Final Award in Quick Composing TT-259 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-259

Vaccination against virus | Вакцинация от вируса

Theme | Тема

21 entries were received from 7 authors representing 6 countries | На конкурс поступило 21 композиций от 7 авторов из 6 стран

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As you know, chess is a model of social life. Many great battles have always been compared to a chess game and displayed in a chess composition. Now the whole world is fighting the pandemic. The main weapon in this struggle is universal vaccination. This competition aims to remind everyone once again of the importance of coronavirus vaccinations.

From TT Director Aleksey Oganesjan I have received 21 anonymous problem. Most of the problems were thematic, but often the theme was realized superficially, schematically. The marked problems demonstrate how to approach the implementation of the theme "Vaccination against virus" as responsibly and inventively as possible.

Among the unmarked problems, the greatest doubts were caused by No 9 (Kb1-Kc3, 10+10). It surpasses some of the marked problems, the key is good, four different mates. But I would like to see the main plan implemented as well. This problem may well qualify for distinction in other competitions.

Shortly about another unmarked problems:
- No 4 (Kg3-Kg5). Repetitions, unpleasant captures of Black pieces;
- No 6 (Kg4-Kg6, bBc1), No 11 (Kg4-Kg6, bBe1). Cumbersome for low content;
- No 8 (Kh2-Kh4). The play is few and rough capture of Bb8;
- No 13 (Kb1-Kc3, 6+9). It is too simply and the main plan is not carry out;
- No 14 (Kg8-Kd4). A main plan is success not thanks by “vaccination” but in view of blocking;
- No 2 (Kh8-Kg6), No 3 (Kg8-Kg6), No 5 (Kg4-Kg6, 7+7), No 7 (Kf4-Kf6), No 15 (Kh8-Kh6), No 19 (Kh1 Kh3), No 20 (Kf5-Kh5), No 21 (Kh1-Kg4). It is fulfilled too simply, schematically.

I marked six problems. Among them high-quality completed three prize problems are highlighted.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize - No 16
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021
2nd Prize - No 18
Raffi Ruppin
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021
3rd Prize - No 17
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021

1st Prize - No 16, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 2BR4/5p2/8/2N1kPB1/4ppp1/KpP4q/3PPP2/2n2b2

1.c4? (2.Rd5#) 1...b2+! (2.e3 Qxe3 3.dxe3/fxe3 b1S+ 4.Kb2 Sd3+ 5.Kxb1 ~ 6.Rd5#)

1.d4+ exd3 e. p. 2.e4 (3.Rd5#) 2...fxe3 e.p. (2.c4? Bg2!) 3.f4+ gxf3 e. p. 4.c4 ~ 5.Rd5#
Clear, “literate” “vaccination” with triple reserve – 1.d4+ exd3 e. p. 2.e4 fxe3 e.p. 3.f4+ gxf3 e. p. – looks like three injections by the same vaccine.
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2nd Prize - No 18, Raffi Ruppin (Israel) r2b4/4p3/r2Pp3/2p5/5P1B/2PpP2p/p2KPP1p/R3Nk1b

Unusual implementation of the theme. Initially wK is already “vaccinated” on d3 by bP and Rxd6 is not a check. But during a realization of a plan, White has to remove the "vaccine" on d3:

1.Sxd3+? Kg2 2.Se1+ Kf1(g1) 3.Sc2+ Kg2 4.e4 (5.Se3#),

and this check (“infection”) become possible – 4...Rxd6+!

1.Sf3+ Kg2 2.Bg3 (3.Sh4#) exd6 3.Se1+ Kf1(g1) 4.Sxd3+ Kg2 5.Se1+ Kf1(g1) 6.Sc2+ Kg2 7.e4 8.Se3#

In the actual solution, a thematic “vaccination” executed on d6 and “unvaccination” on d3 is not dangerous for White.
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3rd Prize - No 17, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 7K/4Bp1p/1Npr3r/Ppkp2p1/1p5b/3pPR2/1PP5/3q4

1.b3? – 2.Sd7#, 1...Qa1+!

1.Rf6? – 2.Bxd6#, 1...Bg3!

1.Sd7+! Kc4 2.Se5+ Kc5 3.Rf6 (4.Bxd6#)
3...d4 4.e4 Rxf6 5.b3 (6.Sd7#) 5...Qg4 6.Sxd3#
3...Rxf6 4.b3
(5.Sd7#) 4...d4 5.e4 (6.Sd7#) 5...Qg4 6.Sxd3#
Good logical problem with “vaccination” of big diagonal. In the final, after 5.b3 the planned mate 6.Sd7# can defended by black and 6.Sxd3 is successful.
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Honorable mention - No 12
Aleksandr Tyunin
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021
1st Commendation - No 10
Aleksandr Tyunin
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021
2nd Commendation - No 1
Fedir Kapustin & Aleksandr Melnichuk
TT-259, SuperProblem, 17-08-2021

Honorable mention - No 12, Aleksandr Tyunin (Russia) n7/b1p1p2R/1p2N1p1/1N1pp2p/6pP/3P2k1/7R/6KB

1.Sc3? – 2.Se2#, 1...b5+!

1.Rxe7! zz
1...e4 2.d4 ~ 3.Sc3 ~ 4.Se2#
1...d4 2.Rf7 ~ 3.Sg5 ~ 4.Se4#
1...c6 2.2.Sc3 b5+ 3.Rxa7 ~ 4.Se2#
1...g5 2.Rf7 – 3.Sg7 ~ 4.Sxh5#, 2...gxh4 3.Rg2+ Kh3 4.Sg5#
Interesting realization of the theme with using of zugzwang. After 1.Rxe7! Black has six moves! But everywhere a mate is coming, including the planned one (3.Sc3 – 4.Se2#). Pity that the key is with capture of Pawn.
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1st Commendation - No 10, Aleksandr Tyunin (Russia) 1K6/6pp/1k3p2/1P5n/1P2P1R1/1p4p1/bP3pNb/5B2

1.Se3? – 2.Sd5#, 1...g2+!

1.e5! (2.Rd4 – 3.Rd6#)

1...fxe5 2.Rxg7 Sxg7 3.Se3 ~ 4.Sd5#
1...Bb1 2.Rd4 Be4 3.Rd6+ Bc6 4.Rxc6#
During “vaccination” of e5, White allows Black to activate Knight or Bishop that prevents a main plan. In the planned variation the Rook is sacrificed for diversion, in additional – it checkmates.
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2nd Commendation - No 1, Fedir Kapustin (Ukraine) & Aleksandr Melnichuk (Russia) 3B4/6N1/p2p4/3Pp1p1/4P1kp/1P2K2p/pPp4P/rbN5

1.Sd3? – 2.Sf2#, 1...c1Q(B)+!

1.Ba5? (2.Bd2 a5 3.Sd3 a4 4.Sf2#), but – stalemate!

1.b4! a5 2.b5 (pseudo-threat 3.b6 a4 4.b7 a3 5.b8Q axb2 6.Qc8#) 2...a4 3.Ba5! a3 4.Bd2! axb2 5.Sd3 c1Q 6.Sf2#
Funny that Black executed almost an excelsior. But this Pawn is the only active Black piece. Black play is absent.
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