Concept (the main idea)

The main idea of the project "SuperProblem" is to make something like online magazine about chess composition having its own style, regular columns, composing tourneys. As far as this can be largely dependent on the activity of the website participants.

We look forward for a successful continuation of this initiative and invite all chess composition admirers to proactive (positive and constructive) participation in the project.

"SuperProblem" Editorial Board, September 1, 2013

Editorial board

Grigory Popov photo

Editor-in-chief, editor of direct mates in SuperProblem Informal Tourney

Who: Grigory L. Popov
Localization: Pestunovo, Belgorod region, RUSSIA
Username: editor
Alexey Oganesjan photo

Editor and director of quick composing tourneys, editor of fairies in SuperProblem Informal Tourney

Who: Alexey Oganesjan
Localization: Cheboksary, RUSSIA
Username: SuperFire
Vitaly Medintsev photo

Editor of helpmates & selfmates in SuperProblem Informal Tourney, webmaster

Who: Vitaly Medintsev
Localization: Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Username: admin

Mobile version of the website

Web address of the mobile version in English is

Currently, the mobile version looks like full version of the website but without fixed left panel.

Note! If the screen width of your device lesser than 520 pixels, your browser will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.


We thank Dmitri Turevski for his kind permission to use source code that generates an image of a chess diagram as well as for Py2Web feature (playable solution).