Final Award in Quick Composing TT-157 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-157

Corner twins | Угловые близнецы

Theme | Тема

45 entries were received from 23 authors representing 14 countries | На конкурс поступило 45 композиций от 23 авторов из 14 стран

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This TT has surpassed all my expectations by: 1) quantity of sent entries; 2) high quality of problems.
I received total 45 problems (34 – h#2 and 11 – h#2.5-3). Since a level of the tourney is very high, I decide to separate an award into two subsections – h#2 and h#2.5-3.
I congratulate all participants and organizers of the tourney happy New Year and wish happiness, health and successes!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

Helpmates in two | Коопматы в 2 хода
34 entries were received from 19 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 34 композиции от 19 авторов из 12 стран
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I didn’t mark the problem No 38 (Kb1-Kd5), because some White pieces participate not in all solutions.
According the notes for the provisional award, the following problems have been excluded:
- No 18 (Ka1-Kd5, Honorable mention) – anticipations pdb/P0503493 and pdb/P0550599;
Author of No 43 (Kg8-Kd5, 2nd Prize) presented new version instead previous the one (which has illegal position).

Brief results:
- 1st Prize (as equal) – No 7, 29, 36;
- 2nd Prize (as equal) – No 23, 28, 43. Besides mechanisms of location (AUW, cross and etc), of course I also like many other strategic elements;
- 3 Prize (as equal) – No 8, 13А, 37, 41;
- 4 Prize (as equal) – No 4, 6, 11, 26, 31;
- 5 Prize (as equal) – No 1А, 44;
- Special Prize – No 5;
- Honorable mention (as equal) – No 2, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21, 25, 27, 32, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40. Good problems, but without special nuances.

1 Prize (as equal), 1-3 Place - No 7
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ra8->h8,h1,a1(3+10)
1 Prize (as equal), 1-3 Place - No 29
T. Argirakopoulos & K. Prentos
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Qa1->a8,h8,h1(3+16)
1 Prize (as equal), 1-3 Place - No 36
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(3+15)

1st Prize (as equal), 1st-3rd Place - No 7, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia) R5b1/2p2Q2/8/1q4p1/1np1k1pn/4p3/8/4K3

a) diagram: 1.c6 Qe7+ 2.Kd5 Rd8#
b) Ra8->h8: 1.Bh7 Qe8+ 2.Kf5 Rf8#
c) Ra8->h1: 1.g3 Qxc4+ 2.Kf3 0-0#
d) Ra8->a1: 1.Kd3 0-0-0+ 2.Ke2 Qf1#
Shifting of wR allowed to add both White castlings to bK cross.
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1st Prize (as equal), 1st-3rd Place - No 29, Themis Argirakopoulos (Greece) & Kostas Prentos (USA) 6K1/6b1/1np1rp2/1b1k4/p1p1q3/2r1pp2/1p1P3p/Q1n5

a) diagram: 1.Kc5 dxc3 2.Qd5 Qa3#
b) Qa1->a8: 1.Kd6 d4 2.Sd5 Qd8#
c) Qa1->h8: 1.Ke5 dxe3 2.Kf5 Qh5#
d) Qa1->h1: 1.Kd4 d3 2.Kxd3 Qd1#
Albino and bK cross. It’s pleasant that shifted wQ checkmates in all solutions.
EN <-> RU

1st Prize (as equal), 1st-3rd Place - No 36, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 5q2/2p3rb/1p4p1/8/3Q4/p2p1r1n/1p2P2p/k1b1K1n1

a) diagram: 1.Ka2 exd3 2.Kb3 Qc4#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Kb7 e4 2.Kc6 Qd5#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Bg8 e3 2.Kh7 Qh4#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Kg2 exf3 2.Kg3 Qg4#
As compared with a previous problem, here there is no bK cross. But here in all solutions bK stands in the corner and seeks to escape to freedom.
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2nd Prize (as equal) - No 23
Emanuel Navon
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa8->a1,h8,h1(5+13)
2nd Prize (as equal) - No 28
Vladimir Klipachev
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ra1->a8,h8,h1(3+16)
2nd Prize (as equal) - No 43
Menachem Witztum (version)
TT-157, SuperProblem, 23-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Qh8->h1,a1,a8(11+14)

