Final Award in Quick Composing TT-114 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса ТТ-114

Pawn black square | Пешечный черный квадрат

Theme | Тема

52 entries were received from 26 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 52 композиции от 26 авторов из 12 стран

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When I got the idea of composition tournament (to create a problem with the same square of four black pawns on e4-d4-d5-e5), some people told me: “What is the interest?”, “All the problems will be the same!” or “You will get only 10 problems!” The result is that I received 52 problems with a great variety of ideas and forms. It shows the incredible dynamism of chess composition!
That is why I wanted to give 15 awards. Originality, complexity and unity were some of my criterias of choice, and it was difficult to choose. Thank you to all!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 23
Alexander Fica & Zoltan Labai
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pf3c3a4 Sh3 Rg5 Kh4 black Pe4d4b4e5d5a5e7d7 Sc4g7 Rc1 Kc5 Bf6c6
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 48
Sergey Abramenko
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Kg2 Rc2 Sf8 black Pf2h4e4d4e5d5 Kd6
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 21
Vladimir Koci
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Kb2 Bb1f8 black Pd2e4d4e5d5f6c6g7 Bc5 Ra3 Ke6

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 23, Alexander Fica (Czech Republic) & Zoltan Labai (Slovakia)

1.Sc4-b6 c3*d4 + 2.e5*d4 Sh3-f2 3.Rc1-c4 Sf2*e4 #{,}1.d7-d6 f3*e4 2.d5*e4 c3*b4 + 3.Kc5-d5 Sh3-f4 #{,}1.Kc5-d6 Kh4-g4 2.Kd6-e6 Rg5-g6 3.Sc4-d6 Sh3-g5 #
This problem with three solutions has clearly my preference for first prize: the black central square of pawns is here but completely "integrated" in the construction.
At the beginning, white rook g5 is pinned by black bishop f6. But this rook create it self an half-pin of black e5-d5 pawns. In the first solution, e5 pawn disappears and d5 becomes pinned! It is the contrary in the second solution, and white can mate by Knight in e4 and f4. In the third variation, White king moves, unpinning white rook g5. Then this rook can pin black bishop on the 6th rank allowing mate by Knight on g5. Three mates by the Knight using each time a different pin.
A very original problem with great unity!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 48, Sergey Abramenko (Russia)

1.d4-d3 Sf8-g6 2.d5-d4 Rc2-c6 + 3.Kd6-d5 Sg6-e7 #{,}1.e4-e3 Rc2*f2 2.e5-e4 Rf2-f6 + 3.Kd6-e5 Sf8-d7 #{,} 1.Kd6-e7 Kg2-h3 2.Ke7-f6 Kh3*h4 3.Kf6-f5 Rc2*f2 #{,}1.f2-f1=R Sf8-d7 2.Rf1-f7 Sd7-b8 3.Rf7-e7 Rc2-c6 #
A very economic position but to your surprise and pleasure, four different mates with Rook and Knight!
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 21, Vladimir Koci (Czech Republic)

1.d2-d1=B Bb1-d3 2.Bd1-h5 Bd3-a6 3.Bh5-f7 Ba6-c8 #{,}1.d4-d3 Bf8*c5 2.d5-d4 Bc5*a3 3.Ke6-d5 Bb1-a2 #{,} 1.Bc5-b6 Bf8*g7 2.Ke6-d6 Bb1-d3 3.Kd6-c5 Bg7-f8 #
Three mates by the bishops. Note the surprising promotion in bishop in the first variation to obtain self-blocking of f7.
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4th Prize - No 24
Alexander Fica & Zoltan Labai
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pf2c2g3b3b4c5 Ke1 Ba4 black Bh4a6 Ke6 Qa7 Pe4d4e5d5h6f6e7 Sg4 Rg5b7
5th Prize - No 42
Emanuel Navon
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pb3a3h5 Kc2 Bb2 Rh4 black Pa2e4d4b4e5d5 Se2 Ra4a8 Ka5 Bc8
h#31.2.. b) wKc2->b3(6+11)
1st Honorable mention - No 35
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pe2d2 Kf1 black Pe4d4e5d5 Sb7 Bg1 Ka8

4th Prize - No 24, Alexander Fica (Czech Republic) & Zoltan Labai (Slovakia)

