Final Award in Quick Composing TT-116 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-116

Tempopromotion | Темпопревращение

Theme | Тема

64 entries were received from 29 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 64 композиции от 29 авторов из 12 стран

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Thanks to Aleksey Oganesjan, who invite me to choose theme and to be Judge. I think that “H# with tempo promotion“ was a freely and good choice. Many interesting ideas and I am satisfied with the quality. I do it gladly again, but perhaps not in the middle of the summer :-)
The following problems (which initially were marked) are excluded due to strong anticipations:
- No 15, Kg3-Kd6, 4th Honorable mention – PDB/P0502834;
- No 23, Kc1-Kd3, Commendation – yacpdb/101631.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 13
Gabor Tar
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pd2f3h4g4c4 Sh2 Bf2 Ke3 black Pg3d3c5c6c7 Ke5
h#3b) wPd3->f3(8+6)
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 36
Ingemar Lind
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pb5 Kb3 black Pd2a2g3a5 Kh3 Bg4
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 1
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Sa3 Kh1 Rf2h3 Be2 black Pf3e3a5 Ka4
h#2b) wPa3(5+4)

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 13, Gabor Tar (Hungary)

a) 1.g3*h2 Bf2-g1 2.h2-h1=B Ke3-f2 3.Ke5-f4 Bg1-h2 #{;} b) bPd3-->f3 1.g3*f2 d2-d3 2.f2-f1=B Ke3-d2 3.Ke5-d4 Sh2*f3 #
A combination of Zilahi, Umnov and tempopromotion.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 36, Ingemar Lind (Sweden)

1.a2-a1=Q b5-b6 2.Qa1-h8 b6-b7 3.Qh8-a8 b7*a8=Q 4.d2-d1=S Qa8-h1 #{,}1.d2-d1=R b5-b6 2.Rd1-d8 b6-b7 3.Rd8-a8 b7*a8=Q 4.a2-a1=B Qa8-h1 #
A real original black AUW in minimal!
Editorial: compare with PDB/P0502280.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 1, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)

a) 1.f3*e2 Rh3*e3 2.e2-e1=S Rf2-f4 #{;} b) +wPa3 1.e3*f2 Be2*f3 2.f2-f1=S Bf3-c6 #
Zilahi with beautiful model mates. It seems so easy...
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4th Prize - No 25
Aleksandr Kostyukov
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pe3a3f4b4g5a5 Kb2 Sf5b5 black Pd2a4g6a6 Ke4
h#2zero (see text)(9+5)
5th Prize - No 30
Emanuel Navon
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pg2f2a3c4 Kc3 Bh6 Sb5 black Ph2d2a4a6 Bg1 Rh1a5 Ke4
Special Prize - No 48
Pietro Pitton
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Bb5a7 Rc1 Kh8 black Pe2 Kd2

4th Prize - No 25, Aleksandr Kostyukov (Russia)

{zero position
} a) bKe4-->c4 {Ke4->c4}1.Kc4*b5 Kb2-c3 2.d2-d1=B Sf5-d4 #{;
} b) wKb2-->d1 {Kb2->d1}1.g6*f5 Kd1-e2 2.d2-d1=R Sb5-c3 #{;
} c) wKb2-->g3 {Kb2->g3}1.Ke4*f5 Kg3-f3 2.d2-d1=S Sb5-d4 #
Underpromotions in Zero position.
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5th Prize - No 30, Emanuel Navon (Israel)

1.d2-d1=R Sb5-d4 2.Ra5-e5 f2-f3 #{,}1.d2-d1=B f2-f4 2.Bg1-e3 Sb5-d6 #
Harmonious play where white open black lines after promotion.
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Special Prize - No 48, Pietro Pitton (Italy)

1.e2-e1=S Ba7-b8 2.Se1-f3 Bb8-f4 #{,}1.e2-e1=R Ba7-b8 2.Re1-g1 Bb8-f4 #{,}1.e2-e1=B Ba7-b8 2.Be1-h4 Bb8-f4 #
Underpromotions where the promoted pieces goes to “f”, “g” and “h” line. All with only 6 pieces! The repetition of white moves is of course a pity.
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1st Honorable mention - No 32
Mario Parrinello
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Ph4c4e5h6h7 Kc1 Rf2b6 Se3 Ba7 black Ph2c2h3g5 Sg1 Rh1 Kg3
2nd Honorable mention - No 18
János Csák
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pc2b2b5 Kb3 black Pa2c3b4a5b6 Sa3 Ra4 Kc5
3rd Honorable mention - No 46
Sergey Abramenko
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Ke8 Pb3 Sa1 Re1 Bh8 black Pe2c5b5 Sc4 Kb4

1st Honorable mention - No 32, Mario Parrinello (Italy)

1.g5-g4 Rb6-b1 2.c2*b1=S Se3-f5 #{,}1.g5*h4 Se3-d1 2.c2*d1=S Rb6-g6 #
White open own line through sacrifices on different squares. Zilahi. Pity with so many white pawns.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 18, János Csák (Hungary)

1...Kb3*a4 2.a2-a1=B Ka4-b3 3.Kc5*b5 Kb3-a2 4.Kb5-a4 Ka2*a1 5.b6-b5 b2-b3 #
The idea feels very original.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 46, Sergey Abramenko (Russia)

