Award in SuperProblem - 2023 Informal Tourney | Fairies

Итоги годового конкурса SuperProblem - 2023 | Сказки

Published: January 23, 2024
Опубликовано: 23 января 2024

Вводное слово

It was a pleasure to accept M.Khramtsevich's invitation to judge the fairies of superproblems. My opinion is that the hs#/= orthodoxes are not fairy problems, then they are classified separately (section B).
As usually, I want to explain why some works do not enter in my selection.
G559 (Csak): Symmetric play.
G561, 519, 520, 521, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536 (Carf/Piet): With this stipulation could be made better problems.
G522 (Fomichev & Michitovics): Unbalanced solutions.
G527 (Kekely): For a ser-s# record of length, see Bulletin N5/2015, authors P. Rãican and Arno Tungler (yacpdb/547990)
G539 (Stepochkin): One solution is accidental.
G545 (Majoros): The play is uninteresting (this problem gave me the occasion to find a bug for Gustav)
G548 (Tar) Symmetric play.
G561 (Zheglov): Self-anticipated by G508, superproblem 2022.
Now, my classification, 12 out of 50 problems were selected:

Main section

G550 - 1st Prize
Aliaksandr Bulauka
SuperProblem, 19-10-2023
b) Royal power b6->f6
c) Royal power b6->d2
Checkless Chess

b3: Eagle
g5: Royal Camel
d2: Nightrider
b6: Royal Bishop
G541 - 2nd Prize
Vaclav Kotesovec
SuperProblem, 19-08-2023
hs#9.53 sol.

h5, e6,
c2, e1: Nightrider Hopper
d1: Eagle
G542 - 3rd Prize
Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber
SuperProblem, 17-09-2023
h#22 sol.

G550 - 1st Prize Aliaksandr Bulauka (Belarus)
a) 1...rBb6-c7 2.EAb3-h2 Nd2-a8 3.EAh2-d8 Rf6-b6 4.Qa4-a5 rBc7-g3#
b) 1...Bb6-f2 2.Qa4-a2 Bf2-e1 3.rCAg5-d4 rRf6-f2 4.rCAd4-g3 rRf2-h2#
c) 1...Bb6-a5 2.Qa4-a3 Rf6xa6 3.EAb3-a4 rNd2-b6 4.rCAg5-d6 rNb6-f8#

A rare and well-oiled mechanism. In every phase, the three thematic units -Bb6, Rf6 and Nd2 – are in turn blocked, pinned and the third remaining free is the mating piece. The checkmate is a sort of reflex-mate, due to the condition. A tremendous idea.

G541 - 2nd Prize Vaclav Kotesovec (Czech Republic)
1...EAd1-d3 2.NHh5-b2 Kb4-b5 3.NHb2-f4 EAd3-c6 4.NHc2-g4 Kb5-c4 5.NHg4-a7 EAc6-d4 6.NHf4-d8 Kc4-c3 7.NHe6-c2 EAd4-b4 8.NHa7-d1 Kc3-b2 9.Ke3-d2 Kb2-a1 10.Kd2-c1 EAb4-f2#
1...Kb4-c5 2.NHe6-a4 EAd1-e2 3.NHe1-b7 Kc5-b4 4.NHc2-a6 Kb4-c3 5.Ke3-e4 Kc3-d2 6.NHa6-g3 Kd2-e1 7.Ke4-f5 Ke1-f2 8.NHb7-h4 Kf2-g2 9.Kf5-g4 Kg2-h1 10.Kg4-h3 EAe2-g6#
1...EAd1-g6 2.Ke3-f4 EAg6-e5 3.NHe6-g2 Kb4-c4 4.NHg2-a5 Kc4-d5 5.NHe1-a3 Kd5-e6 6.NHc2-f8 Ke6-f6 7.NHa3-g6 EAe5-e7 8.NHf8-h4 Kf6-g7 9.Kf4-g5 Kg7-h8 10.Kg5-h6 EAe7-g3#

The “maître” of fairy pieces offers us a wellpolished diamond with three facets of equal area. An impressive work.

G542 - 3rd Prize Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber (Romania)
1.Bc5xd4-f2 Rf8xf6xd6xd1-f1 2.Ke4xf5-f6 Bb6xf2-d4#
1.Rf6xf5-f2 Bb6xc5xd6xh2-g1 2.Ke4xd4-c5 Rf8xf2-f5#

A problem that puts into practice a novelty from Japan. It is at the same time a perfect demonstration of what should be a chess problem in two phases: change of roles, economy of forces, model checkmates.