1.d4-d3 b4-b5 2.d5-d4 b3-b4 3.Ke6-d5 Ba4-b3 #{,}1.e4-e3 f2-f3 2.e5-e4 Ba4-d7 + 3.Ke6-e5 f3-f4 #{,} 1.Ba6-b5 c2-c4 2.Bb5-d7 Ba4-c6 3.Rg5-f5 Bc6*d5 #{,}1.Rg5-g7 f2-f4 2.Sg4-f2 g3-g4 3.Rg7-f7 f4-f5 #
Four solutions, but not the same harmony than in the first prizes.
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5th Prize - No 42, Emanuel Navon (Israel)

a) 1.e4-e3 b3*a4 2.Ka5*a4 Rh4*d4 3.Ra8-a5 Rd4*b4 #{,}1.e4-e3 a3*b4 + 2.Ka5*b4 Bb2*d4 3.Kb4-a3 Bd4-b2 #{;} b) wKc2-->b3 1.d4-d3 Rh4*e4 2.d5-d4 Bb2*d4 3.Ra8-a6 Re4*e5 #{,}1.d4-d3 Bb2*e5 2.e4-e3 Rh4*b4 3.Bc8-a6 Be5-c7 #
Original construction with two solutions by twin. In the first one, the opening of the 4th rank allows mates by bishop then by rook.
In the second, the blocking of a6 square allows mate by rook then by bishop. One little weakness: pawn a3 don't use in first variation of b).
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1st Honorable mention - No 35, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia)

1.d4-d3 Kf1-g2 2.d3*e2 d2-d4 3.Sb7-c5 d4*c5 4.e2-e1=R c5-c6 5.Re1-a1 c6-c7 6.Ra1-a7 c7-c8=Q #{,} 1.Ka8-a7 Kf1-e1 2.Ka7-b6 Ke1-d1 3.Kb6-c5 Kd1-c2 4.d4-d3 + Kc2-b3 5.Kc5-d4 Kb3-b4 6.Bg1-h2 e2-e3 #
Two solutions is very different in their spirit but complementary: “Excelsior & back rank mate” and “King walk & mate in the centre”.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 14
Gabor Tar
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pc2g3b3f4b4 Kh8 Rd2e7 black Pe4d4h5e5d5a5h7d7 Sf3c6 Bc3g4 Kd6
h#3b) wRe7->h4(8+15)
3rd Honorable mention - No 32
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pe2d2 Kh1 black Ph3e4d4e5d5c7 Sb3 Bg1 Kb7
4th Honorable mention - No 33
Mario Parrinello
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pd3h4e7d7 Kg1 black Pf3e4d4e5d5a5h6b6 Ke3 Rf5f6 Sf4b7 Be8d8
h#3b) wPd3->c3(5+15)

2nd Honorable mention - No 14, Gabor Tar (Hungary)

a) 1.Sf3-g5 Rd2*d4 2.Sg5-e6 Rd4*d5 + 3.Kd6*d5 Re7*d7 #{;} b) wRe7-->h4 1.Bg4-f5 f4*e5 + 2.Kd6*e5 Rh4*e4 + 3.Ke5*e4 Rd2-e2 #
“Explosion of the center” with self-blocking in e6 in a) and f5 in b). A Zilahi is also added.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 32, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia)

1.Kb7-a8 d2-d3 {(e3?)} 2.e4*d3 e2-e4 3.d3-d2 e4*d5 4.d2-d1=R d5-d6 5.Rd1-a1 d6*c7 6.Ra1-a7 c7-c8=Q #{,} 1.Kb7-c8 e2-e3 {(d3?)} 2.d4*e3 d2-d4 3.e3-e2 d4*e5 4.e2-e1=Q e5-e6 5.Qe1-b4 e6-e7 6.Qb4-b7 e7-e8=Q #
Zilahi & Excelsiors with good unity in the two solutions.
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4th Honorable mention - No 33, Mario Parrinello (Italy)

a) 1.Bd8*e7 d7-d8=Q 2.Be7-b4 Qd8*d5 3.Bb4-d2 Qd5*e4 #{;} b) wPd3-->c3 1.Be8*d7 e7-e8=Q 2.Bd7-b5 Qe8*e5 3.Bb5-e2 Qe5*d4 #
Pawn Zilahi.
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5th Honorable mention - No 17
Dieter Müller
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pf4 Sb6 Bc8 Kc7 black Pe4d4e5d5 Ke3 Bc5 Sh7
h#3b) wSb6->c6(4+7)
1st Commendation - No 25
Fedir Kapustin
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pf6 Kh1 black Pe4d4e5d5g7 Kd3
h#3b) bKd3->e3(2+6)
2nd Commendation - No 40
Anatoly Vasilenko
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Sg5 Bc3e6 Kg6 black Pe4d4e5d5 Kc4