1.Sc4-a3 Re1-c1 2.e2-e1=S Bh8-c3 #{,}1.Sc4-a5 Re1-b1 2.e2-e1=B Sa1-c2 #
Good economy and beauty model mates.
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4th Honorable mention - No 44
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Qc3 Pf4c4 Kf1 Bc7a8 black Sd3 Pc2b3a3d4c5 Rb2a2 Bb1a1 Ke3
Special Honorable mention - No 49
Pietro Pitton
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pf3e3a5 Kc8 black Ba6b8 Kb4 Qe7 Pe4f5d5f6e6b6b7a7 Sb5d8 Re8a8
Commendation - No 4
Anatoly Skripnik
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Sc1 Bd3 Kb2 black Pd2a6 Kb4 Ra4
h#2b) bPa6->b6(3+4)

4th Honorable mention - No 44, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain)

1.c2-c1=S Bc7-a5 2.Bb1-c2 Qc3-d2 #{,}1.c2-c1=B Ba8-e4 2.Rb2-c2 Qc3*d3 #
There is a black Grimshaw on c2 after promotion.
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Special Honorable mention - No 49, Pietro Pitton (Italy)

1...a5*b6 2.Kb4-c5 b6*a7 3.Kc5-d6 a7*b8=R 4.Kd6-e5 Rb8*a8 5.Qe7-d6 f3-f4 #
A very fun white tempo promotion!
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Commendation - No 4, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)

a) 1.a6-a5 Bd3-a6 2.d2-d1=B Sc1-d3 # b) bPa6-->b6 1.Kb4-a5 Kb2-c3 2.d2-d1=R Sc1-b3 #
Miniature with model mates.
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Commendation - No 12
Gabor Tar
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pc4c6 Kc2 Rd5 Sf5 Bc5 black Pd2f4c7 Sf3 Re5 Ke4
Commendation - No 14
Menachem Witztum
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Se8 Ph5c5 Kg2 Re2 Ba2 black Pd2f4f5 Se5 Rd5 Ke6 Bd7
Commendation - No 16
Rolf Wiehagen
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pf3 Kh8 Bh1g1 black Pb2f4e4d5c6 Ka8 EndProblem

Commendation - No 12, Gabor Tar (Hungary)

1.d2-d1=S Rd5-d6 2.c7*d6 Sf5*d6 #{,}1.d2-d1=R Rd5-d2 2.Re5*f5 Rd2-e2 #
Zilahi, but the play a little inharmonious.
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Commendation - No 14, Menachem Witztum (Israel)

1...Re2-f2 2.Se5-g6 h5*g6 3.d2-d1=R Rf2-e2 #{,}1...Ba2-b1 2.Rd5-d6 c5*d6 3.d2-d1=S Bb1-a2 #
A nice idea.
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Commendation - No 16, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany)

1.b2-b1=S {tempo (K~?)} f3*e4 2.f4-f3 e4*d5 3.f3-f2 d5*c6 4.f2-f1=S c6-c7 #
Tempopromotion in a long H#.
Rolf Wiehagen and Adrian Storisteanu have proposed another, more economic version of the problem. See this joint version in the Annex A.
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Commendation - No 24
Menachem Witztum & Evgeni Bourd &
Emanuel Navon & Ofer Comay
TT-116, SuperProblem, 20.07.2014
white Pg2g3g4f4 Sh3 Bg1a8 Kc3 black Pd2 Kh1

Commendation - No 24, Menachem Witztum & Evgeni Bourd & Emanuel Navon & Ofer Comay (Israel)

{1.d1B? g5 2.Bh5 g4 3.B~??
} 1.d2-d1=Q g4-g5 2.Qd1-h5 g3-g4 3.Qh5-h4 g2-g3 #
Only a black Queen can hide!
EN <-> RU
Annex A
Rolf Wiehagen & Adrian Storisteanu
TT-116, SuperProblem, 30.07.2014
white Kg2 Bh1g1 black Pb2f4 Ka8

Annex A - Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) & Adrian Storisteanu (Canada)

1...Kg2-f3 2.b2-b1=S {tempo (K~?)} Kf3-e4 3.f4-f3 Ke4-d5 4.f3-f2 Kd5-c6 5.f2-f1=S Kc6-c7 #

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Abramenko S. – No 46
Bourd E. – No 23*, 24*
Comay O. – No 24*, 28*
Csák J. – No 17, 18
Érsek T. – No 20, 21
Fay R. – No 19
Hadži-Vaskov G. – No 63, 64
Ivunin A. – No 40*, 45
Klipachev V. – No 5
Koci V. – No 2, 8
Kostyukov A. – No 25
Lind I. – No 34, 35, 36, 37, 38
Martin L. M. – No 44
Medintsev V. – No 1
Milošeski B. – No 62
Müller D. – No 10, 11
Navon E. – No 24*, 28*, 29, 30
Oganesjan A. – No 22, 26
Ouellet C. – No 7*, 51-61
Pankratyev A. – No 40*, 41, 42
Parrinello M. – No 31, 32, 33
Pitton P. – No 48, 49, 50
Shitov A. – No 27
Shorokhov B. – No 9
Skripnik A. – No 4, 6
Storisteanu A. – No 7*, 39
Tar G. – No 12, 13
Wiehagen R. – No 16, 43, 47
Witztum M. – No 3, 14, 15, 23*, 24*

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