G560 - 1st Honorable mention
Victor Zheglov
SuperProblem, 01-12-2023
hs#112 sol.

f5, b2: Neutral Bishop Locust
f2: Neutral Locust
d5, c8: Poseidon
G537 - 2nd Honorable mention
Igor Kochulov
SuperProblem, 12-07-2023
hs#3.5b) Kb3->c5

d2, e8: Pao
e2: Vao
h8, g7, a7, b5,
c5, c4, d4: Nao
G531 - Commendation
Jozef Holubec
SuperProblem, 29-04-2023

G560 - 1st Honorable mention Victor Zheglov (Russia)
1.nLf2xf5-f6[+nLBf2] POc8-b7 2.POd5-e4 POb7-a6 3.nLf6xb2-a1[+nLBf6] + POa6-b5 4.POe4-f4 POb5-c4 5.POf4-f5 POc4-d3 6.POf5xf6-f7[+nLBf5] + POd3-e2 7.POf7-g8 POe2xf2-g2[+nLBe2] 8.POg8-h7 POg2-f2 9.POh7-h6 POf2-e3 10.POh6-g5 POe3-d2 11.POg5-f4 POd2xe2-f2[+nLBd2]#
1.POd5-d6 nLf2xb2-a2[+nLBf2] 2.POd6-e5 POc8-d8 3.POe5-f4 POd8-e7 4.POf4-f3 POe7-f6 5.POf3xf2-f1[+nLBf3] POf6xf5-f4[+nLBf6] 6.POf1-g1 POf4-e3 7.POg1-h1 POe3xf3-g3[+nLBe3] 8.POh1-h2 + POg3-f3 9.POh2-h3 POf3-e4 10.POh3-g4 POe4-d3 11.POg4-f5 POd3xe3-f3[+nLBd3]#

Two chameleon echo mates in two long cruises of Poseidons. A top Tanagra. The author uses similar material in his first Prize superproblem 2022 (judge I. Kochulov), but the checkmates are different there.

G537 - 2nd Honorable mention Igor Kochulov (Russia)
a) 1...PAd2-d3 2.f7-f8=NA NAc4<->NAf8 3.d7xe8=VA Kb3xc4 4.VAe8-f7+ Kc4<->Ke6#
b) 1...VAe2-d3 2.f7xe8=NA NAd4<->NAe8 3.d7-d8=PA Kc5xd4 4.Ke6-d6+ Kd4<->Kd6#

The massive presence of Naos is justified here by two specific Messigny checkmates, when the Kings swapped.

G531 - Commendation Jozef Holubec (Slovakia)
1.h2-h1Q Ra4-c4 2.e2-e1S Rc4xc8 3.c2-c1R Bb1-h7+ 4.b2-b1B Bd4-a1=

Echo promotions. The solution is however obvious with these conditions. Circe condition is added only to avoid cooks.

G523 - Commendation
Vaclav Kotesovec
SuperProblem, 26-02-2023
ser-=273 sol.

d1: Eagle
d2, c4, g2, f1, h7,
h2, d5, g1: Grasshopper

G523 - Commendation Vaclav Kotesovec (Czech Republic)
1.EAd1-c2 2.EAc2-g8 3.EAg8xh2[+bGg8] 4.EAh2xg1[+bGh2] 5.EAg1-f2 6.EAf2-d3 7.EAd3xd5[+bGd3] 8.EAd5xf1[+bGd5] 9.EAf1-h1 10.EAh1xg2[+bGh1] 11.EAg2-e6 12.EAe6xh7[+bGe6] 13.EAh7xc4[+bGh7] 14.EAc4-c2 15.EAc2xd3[+bGc2] 16.EAd3- b3 17.EAb3-c6 18.EAc6xd2[+bGc6] 19.EAd2-h3 20.EAh3-f7 21.EAf7xh7[+bGf7] 22.EAh7-b3 23.EAb3xc6[+bGb3] 24.EAc6-c4 25.EAc4xc2[+bGc4] 26.EAc2-a2 27.EAa2xh1[+bGa2] =
1.EAd1-f2 2.EAf2xh2[+bGf2] 3.EAh2-g7 4.EAg7xf2[+bGg7] 5.EAf2-d3 6.EAd3xd5[+bGd3] 7.EAd5-b5 8.EAb5-b3 9.EAb3xd2[+bGb3] 10.EAd2-c3 11.EAc3-f8 12.EAf8xg1[+bGf8] 13.EAg1-f2 14.EAf2-g8 15.EAg8-b5 16.EAb5xb3[+bGb5] 17.EAb3- d4 18.EAd4-h6 19.EAh6xg7[+bGh6] 20.EAg7-f2 21.EAf2-e8 22.EAe8-a6 23.EAa6xh7[+bGa6] 24.EAh7-e2 25.EAe2xg2[+bGe2] 26.EAg2-e3 27.EAe3-g7 =
1.EAd1-e2 2.EAe2xg2[+bGe2] 3.EAg2-e6 4.EAe6-e4 5.EAe4-g8 6.EAg8xf1[+bGg8] 7.EAf1-f3 8.EAf3xc4[+bGf3] 9.EAc4-e4 10.EAe4xd2[+bGe4] 11.EAd2-e1 12.EAe1-g2 13.EAg2xe2[+bGg2] 14.EAe2-g3 15.EAg3xh2[+bGg3] 16.EAh2-g7 17.EAg7xf3[+bGg7] 18.EAf3-f5 19.EAf5xd5[+bGf5] 20.EAd5-d3 21.EAd3-g4 22.EAg4xe4[+bGg4] 23.EAe4- g5 24.EAg5xh7[+bGg5] 25.EAh7-g6 26.EAg6xf5[+bGg6] 27.EAf5-h5 =