2nd Prize (as equal) - No 23, Emanuel Navon (Israel) Nb2r3/p1r3pq/5p2/PnpknQ2/5P2/3p4/K5b1/8

a) diagram: 1.Kc6 Sb6 2.Sf3 Qd5#
b) Sa8->a1: 1.Kc4 Sb3 2.Sc6 Qxc5#
c) Sa8->h8: 1.Kd6 Qe4 2.Sd7 Sf7#
d) Sa8->h1: 1.Kd4 Sf2 2.Sg6 Qxd3#
In a) and b) – bS opens a line for wQ and closes Black pieces.
In c) and d) – reciprocal change-functions of White pieces and the same bS continues its "black" activity.
EN <-> RU

2nd Prize (as equal) - No 28, Vladimir Klipachev (Russia) 3r2r1/pb4p1/4B3/4p2p/2p1k3/4p2K/p1p1q1nn/R5b1

a) diagram: 1.Rd4 Rf1 2.Bd5 Bf5#
b) Ra1->a8: 1.Rd3 Rc8 2.Kd4 Rxc4#
c) Ra1->h8: 1.Kf4 Rxh5 2.e4 Rf5#
d) Ra1->h1: 1.Qd3 Kxg2 2.Sf1 Rh4#
In a) and c) – mates by different pieces on the same square. In b) and d) – self-blocks of d3 by different Black pieces. All mates are model.
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2nd Prize (as equal) - No 28, Menachem Witztum (Israel), version 6KQ/b1p5/2Ppp1P1/P1pkn1nR/2p3rq/P2P2p1/2b3PP/3r2B1

a) diagram: 1.Sxg6 Qh7 2.Sg6-f4 Qe4#
b) Qh8->h1: 1.Sgf3 gxf3 2.gxh2 fxg4#
c) Qh8->a1: 1.Sh3 Qxd1 2.Sh3-f4 Qf3#
d) Qh8->a8: 1.Bb8 Qa6 2.Se4 dxc4#
Nice using of pinning and interferences of Black pieces.
EN <-> RU
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 8
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->h1,h8,a8(4+8)
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 13A
Ivan Antipin
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->a8,h8,h1(4+14)
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 37
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(3+14)

3rd Prize (as equal) - No 8, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia) 8/3K4/1N2rq2/4kb2/1p6/1p1PB3/5p2/n7

a) diagram: 1.Sc2 Bxf2 2.Sd4 Bg3#
b) Sa1->h1: 1.Sg3 Kc7! (tempo) 2.Se4 d4#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Sg6 Bc1 2.Sf4 Bb2#
d) Sa1->a8: 1.Sc7 Kc8! (tempo) 2.Sd5 Sc4#
Meredith with 4 self-blocks of adjacent squares by bS. Two tempo-moves of wK.
EN <-> RU

3rd Prize (as equal) - No 13A, Ivan Antipin (Russia) 2b5/p7/p1B1n1K1/b1p5/1nkp2p1/2r3q1/3p1P2/N2r4

a) diagram: 1.d3 Sb3 2.Sd4 Sxa5#
b) Sa1->a8: 1.Sd3 Sc7 2.Bb4 Bd5#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Rb3 Sf7 2.Qc3 Se5#
d) Sa1->h1: 1.Kd3 Sxg3 2.c4 Be4#
Besides the theme of the tourney, here we see Chumakov theme and fourfold Black “come-and-go” effect.
EN <-> RU