5th Honorable mention - No 17, Dieter Müller (Germany)

a) 1.Ke3-d3 Sb6*d5 2.Kd3-c4 f4-f5 3.Kc4*d5 Bc8-e6 #{;} b) wSb6-->c6 1.Sh7-f6 f4*e5 2.Ke3-f4 Sc6-e7 3.Kf4*e5 Se7-g6 #
In only 11 pieces this composition presents a Kniest and an interesting cyclic change of functions:
a) wSb6(c6) - sacrifice, wBc8 - mate, wPf4 - check e6;
b) wSb6(c6) - mate, wBc8 - check e6, wPf4 - sacrifice.
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1st Commendation - No 25, Fedir Kapustin (Ukraine)

a) 1.e4-e3 f6*g7 2.Kd3-e4 g7-g8=Q 3.d4-d3 Qg8-g4 #{;} b) bKd3-->e3 1.d4-d3 f6-f7 2.Ke3-d4 f7-f8=Q 3.e4-e3 Qf8-b4 #
Mates in echo chameleon given by the white queen.
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2nd Commendation - No 40, Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine)

1.Kc4-c5 Sg5-h7 2.Kc5-d6 Bc3-b4 + 3.Kd6*e6 Sh7-f8 #{,}1.Kc4-d3 Sg5-f3 2.e4*f3 Bc3-d2 3.Kd3-e4 Be6-f5 #
Zilahi/Model mates in 9 pieces.
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3rd Commendation - No 45
Ingemar Lind
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pb3b4 Kd2 Bf2 Sd7 black Pe4d4e5d5a5 Kd6
4th Commendation - No 15
Harald Grubert
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Kb7 Bg1h2 black Pe4d4e5d5 Kg2
5th Commendation - No 41
Anatoly Vasilenko
TT-114, SuperProblem, 08.07.2014
white Pf3c3f4c4 Kd8 black Pe4d4e5d5 Ke2
h#4b) wKd8->e8(5+5)

3rd Commendation - No 45, Ingemar Lind (Sweden)

1.d4-d3 Sd7*e5 2.Kd6*e5 Bf2-h4 3.Ke5-d4 Bh4-f6 #{,}1.a5*b4 Sd7-f8 2.Kd6-c5 Bf2*d4 + 3.Kc5*d4 Sf8-e6 #
Zilahi/Kniest in 11 pieces.
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4th Commendation - No 15, Harald Grubert (Germany)

1...Bh2-g3 2.d4-d3 Bg1-a7 3.Kg2-f3 Kb7-b6 4.Kf3-e3 Bg3-e1 5.Ke3-d4 Kb6-b5 #
One solution and one promoted bishop but an original idea of Indian theme in 8 pieces only.
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5th Commendation - No 41, Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine)

a) 1.Ke2-d3 c4*d5 {(A)} 2.Kd3-c4 f3*e4 {(B)} 3.Kc4-c5 c3*d4 + {(C)} 4.Kc5-d6 f4*e5 #{(D)}{;} b) wKd8-->e8 1.Ke2-e3 f4*e5 {(D)} 2.Ke3-f4 c3*d4 {(C)} 3.Kf4-f5 f3*e4 + {(B)} 4.Kf5-e6 c4*d5 # {(A)}
Mates in echo with a funny idea: the black central square becomes white at the end!
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Abramenko S. – No 48
Antipin I. – No 52
Bajarani U. – No 1
Biénabe A. – No 37, 38, 39
Csák J. – No 3, 4, 9
Evseev V. – No 47
Fica A. – No 23*, 24*
Grubert H. – No 15, 16
Hadzi-Vaskov G. – No 51
Harl A. – No 30
Kapustin F. – No 25
Klipachev V. – No 12, 19, 20, 29
Koci V. – No 21, 22
Kostyukov A. – No 36
Labai Z. – No 23*, 24*
Lind I. – No 43, 44, 45, 46, 49, 50
Mihajloski Z. – No 31, 32, 35
Müller D. – No 5, 6, 10, 11, 17
Navon E. – No 42
Parrinello M. – No 33, 34
Pitton P. – No 26, 27, 28
Stepochkin A. – No 18
Sygurov A. – No 7, 8
Tar G. – No 13, 14
Vasilenko A. – No 40, 41
Witztum M. – No 2

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