7q/kn1r4/2K5/8/5P2/8/8

1.Qe4 fxe4 2.Sd5 exd5 3.Rc6+ dxc6 4.Sb7+ cxb7 5.Ra8 bxa8Q#
1.Re4 fxe4 2.Rd5+ exd5 3.Sc6 dxc6 4.Qb7 cxb7 5.Sa8 bxa8Q#
White constant. White Pawn captures the same Black pieces on the same squares. Exotics!
EN <-> RU
s#2-N, hs#2-4
13 entries were received from 9 authors representing 6 countries | На конкурс поступило 13 композиций от 9 авторов из 6 стран
EN <-> RU

Среди задач на обратный мат (S#2-N) не отмечено 5 задач, в том числе:
- No 87 (Ka1-Kc3) – масштабный замысел, но попытка соединить чёрный квартет превращений (AUW) с жертвой однотипной белой фигуры удалась лишь в трёх вариантах и к тому же на разных этапах решения. На эту тему есть превосходная задача белорусских авторов yacpdb/227693. Кроме того, в тематическом варианте после: 1...d1B 2.Se4+ Kxd4 3.Be3+ Kxe3 4.Se6 – в положении цугцванга матует чёрная батарея посредством безразличного отскока слона – 4...B~ (Bc2/Bb3/Bхa4)#. Дуаль это или не дуаль – вопрос открытый. Ясно другое: задача требует доработки.
- No 83 (Kf5-Kd5) – блок с ладейным фениксом. В блиц-конкурсе ТТ-163 была отмечена задача с аналогичной схемой и коневым фениксом: yacpdb/413695.

Среди задач на кооперативно-обратный мат (HS#2-4) не отмечено также 5 задач:
- No 12 (Kf3-Kd5) – по одной лишней фигуре в каждом финале;
- No 42 (Kc1-Kd3) – неудачные близнецы;
- No 43 (Kc1-Kd3) – всего лишь два слабых превращения – маловато;
- No 44 (Kd1-Kf5) – аналоги: yacpdb/413377, yacpdb/413376;
- No 93 (Kc3-Kd5) – «душа» этой задачи в игре превращённого ферзя.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 63
Jozef Holubec
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 101
Rodolfo Riva
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016
1st Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 82
Gábor Tar
TT-170, SuperProblem, 05-10-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 63, Jozef Holubec (Slovakia) 8/P2kPP2/1P5p/8/8/8/8/7K

1.e8Q+ Kd6 2.f8Q+ Kd5 3.Qb4 h5 4.b7 h4 5.Qd7+ Ke5 6.Qbe7+ Kf4 7.b8B+ Kf3 8.a8B+ Kf2 9.Bg2 h3 10.Bh2 hxg2#
“Kindergarten” in a miniature: only Kings and Pawns! In this difficult material two pairs promotions in Queen and Bishop are realized. The quiet play is present too. Very good implementation of the theme!
Also there is the following excellent gravure with such material and AUW – yacpdb/413372.
EN <-> RU

2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 101, Rodolfo Riva (Italy) 8/2N2R2/1pp5/bpk5/pr2pP2/B1K1P3/2P4P/3R1B2

1.Kd2 Kd6 2.Ke2+ Kc5 3.h4 Kc4 4.Kd2+ Kc5 5.h5 Kd6 6.Ke2+ Kc5 7.h6 Kc4 8.Kd2+ Kc5 9.h7 Kd6 10.Ke2+ Kc5 11.h8B Kc4 12.Kd2+ Kc5 13.Bhb2 Kd6 14.Kc3+ Kc5 15.Bxb4+ Bxb4#
Pendulum. Excelsior with underpromotion. (author.)
Excellent design! To realize main plan – 1.Bхb4+ Bхb4#?? (2.Kb2) – white execute long pendulum maneuver with subsequent underpromotion in Bishop and blockade of square d2. I think that No 63 and 101 are “Album” problems and also they are “ornamentations” of TT-170.
EN <-> RU

1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 82, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/5N1b/1p3P1q/N1rk2n1/3p1Rp1/5p2/R1PKP3/r7

1.Ra3 Bf5 2.Rd3 Be6 3.e4+ Sxe4#
1.Rb2 Qxf6 2.Rb5 Qe6 3.c4+ dxc3 e.p.#
The only “survivor” problem among hs#. In every solution the white Pawn play only one time. But it is obvious that this Pawn move is a “soul” of the problem! In both solutions after 3.e4+/c4+ Black theoretically can capture White Pawn by two ways, but White leave to Black only ”needful” way. It is interestingly intended and skillfully realized! Full homogeneity of play of both sides.
EN <-> RU

Pawn & King

Afterword (chess poetry in Russian) | Послесловие

P. S. В заключение – поэтическая композиция от арбитра конкурса.

Ода Пешке / Игорь Агапов

1. Вот пешка очень тонкая натура,
Брюнетка ли блондинка - всё равно.
Она красива и миниатюрна,
А потому все жертвуют её.

2. Она болтлива, но прямолинейна.
И если цель достигнута, тогда
Из пешки может выйти королевна,
А может - лошадь, это - не беда!

