Final Award in Quick Composing TT-128 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-128

Reflex echo ODT | Рефлексное эхо ODT

Theme | Тема

11 entries were received from 6 authors representing 4 countries | На конкурс поступило 11 композиций от 6 авторов из 4 стран

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Not a big number of problems received for tourney (at least compared to the helpmate tournaments) but some problems show that this very special and interesting genre has still a lot to offer.
A word about some unawarded problems:
- No 10 (Ke4-Kc3). An interesting problem with some changes and transfers, but I could not really understand what is the thematic content there;
- No 8 (Kg1-Ka8). Although promoted pieces are allowed, there is no good reasoning for the promoted bishop. I suggest removing the promoted piece at the cost of one variation and trying to create a little more tries.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5
Ofer Comay
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 6
Anatoly Stepochkin
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015
1st Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 4
Dieter Müller
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5, Ofer Comay (Israel)

1.Rc7~? zz 1...Se5+!; 1.Kc5? [2.Rc4] 1...Se6+!; 1.Sd3? ~ 2.Qf1#
1.Be3! zz
1...Sf~+ 2.Kc5 Se4#
(Open B-Line, Open R-Line)
1...Se5+! 2.Kd6 Se4# (Open B-Line, Close R-Line)
1...Sg~+ 2.Kc4 Sd6# (Open R-Line, Open B-Line)
1...Se6+! 2.Ke4 Sd6# (Open R-Line, Close B-Line)
Non-thematic variations | Нетематические варианты
1...Qxg4 2.Rc5 Qe6#, 1...Qxg3 2.Rc4 Qd6#, 1...Kxe3 2.gxh5 Qxd4#
An excellent problem, showing a very nice matched diagonal-orthogonal play in 6 variations. Very active white king and a good correspondence between c4, c5, e4 and d6 squares. The key is also very interesting as it creates an additional variation using the black king’s flight.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 6, Anatoly Stepochkin (Russia)

1.d4? (A) – 2.Bc2 (B) Bxc2#, 1...Bf3 2.Bd1 Bxd1#, 1...Bc2!
1.Bc2? (B) – 2.d4 (A) Bxc2#, 1...Bxd3 2.c8S Bxc2#, 1...d4!
1.c8R? (C) – 2.Ra7 (D) Rxa7#, 1...Be7!
1.Ra7! (D) – 2.c8R (C) Rxa7#
1...Rxc7 2.d4 (A) Rxa7#, 1...Be7 2.Ra8 Qxa8#
At first I was a little hesitant giving this problem a prize, but a more careful study really makes you like it. Many details in this problem make it an extremely fun and semi harmonic – the additional white variations Bd1 and Ra8, the waiting moves c8S and d4 and the very nice refutations. Very enjoyable!
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1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 4, Dieter Müller (Germany)

1.Qa2(d5)? Qxh2 2.Bc7 Qxc7#, 1...Qxg2! 2.Qxg2#
1.Qc7(h5)? Qxg2 2.Ra2 Qxa2#, 1...Qxh2! 2.Qxh2#
1.Qb3(g8)? Qxh2 2.Bc7 Qxc7#, 1...Qxg2!
1.Qg6(f6)? Qxg2 2.Ra2 Qxa2#, 1...Qxh2!
1.Qf8!! 1...Qxh2 2.Bc7 Qxc7#
1...Qxg2 2.Ra2 Qxa2#
The only problem showing reflex refutations as a part of the content. A good airy position with a hidden key. The not so good thing about this kind of scheme is the repetition of the refutation and the lack of interesting variations.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 11
Menachem Witztum
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015
Commendation - No 2
Dieter Müller
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015
Commendation - No 3
Dieter Müller
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015

2nd Honorable mention - No 11, Menachem Witztum (Israel)

1.Se1 – 2.Sxf3 Sxf3#
1...Bb1 (Rxe4# (a)) 2...Rxe4# (a)
1...Sg4 (Bxe5# (b)) 2...Bxe5# (b)
1...Rxe4+ (a) 2.Kxe4 Qh4#
1...Bxe5+ (b) 2.Kxe5 Qh8#
1...Rb3 2.Kxc4 Rxe4# (a)
1...Bb3 2.Kxc3 Bxe5# (b)
Three pairs of variations with a somewhat original idea – black threats in one of the pairs. There are some very noticeable defects – white duals after the black moves in the Bb1 and Sg4 variations, no real difference between Bb1 and Rb3 as both allow Kc4, the reason for defense of Bb1 and Sg4 is different.
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Commendation - No 2, Dieter Müller (Germany)

1.Qxe3! – 2.Rg5 Sxe3# (sacrifice / Come-and-Go: g5 | жертва / ушел-пришел на g5)
1...Sfxe3+ (orthogonal line opening for bQueen | открытие ортогонали для черного ферзя)
2.Rxe3 (orthogonal move/sacrifice | ортогональный ход с жертвой)
2...Qh1# (diagonal move/mate on orthogonal line | диагональный ход с матом по ортогонали)
1...Scxe3+ (diagonal line opening for bQueen | открытие диагонали для черного ферзя)
2.Bxe3 (diagonal move/sacrifice | диагональный ход с жертвой)
2...Qa4# (orthogonal move/mate on diagonal line | ортогональный ход с матом по диагонали)
Simple echo-play. I think an additional content, for example two additional variations by white closing the thematic lines should not be too hard.
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Commendation - No 3, Dieter Müller (Germany)

1.Be3! Qf1 (diagonal move | диагональный ход)
2.Ra1 (orthogonal move and unblock | ортогональный ход и разблокирование)
2...Qxa1# (orthogonal move/orthogonal mate | ортогональный ход с матом по ортогонали)
1...Qxh4 (orthogonal move | ортогональный ход)
2.Qd8 (diagonal move and unblock | диагональный ход и разблокирование)
2...Qxd8# (diagonal move/diagonal mate | диагональный ход с матом по диагонали)
1...Qg2 (diagonal move | диагональный ход)
2.Ra2 (orthogonal move and unblock)
2...Qxa2# (orthogonal move/orthogonal mate | ортогональный ход и разблокирование)
1...Qxg3 (orthogonal move | ортогональный ход)
2.Qc7 (diagonal move and unblock | диагональный ход и разблокирование)
2...Qxc7# (diagonal move/diagonal mate | диагональный ход с матом по диагонали)
A good thematic content, but very simple.
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Commendation - No 9
Raffi Ruppin
TT-128, SuperProblem, 22-01-2015

Commendation - No 9, Raffi Ruppin (Israel)

1.e5! – 2.exf6 Re1#
1...Be2 2.Bb6 Qa1#
1...Sxe5 2.Rb6 Qh1#
1...fxe5 2.fxg6 Rf1#
Very simple but nice. There is also an additional echo orthogonal-orthogonal between the two black rooks…
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Brzozowicz J. – No 7, 10
Comay O. – No 5
Müller D. – No 1, 2, 3, 4
Stepochkin A. – No 6
Ruppin R. – No 8, 9
Witztum M. – No 11

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