Impressive play in three long phases. Here, the Grasshoppers are actually neutrals, they move only when PWC condition is applied.

Orthodoxical helpselfmates

G567 - 1st Prize
Sergey Evko & Nickolay Nevesenko
SuperProblem, 02-12-2023
hs#5b) -Pc5(5+5)
G540 - 2nd Prize
Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 07-08-2023
hs#32 sol.(12+10)
G557 - 3rd Prize
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 26-11-2023
hs#4b) Kb5->g7(7+10)

G567 - 1st Prize Sergey Evko & Nickolay Nevesenko (Russia)
a) 1.Kh3-g2 Se4-f2 2.Kg2-f1 Sf2-h1 3.Bf3-g2 f4-f3 4.Qh6xe6 f3-f2 5.Qe6-e8 Sh1-g3#
b) 1.Bf3xe4 Kc7-d6 2.Be4-h1 Kd6-e5 3.Kh3-g2 Ke5-f5 4.Kg2-f3 e6-e5 5.Bh1-g2 e5-e4#

Two phases and both end with zugzwang. Very good construction and discreet twin. This theme was the object of Tsuika 2007. Checked by Gustav.

G540 - 2nd Prize Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia)
1.Rb5-b6 Rf5-g5 2.Qf4-f5 e5xd4+ 3.Ke3-f4 zz Rg5xf5#
1.Rb5xe5 Bc6-a4 2.Re5-b5+ Rf5-e5+ 3.Ke3xd3 zz Ba4xb5#

Like in the first Prize we have here 2 checkmates with zugzwang. The first is given by Rook when Bc6 is pinned, the second by Bishop when Rf5 is pinned. A well worked strategy. Jacobi+

G557 - 3rd Prize Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)
a) 1.Be3-d2 Re1-e8 2.Rf3-f5 Bf6-e7 3.Kf2-e3 Sd7-b6 4.Rf5xc5+ Be7xc5#
b) 1.Rf3-g3 Bg2-a8 2.Be3-d4 Rc5-c6 3.Kf2-f3 Sd7-f8 4.Bd4xf6+ Rc6xf6#

Exchange of roles between Rf3/Be3. Excellent economy of forces. Gustav+

G556 - Honorable mention
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 26-11-2023
hs#4b) Pb4<->Pg3(5+5)
G558 - Commendation
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 26-11-2023

G556 - Honorable mention Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)
a) 1.Qf8-f5+ Kd3-c4 (a) 2.Ke5-e4 Bg6-h5 3.Ke4-e3 (b) Bh5-f3 4.Qf5-d3+ Rd7xd3#
b) 1.Qf8-d6+ Kd3-e3 (b) 2.Ke5-d5 Rd7-b7 3.Kd5-c4 (a) Rb7-b5 4.Qd6-d3+ Bg6xd3#

Two phases with only 5+5 units. A gem (Gustav+)

G558 - Commendation Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)
1.Se5-g4 (Se5-c4?) Se3xd5 2.Kb3-c4 Sd5xf6! 3.Rd8-d4 Se4-f2! (Se4-c3?, Se4xg3?, Se4-d6+?, Se4-d2+?) 4.Qg2-c6 Sf6-e4 5.Kc4-d5 Sf2-d1 6.Sg4-e3+ Sd1xe3#

Changing the places of the black Knights is very attractive.

I guess the tournament was a success and the works studied gave me real satisfaction. Sincere congratulations to the participants!
Judge: Paul Rãican (Romania)
January 23, 2024
Судья: Paul Rãican (Румыния)