3rd Prize (as equal) - No 37, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 2b5/p7/p1B1n1K1/b1p5/1nkp2p1/2r3q1/3p1P2/N2r4

a) diagram: 1.Rc2 exd3 2.Ra2 Qxc1#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Ka7 e4 2.Ka6 Qa4#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.g1R e3 2.Rg8 Qh6#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.g1B exf3 2.Rxf3 Qxf3#
Albino and two black underpromotions.
EN <-> RU
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 41
Ingemar Lind
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka8->a1,h1,h8(4+13)
4th Prize (as equal) - No 4
Anatoly Vasilenko
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ba1->a8,h8,h1(3+5)
4th Prize (as equal) - No 6
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ra1->a8,h8,h1(3+10)

3rd Prize (as equal) - No 41, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) kr6/n1P3p1/8/5p2/4p3/p2b4/rpP2Ppn/3K2b1

a) diagram: 1.Ba6 c8S 2.Bb7 Sb6#
b) Ka8->a1: 1.b1B cxb8B 2.Kb2 Be5#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.Sf1 cxb8R 2.Kh2 Rh8#
d) Ka8->h8: 1.Rg8 c8Q 2.f4 Qh3#
Fourfold promotion of wP. In these cases it is need to the promoted pieces checkmates – and it is performed in this problem!
EN <-> RU

4th Prize (as equal) - No 4, Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine) 8/1n4R1/4b3/4kq2/8/2K5/6n1/B7

a) diagram: 1.Kf6 Kd4 2.Qe4+ Kxe4#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Sd6 Rb7 2.Kd5 Rb5#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Qf4 Kd3 2.Sd6 Rg5#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Sf4 Rg2 2.Ke4 Re2#
Gravure with four battery mates by thematic pieces.
Editorial: compare to pdb/P1276015
EN <-> RU

4th Prize (as equal) - No 6, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia) 8/2pp1Pbn/5kp1/4r1r1/5pn1/2K5/8/R7

a) diagram: 1.Ke7 f8B+ 2.Kd8 Ra8#
b) Ra1->a8: 1.Rd5 f8Q+ 2.Ke5 Re8#
c) Ra1->h8: 1.Bh6 f8R+ 2.Kg7 Rhg8#
d) Ra1->h1: 1.Rgf5 f8S 2.Kg5 Sxh7#
White AUW and bK star on different moves. Mates are performed by not only promoted piece.
EN <-> RU
4th Prize (as equal) - No 11
Gábor Tar
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Bh1->a1,a8,h8(8+3)
4th Prize (as equal) - No 26
Sven Trommler
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ra8->h8,h1,a1(5+8)
4th Prize (as equal) - No 31
Aleksey Oganesjan
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka8->h8,h1,a1(2+8)

4th Prize (as equal) - No 11, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/3p4/2P1P3/8/1P1k4/1P4P1/1p1K4/3R3B

a) diagram: 1.dxe6 Rc1 2.e5 Rc4#
b) Ka8->h8: 1.d6 Re1 2.d5 Bxb2#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.dxc6 Re1 2.c5 Re4#
d) Ka8->a1: 1.Ke4 Rf1 2.d5 Rf4#
Meredith with pickaninny.
EN <-> RU

4th Prize (as equal) - No 26, Sven Trommler (Germany) R4bn1/1p6/8/p3kBp1/6Pp/8/1p1N4/4K3

a) diagram: 1.Kd6 Sc4+ 2.Kc7 Rc8#
b) Ra8->h8: 1.Kf6 Se4+ 2.Kg7 Rh7#
c) Ra8->h1: 1.Kf4 0-0+ 2.Kg3 Rf3#
d) Ra8->a1: 1.Kd4 Ra4+ 2.Kc3 Rc4#
Big star of bK. But unfortunately, there is no 0-0-0 in d).
EN <-> RU

4th Prize (as equal) - No 31, Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia) k4nn1/bp2P1p1/8/2r5/8/5K2/2p5/8

a) diagram: 1.Rc8 e8S 2.Rb8 Sc7#
b) Ka8->h8: 1.Rh5 exf8S 2.Rh7 Sg6#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.Rg5 e8Q 2.Rg1 Qh5# (1.c1R? e8Q 2.Rg1 Qh5#??)
d) Ka8->a1: 1.Rb5 exf8Q 2.Rb1 Qa3# (1.c1R? exf8Q 2.Rb1 Qa3#??)
Minimal gravure with two pairs of wP promotions in Knight and Queen (every pair is in different squares!). Wide play of bR.
Editorial: compare to pdb/P0550348
EN <-> RU
5th Prize (as equal) - No 1A
Karol Mlynka
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->h1,h8,a8(2+13)
5th Prize (as equal) - No 44
Emanuel Navon
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Rh1->a1,a8,h8(8+9)
Special Prize - No 5
Anatoly Vasilenko
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015