3. У пешки вы не стойте на проходе,
Побьёт и тихо скажет: “En passant!”
У них такое очень даже в моде –
С побитым гостем затевать роман.

4. А иногда, чуть-чуть накрасив бровки,
Вдруг пешка превращается в ладью
И грезит с королём о рокировке,
Чем угрожает собственно ферзю.

5. Прекрасно с виду пешечное трио,
Увы, оно не всем ласкает взгляд.
Случалось королям с унылым видом
Взирать на чистый эполетный мат.

6. А вот другая пешечная пара
Подобна альпинистам среди скал.
Один чудак (наверно по запаре)
Её Авантой ласково назвал.

7. Бывают пешки сдвоенные, кстати,
Смеяться над такими, право, грех.
Они способны в яростной атаке
Противника разделать под орех.

8. Я пешке посвящаю эту оду,
Желаю ей лихой Excelsior.
И чтоб на чёрно-белом небосводе
Она блистала словно метеор.


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Abdurahmanovic F. – No 79* (h#2)
Aberman V. – No 16* (h#6.5)
Abramenko S. – No 110 (#2), No 111 (#8), No 112 (#9), No 113 (#14), No 114 (#5), No 115 (#6), No 116 (#9), No 117 (#7), No 118 (#7), No 119 (#6)
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Borodavkin S. – No 87 (s#4)
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Gómez L. – No 78 (#2)
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Jonsson C. – No 52 (h#2), No 53 (h#2), No 54 (h#2.5), No 55 (h#3.5), No 65* (h#4), No 66* (h#5.5)
Khachaturov S. – No 99 (#3)
Kirillov V. – No 13* (h#5.5), No 41 (#2)
Klipachev V. – No 100 (h#2)
Kostyukov A. – No 84 (h#6), No 90 (h#3)
Kozhakin V. – No 128 (#3), No 129 (#3), No 130 (#3), No 131 (#3), No 132 (#3), No 133 (#3), No 134 (#3), No 135 (#3), No 136 (#3), No 137 (#3), No 138 (#3), No 139 (#3), No 140* (#3), No 141* (#3), No 142* (#3), No 143* (#4), No 144 (#4), No 145 (#4), No 146 (#6), No 147* (#2)
Kozhakina A. – No 147* (#2)
Krätschmer R. – No 85 (#5)
Kuhn R. – No 8 (h#5.5)
Labai Z. – No 77 (h#2)
Luce S. – No 74 (h#5.5)
Lütt M. – No 103 (h#4), No 104 (h#5), No 105 (h#5.5), No 106 (h#7)
Lyubashevsky L. – No 75* (#3)
Makaronez L. – No 75* (#3), No 76 (#3)
Medintsev V. – No 93 (hs#3), No 94 (h#2), No 95 (h#2), No 96 (h#2), No 97 (h#2.5), No 98 (h#5)
Mlynka K. – No 42 (hs#2), No 43 (hs#2)
Morozov V. – No 32** (#6), No 33** (#6)
Müller D. – No 44 (hs#4), No 45 (#2)
Novomesky D. – No 10 (h#3), No 11 (h#5), No 12 (hs#2.5)
Paliulionis V. – No 102A (h#4), No 102B (h#4)
Pankratyev A. – No 120* (h#7), No 121* (h#2), No 122 (h#3.5), No 123* (h#6), No 124 (h#2), No 125* (h#5), No 126* (h#6), No 127 (h#2)
Popov G. – No 48 (#17)
Retter Y. – No 109 (#3)
Riva R. – No 101 (s#15)
Roland M. – No 9 (h#5.5)
Serafimović I. – No 91 (h#7), No 92 (h#2)
Shilin A. – No 32** (#6), No 33** (#6), No 34* (#6), No 40* (#6)
Shorokhov B. – No 62* (h#2), No 79* (h#2)
Spitsyn A. – No 67 (h#2), No 68 (#2)
Svítek M. – No 49 (#2), No 50 (#2), No 51 (#2)
Tamás J. – No 60 (#2), No 61 (#2)
Tar G. – No 80 (h#5), No 81 (#2), No 82 (hs#3), No 83 (s#5)
Tkatschenko S. – No 108* (h#3)
Turevski D. – No 62* (h#2)
Utarova A. – No 140* (#3), No 141* (#3)
Utarova D. – No 142* (#3), No 143* (#4)
Vasilenko A. – No 107* (#2), No 108* (h#3)
Vokál S. – No 56 (#2), No 57 (#9), No 58 (s#4), No 59 (s#5)
Wiehagen R. – No 65* (h#3.5), No 66* (h#5.5), No 148* (h#4.5), No 149** (h#5.5), No 150* (h#7)
Zimmer E. – No 46 (#2), No 47 (h#6)

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József Tamás (#2)

Sergey Khachaturov (#3)

Grigory Popov (#4-N)

Fadil Abdurahmanovic (h#2-3)

Boris Shorokhov (h#2-3)

Rainer Kuhn (h#3.5-N)

Jozef Holubec (s#2-N, hs#2-4)

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Igor Agapov

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