Final Award in Quick Composing TT-109 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса ТТ-109

Exuberant forces | Убойная сила

Theme | Тема

21 entries were received from 13 authors representing 8 countries | На конкурс поступила 21 композиция от 13 авторов из 8 стран

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I received 21 problems in anonymous form. Many thanks to the director for a job well done.
For those who have no knowledge of the proposed theme: maybe "Zilahi" was not the best name, but I think it is acceptable. In selfmates there are examples of "Zilahi theme" since 1911 (A. W. Shinkman) and 1915 (R Svoboda).
You could say that Zoltan Zilahi (born 24-02-1903) has transferred the theme from selfmates to h#2. We don't know when or if the composer has given permission to call the theme with his name.
Regarding the criticism that in selfmates with Zilahi there should be voluntary sacrifices by black pieces to avoid mating the wKing: there is no sacrifice without capture. So the capture is essential to the Zilahi theme while the concept of sacrifice (voluntary or involuntary) is optional.

But let's return to our tourney. 28 days were not so much in order to search for the most accurate versions of such a theme. I think some entries could be improved with more time available. Comments about some problems that did not enter the award:
- No 1. Nice problem but not fully thematic. The rear piece of the black batteries mates in both variations;
- No 2, 6, 9, 17 (Kc6-Ke7). Too much repetition of moves and/or sequences of moves;
- No 10 (Kc5-Ke5). Good content, but the solution 1.Qf7 takes a K-flight;
- No 14 (Ka1-Ka4). The double threat detracts.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize - No 12
Steven B. Dowd
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014
2nd-3rd Prize - No 7
Anatoly Stepochkin (version)
TT-109, SuperProblem, 11.04.2014
2nd-3rd Prize - No 8
Vladimir Klipachev (version)
TT-109, SuperProblem, 11.04.2014

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 12, Steven B. Dowd (USA)

1.Se7! Bg4 2.Sg6 Kg3! (2...B~ 3.Qg2+ fxg2#) 3.Qf4+ Kh3 4.Qxf3 Bxf3#, 1...Bg6 2.Qxg6 Kh4 3.Sf5+ Kh3 4.Qg2+ fxg2#
Great economy. The blackP/blackB exchange of roles for a selfmate with Zilahi theme is one of the most difficult to do properly. Here the price is an obvious key.
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2nd-3rd Prize, 2nd-3rd Place - No 7, Anatoly Stepochkin (Russia)

1.b8S! zz 1...c6 2.Sd7 c5 3.Sxe5 c4 4.Qc2+ Sxc2#, 1...c5 2.Sxe3 c4 3.Sxf5+ Kxf5 4.Sd6+ Bxd6#
Well found matrix with nice model mates. For a more economical version see the Annex.
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2nd-3rd Prize, 2nd-3rd Place - No 8, Vladimir Klipachev (Russia)

1.Se3! d6 2.f3+ Kxe3 3.Qxc4 d5 4.Qe4+ dxe4 5.Rb4 exf3 6.g3 f2#, 1...d5 2.Sxd5 Ke5 3.Sb4+ Ke4 4.f3+ Ke3 5.Qa3+ Sxa3 6.Sc2+ Sxc2#
It is a wonderful selfmate in Bohemian style with round trip of a White piece (Sc2-e3-d5-b4-c2). Very nice and difficult key, all black units working in both variations, leading to the model mates (especially good play after 1...d5). I think it is the first example of "rundlauf" in Bohemian selfmates.
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1st Honorable mention - No 11
Janos Csak
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014
2nd Honorable mention - No 5
Vladimir Klipachev
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014
3rd Honorable mention - No 15
Waldemar Tura
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014

1st Honorable mention - No 11, Janos Csak (Hungary)

1.Rb3! b6 2.c6 bxa5 3.Qxd4+ Sd3 4.Qb2+ Sxb2 5.Sc4+ Sxc4#, 1...c6 2.b6 cxd5 3.Bxb4+ Bc3 4.Sf3+ Kc2 5.Rb2+ Bxb2#
Good dynamic play with the surprising 5.Rb2. Salazar theme on 1.b6? c6 2.Rb3...
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2nd Honorable mention - No 5, Vladimir Klipachev (Russia)

1.Se2! g1~ 2.R:d7+ Ke5 3.R:d5+ K:d5 4.Sf4+ S:f4#, 1...Ke5 2.R:e6+ dxe6 3.Be7 g1~ 4.Qe4+ dxe4#
Nice key and the quiet 3.Be7 as well.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 15, Waldemar Tura (Poland)

1.Qh7+? Kc6 2.Sd4+ Kxd6 3.Rxh5 a2#, 1...Kc8!; 1.Qb7+? Ke8!
1.Qg6! Kc6 2.Sa7+ Kd7 3.Rxh5 a2#, 1...Kc8 2.Sb6+ Kb8 3.Rxa3 B:g6#
Interesting mechanism. The improvided 1...Kc8 in set-play detracts.
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Commendation - No 4
Dieter Mueller
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014
Commendation - No 16
Waldemar Tura
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014
Commendation - No 18
Bosko Miloseski
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014

Commendation - No 4, Dieter Mueller (Germany)

1.Sg4? f4 2.Rxf4 d4 3.Rf1 d3 4.Bd1 d2#, 1...d4!
1.Sf6! f4 2.Rxf4 d4 3.Rf1 d3 4.Bd1 d2#, 1...d4 2.Rxd4 f4 3.Rd1 f3 4.Bf1 f2#

Commendation - No 16, Waldemar Tura (Poland)

1.Bg2! – 2.Qe6+ Bxe6 3.Sxe3+ Bxe3#, 1...Rf7 2.Qxf6+ Rxf6 3.Sxe3+ Bxe3#, 1...Sf7 2.Sxh6+ Sxh6 3.Qe5+ fxe5#, 1...Rxe7 2.Be4+ Rxe4+ 3.dxe4+ Qxe4#

Commendation - No 18, Bosko Miloseski (Macedonia)

1.a8B! a5 2.Bxc6 a4 3.Qg7 a3 4.Qb2 axb2#, 1...c5 2.Rxa6 c4 3.Rb6 c3 4.Rb2 cxb2#
A. Stepochkin (version R. Riva)
TT-109, SuperProblem, 01.04.2014

Annex - Anatoly Stepochkin (version Rodolfo Riva)

1.Bg8! c5 2.Bd6 c4 3.Sxe3 Kxf4 4.Sf1 Bxd6#, 1...c6 2.fxe5 c5 3.Rf8 c4 4.Qc2+ Sxc2#
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Brzozowicz J. - No 17, 20
Csak J. - No 10, 11
Dowd S. B. - No 12, 13, 14
Hadzi-Vaskov G. - No 21
Klipachev V. - No 5, 8
Kopyl V. - No 1*
Kozura G. - No 1*
Miloseski B. - No 18, 19
Mladenovic M. - No 2, 9
Mueller D. - No 3, 4
Stepochkin A. - No 7
Tar G. - No 6
Tura W. - No 15, 16

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Steven B. Dowd
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