5th Prize (as equal) - No 1A, Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) 4n3/1p4p1/3pp1p1/3bR3/8/1p2K1p1/1r4r1/k3n3

a) diagram: 1.Rb1 Rxd5 2.b2 Ra5#
b) Ka1->h1: 1.Rg1 Re4 2.g2 Rh4#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Rh2 Rf5 2.Rh7 Rf8#
d) Ka1->a8: 1.Ra2 Rxe6 2.Ra7 Rxe8#
Minimal problem with wR cross. But unfortunately the author failed to fully get rid of symmetry.
EN <-> RU

5th Prize (as equal) - No 44, Emanuel Navon (Israel) 6B1/3N4/P2r1P2/5nP1/4kp2/5p1K/bq4p1/3N2bR

a) diagram: 1.Be3 Re1 2.Qd4 Sf2#
b) Rh1->a1: 1.Bd5 Ra4+ 2.Sd4 Bh7#
c) Rh1->a8: 1.Qe5 Re8 2.Rd4 Sc5#
d) Rh1->h8: 1.Rd3 Rh4 2.Kd4 Rxf4#
In 1st pair of solutions – bB opens a line for wR. In 2nd pair – anti-critical moves of black pieces. It is pity that the mate in d) is without pinning.
EN <-> RU

Special Prize - No 5, Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine) 4B3/5p2/2K5/8/4kb2/4q3/1n4R1/8

a) diagram: 1.Kf5 Kd5 2.f6 Bg6#
b) Be8->a1: 1.Sd3 Rb2 2.Kd4 Rb4#
c) Be8->a8: 1.Kf3 Kd5 2.Qd4+ Kxd4#
d) Be8->h8: 1.f5 Rg7 2.Ke5 Re7#
e) Be8->h1: 1.Qd3 Kc5 2.f5 Re2#
Gravure. Five mates by thematic wB (four battery mates among them). But in this theme this paradox does not make much of an impression; the solution in a) looks a little alien. If the problem would have four twins then it would be marked higher.
EN <-> RU
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 2
Dieter Müller
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa8->h8,h1,a1(5+4)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 14
Ivan Antipin
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ba1->a8,h8,h1(6+10)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 17
Vladimir Koci
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->a8,h1,h8(3+8)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 2, Dieter Müller (Germany) n7/3NK3/2p5/3k4/3b4/3P4/1P3P2/8

a) diagram: 1.Sb6 b3 2.Sc4 bxc4#
b) Sa8->h8: 1.Sf7 b4 2.Se5 Sf6# (Sb6#??)
c) Sa8->h1: 1.Sg3 f3 2.Se4 fxe4#
d) Sa8->a1: 1.Sb3 f4 2.Sc5 Sb6# (Sf6#??)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 14, Ivan Antipin (Russia) 2b1n3/5p1K/2Nr1P2/1N1p1k2/2p4P/4pp2/3r4/B7

a) diagram: 1.Kf4 Sxd6 2.Bg4 Be5#
b) Ba1->a8: 1.Rxf6 Bb7 2.Ke6 Bxc8#
c) Ba1->h8: 1.Sg7 Sbd4+ 2.Kxf6 Bxg7#
d) Ba1->h1: 1.Ke4 Bxf3+ 2.Kd3 Sb4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 17, Vladimir Koci (Czech Republic) 7q/3n4/r7/P2nk1K1/3p4/4rp2/8/N7

a) diagram: 1.Ke4 Sb3 2.Se5 Sc5#
b) Sa1->a8: 1.Re6 Sb6 2.Re4 Sc4#
c) Sa1->h1: 1.Ke4 Kg4 2.Qe5 Sf2#
d) Sa1->h8: 1.Re6 a6 2.Re4 Sf7#
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 19
Christer Jonsson
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->h1,h8,a8(4+6)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 20
Christer Jonsson
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->h1,h8,a8(6+4)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 21
Boško Milošeski
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(8+5)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 19, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 8/8/2prrp2/4k3/2n5/3PP3/K7/N7

a) diagram: 1.Kd5 Sb3 2.Se5 e4#
b) Sa1->h1: 1.Sb6 Sg3 2.Sd5 d4#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Rd4 e4 2.Sd6 Sg6#
d) Sa1->a8: 1.Kd5 d4 2.Re4 Sc7#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 20, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 1K6/2R5/4p3/4P3/r2k1n2/8/4PP2/N7

a) diagram: 1.Kd5 Sb3 2.Re4 Rc5#
b) Sa1->h1: 1.Ke4 Rc5 2.Rd4 Sg3#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Kxe5 e4 2.Kd6 Sf7#
d) Sa1->a8: 1.Ra5 Sb6 2.Rxe5 Rc4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 21, Boško Milošeski (Macedonia) 5n2/7P/3PpP2/1b6/1P1B4/2K4P/1Pp5/k7

a) diagram: 1.Bc4 Kxc2 2.Ba2 b3#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Ba6 d7 2.Bc8 dxc8Q#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Bd3 Be5 2.Bxh7 f7#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Bf1 h8Q 2.Bxh3 Qxh3#
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 25
Vladimir Klipachev
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->a8,h8,h1(4+9)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 27
Michal Dragoun
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Kh8->h1,a1,a8(9+14)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 32
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(3+8)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 25, Vladimir Klipachev (Russia) 8/8/2ppnp2/2p1bp2/2B1k1r1/6P1/8/N3K3

a) diagram: 1.Ke3 Be2 2.Re4 Sc2#
b) Sa1->a8: 1.Sd4 Bd3+ 2.Kd5 Sc7#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.f4 Sf7 2.Kf5 Bd3#
d) Sa1->h1: 1.d5 Ke2 2.d4 Sf2#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 27, Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic) 2rn3k/1pp1Kp1P/P1p1pP2/6p1/2q4R/2P3Bp/P2p3P/1b4n1

a) diagram: 1.Qf1 Be5 2.Qxf6+ Bxf6#
b) Kh8->h1: 1.Qe2 Rxh3 2.Qxh2 Rxh2#
c) Kh8->a1: 1.Qxc3 Ra4 2.Qe5 Bxe5#
d) Kh8->a8: 1.Qxa6 Bxc7 2.Qa4 Rxa4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 32, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 8/8/2pp4/ppB3pp/4B3/5p2/8/k2K4

a) diagram: 1.Kb2 Ke1 2.Kc1 Ba3#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Kb7 Bf5 2.Ka6 Bc8#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Kg7 Bxd6 2.Kh6 Bf8#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Kg2 Bf5 2.Kf1 Bh3#
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 33
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(2+8)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 34
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ra1->a8,h8,h1(3+10)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 35
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa1->a8,h8,h1(6+8)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 33, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 5Q2/8/3p4/5p2/2p1k1r1/4p1p1/8/K3b3

a) diagram: 1.Kd4 Kb2 2.Re4 Qxd6#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Kd5 Kb7 2.Rd4 Qxf5#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Kf4 Kh7 2.Kg5 Qh6#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Kf3 Qa8+ 2.Kf2 Qg2#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 34, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 5b2/2K1N3/8/p3p3/3nkn2/p3p2p/8/r3N3

a) diagram: 1.Rd1 Sf3 2.Rd3 Sg5#
b) Ra1->a8: 1.Rd8 Sf5 2.Rd5 Sg3#
c) Ra1->h8: 1.Rh5 Sd5 2.Rf5 Sc3#
d) Ra1->h1: 1.Rf1 Sd3 2.Rf3 Sc5#
Editorial: compare to pdb/P0530447
EN <-> RU

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 35, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 8/8/7K/2pp2Nb/1p1k1p2/N4p2/2PBP3/n7

a) diagram: 1.Sxc2 Bc1 2.Se3 Bb2#
b) Sa1->a8: 1.Sb6 Bxf4 2.Sc4 Sb5#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Sg6 (Sf7?) exf3 2.Se5 Se6#
d) Sa1->h1: 1.Sf2 (Sg3?) Kxh5 2.Se4 Sxf3#
Editorial: compare to pdb/P1073129
EN <-> RU
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 39
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(5+7)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 40
Ingemar Lind
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2b),c),d) Sa8->a1,h1,h8(5+9)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 39, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 6b1/5P1p/8/p7/P2k1pB1/8/2Pp4/K3b3

a) diagram: 1.Kc3 fxg8Q 2.Kxc2 Qc4#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Kc5 f8Q+ 2.Kb6 Qd6#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Ke5 fxg8Q 2.Kf6 Qg7#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Ke3 f8Q 2.Kf2 Qxf4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 40, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) N7/8/4p2K/1r6/3nprP1/3nk2P/3pp2N/8

a) diagram: 1.d1S Sb6 2.S1f2 Sc4#
b) Sa8->a1: 1.Sf5+ Kg5 2.Rf2 Sc2#
c) Sa8->h1: 1.e1R Sf2 2.Re2 Sd1#
d) Sa8->h8: 1.Rf3 Sf1+ 2.Kf4 Sg6#
Helpmates in 2.5-3 | Коопматы в 2.5-3 хода
11 entries were received from 10 authors representing 8 countries | На конкурс поступило 11 композиций от 10 авторов из 8 стран
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Brief results:
- 1 Prize – No 30;
- 2 Prize (as equal) – No 9, 22;
- 3 Prize (as equal) – No 10, 15, 42;
- Honorable mention (as equal) – No 3, 12, 16, 24, 45. Good problems with advantages and shortcomings.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 30
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(3+12)
2 Prize (as equal), 2-3 Place - No 9
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2.5b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(2+14)
2 Prize (as equal), 2-3 Place - No 22
Boško Milošeski
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2.5b),c),d) Ka8->h8,a1,h1(6+14)

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 30, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia) 6n1/pp1p3p/2p4p/8/6NK/5p1P/1n2p3/kr6

a) diagram: 1.e1Q+ Kh5 2.Qe6 Se3 3.Qa2 Sc2#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.e1R Sf6 2.Re8 Sd5 3.Rb8 Sc7#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.e1B+ Kh5 2.Bc3 Sxh6 3.Bg7 Sf7#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.e1S Kg3 2.Sg2 h4 3.Rg1 Sf2#
Promotions of bP in different pieces which perform self-blocks.
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2nd Prize (as equal), 2nd-3rd Place - No 9, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia) 1n6/1p1Pp2p/p3p2n/1r6/1b1p4/p6r/b1K5/k7

a) diagram: 1...d8R 2.Bc4 Rxd4 3.a2 Rd1#
b) Ka1->a8: 1...d8S 2.Bc5 Sxe6 3.Ba7 Sc7#
c) Ka1->h8: 1...d8B 2.e5 Bxe7 3.Bg8 Bf6#
d) Ka1->h1: 1...d8Q 2.Bd2 Qf8 3.Rh2 Qf1#
This and next problem are h#2.5, but white AUW is performed very distinctly.
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2nd Prize (as equal), 2nd-3rd Place - No 22, Boško Milošeski (Macedonia) k4br1/p2bP2p/nn1P2rp/8/5pqp/3K4/Pp2P1P1/8

a) diagram: 1...e8B 2.Sc7 dxc7 3.Be6 Bc6#
b) Ka8->h8: 1...e8S 2.Rxd6+ Sxd6 3.Bg7 Sf7#
c) Ka8->a1: 1...exf8R 2.Kb1 Rxf4 3.Kc1 Rf1#
d) Ka8->h1: 1...exf8Q 2.h3 Qxf4 3.h2 Qf1#
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 10
Sébastien Luce
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka8->h8,h1,a1(2+11)
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 15
Igor Kochulov
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka1->a8,h8,h1(5+14)
3rd Prize (as equal) - No 42
Ingemar Lind
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka8->a1,h1,h8(7+12)

3rd Prize (as equal) - No 10, Sébastien Luce (France) kn6/1p1p1p2/4P3/7p/3p1K2/8/b3p2p/5n2

a) diagram: 1.e1Q e7 2.Qa5 e8S 3.Qa7 Sc7#
b) Ka8->h8: 1.h1R exf7 2.Rg1 f8Q+ 3.Rg8 Qh6#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.e1B e7 2.Bf2 e8Q 3.Bg1 Qe4#
d) Ka8->a1: 1.h1B exd7 2.Be4 d8Q 3.Beb1 Qxd4#
Minimal problem. AUW is mixed, but there are additional promotions.
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3rd Prize (as equal) - No 15, Igor Kochulov (Russia) 6n1/4P1p1/pn1p1p2/5p2/1qP4p/4KP2/3p1p1P/k3br2

a) diagram: 1.d1R e8Q 2.Rb1 Qa4+ 3.Qa3+ Qxa3#
b) Ka1->a8: 1.Kb7 e8R 2.Kc6 Re7 3.Kc5 Rc7#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Sd7 e8S 2.Sf8 Sxd6 3.Sh7 Sf7#
d) Ka1->h1: 1.Kg2 Kd4 2.Kxf3 e8B 3.Ke2 Bh5#
Here the promotions of wP are performed on different moves.
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3rd Prize (as equal) - No 42, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) k1K3n1/3p1pn1/p3P1p1/P2P4/4P3/Pp6/3pp2P/1r1b4

a) diagram: 1.e1B e7 2.Bf2 e8S 3.Ba7 Sc7#
b) Ka8->a1: 1.e1S exf7 2.Sc2 f8Q 3.Sxa3 Qxa3#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.e1R exf7 2.Re2 f8Q 3.Rxh2 Qf1#
d) Ka8->h8: 1.e1Q exd7 2.Qh4 d8S 3.Qh7 Sxf7#
AUW is supplemented by pair promotions of wP in Knight and Queen. It is very difficult, but there is repetition of moves in b) and c).
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Honorable mention (as equal) - No 3
Dieter Müller & Franz Pachl
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#2.5b),c),d) Ka1->h1,h8,a8(4+8)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 12
Gábor Tar
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Sa1->a8,h8,h1(4+8)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 16
Vladimir Koci
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ba1->a8,h8,h1(6+14)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 3, Dieter Müller & Franz Pachl (Germany) 8/2p1r3/3Np3/4k3/1pp5/4bP2/3pN3/K7

a) diagram: 1...Sc1 2.Kd4 Kb1 3.Kc3 Sb5#
b) Ka1->h1: 1...Sg1 2.Kf4 Kg2 3.e5 Sh3#
c) Ka1->h8: 1...Sf7+ 2.Kf5 Kg7 3.Bf4 Sd4#
d) Ka1->a8: 1...Kb7 2.Bg5 Kc6 3.Bf6 f4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 12, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/8/rb6/6K1/6p1/3P1pPb/7k/Nq4r1

a) diagram: 1.Rg2 Sb3 2.Qh1 Sd2 3.Bg1 Sf1#
b) Sa1->a8: 1.Kxg3 Kf6 2.Kf4 Sc7 3.Rg3 Sd5#
c) Sa1->h8: 1.Kxg3 Kg6 2.Kh4 Kh6 3.Rg3 Sg6#
d) Sa1->h1: 1.Bg2 Sf2 2.Rh1 Kh4 3.Qg1 Sxg4#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 16, Vladimir Koci (Czech Republic) b7/3pr2p/1K2p1n1/1p2p3/1qk5/P3Pp2/1p2pPP1/Bn6

a) diagram: 1.Kd5 Bxb2 2.Kd6 Bc3 3.Bd5 Bxb4#
b) Ba1->a8: 1.Sd2 Kb7 2.Kd5 axb4 3.Sc4 Kc7#
c) Ba1->h8: 1.Bd5 Kc7 2.Kc5 Bxe5 3.Qc4 Bd6#
d) Ba1->h1: 1.Kd5 gxf3 2.Qe4 Kxb5 3.d6 fxe4#
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 24
Rainer Kuhn
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka1->h1,h8,a8(5+4)
Honorable mention (as equal) - No 45
Dieter Müller & Ingemar Lind
TT-157, SuperProblem, 13-12-2015
h#3b),c),d) Ka8->a1,h1,h8(4+10)

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 24, Rainer Kuhn (Germany) 8/3R4/3r3n/5p2/P2k1P2/3B4/8/K7

a) diagram: 1.Kc3 Be2 2.Kc2 Ka2 3.Rd2 Rc7#
b) Ka1->h1: 1.Ke3 Bc2 2.Ke2 Kg2 3.Rd2 Re7#
c) Ka1->h8: 1.Kd5 Kg7 2.Ke6 Kf8 3.Kf6 Rxd6#
d) Ka1->a8: 1.Kc5 Kb8 2.Rc6 Rd5+ 3.Kb6 a5#

Honorable mention (as equal) - No 45, Dieter Müller (Germany) & Ingemar Lind (Sweden) k5n1/8/1p1p2p1/1Rp2b2/4p3/1P2p1p1/7B/4K3

a) diagram: 1.Kb7 Bxg3 2.Kc6 Rxb6+ 3.Kd5 Rxd6#
b) Ka8->a1: 1.Be6 Bxg3 2.Bxb3 Bxd6 3.Ba2 Be5#
c) Ka8->h1: 1.Kg2 Rb4 2.Kf3 Rxe4 3.g2 Rf4#
d) Ka8->h8: 1.Kg7 Rxb6 2.Kf6 Rxd6+ 3.Ke5 Bxg3#
Editorial: compare to pdb/P0550465
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Participants | Участники

Abdurahmanovic F. – No 6 (h#2), 7 (h#2), 8 (h#2), 9 (h#2.5), 30 (h#3)
Antipin I. – No 13A (h#2), 13B (h#2), 14 (h#2)
Argirakopoulos T. – No 29* (h#2)
Dragoun M. – No 27 (h#2)
Jonsson C. – No 19 (h#2), 20 (h#2)
Klipachev V. – No 25 (h#2), 28 (h#2)
Kochulov I. – No 15 (h#3)
Koci V. – No 16 (h#3), 17 (h#2), 18 (h#2)
Krätschmer R. – No 32 (h#2), 33 (h#2), 34 (h#2), 35 (h#2), 36 (h#2), 37 (h#2), 38 (h#2), 39 (h#2)
Kuhn R. – No 24 (h#3)
Lind I. – No 40 (h#2), 41 (h#2), 42 (h#3), 45* (h#3)
Luce S. – No 10 (h#3)
Milošeski B. – No 21 (h#2), 22 (h#2.5)
Mlynka K. – No 1A (h#2), 1B (h#2)
Müller D. – No 2 (h#2), 3* (h#2.5), 45* (h#3)
Navon E. – No 23 (h#2), 44 (h#2)
Oganesjan A. – No 31 (h#2)
Pachl F. – No 3* (h#2.5)
Prentos K. – No 29* (h#2)
Tar G. – No 11 (h#2), 12 (h#3)
Trommler S. – No 26 (h#2)
Vasilenko A. – No 4 (h#2), 5 (h#2)
Witztum M. – No 43 (h#2)

The Winner Is | Победитель

Fadil Abdurahmanovic (h#2)
Themis Argirakopoulos & Kostas Prentos (h#2)
Ralf Krätschmer (h#2)
Fadil Abdurahmanovic (h#3)
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Valery Kirillov

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