Final Award in Quick Composing TT-239 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-239

Promotion and tempo | Превратись и плетись!

Theme | Тема

84 entries were received from 26 authors representing 16 countries | На конкурс поступило 84 композиций от 26 авторов из 16 стран

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I divided an award into two groups – h#3.5-4 and h#4.5-N – in order to roughly align a quantity of problems in these groups: 39 and 45.

During judging I considered a presence of additional themes and ideas as main criteria.

I have some notes about problems that were not included in the award:
- some of them have even weaker content than examples;
- in many problems the play of both sides are not helpplay or this effect is weak;
- some problems have artificially extended introduction including thematic promotion;
- in some entries the tempomove is combined with anticritical move of thematic piece with simultaneous avoiving of check to King (guarding of square) that is need for opposite King. An feature value of such tempomoves are questionable, in my opinion.

Generally there were entries that pleasantly pleased with their content. I want to thank all participants of the tourney and wish all good health, life well-being and optimism in this hard time, and new creative successes for the benefit of our favourite composition!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом


39 entries were received from 20 authors representing 14 countries | На конкурс поступило 39 композиций от 20 авторов из 14 стран
1st Prize - No 2
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
2nd Prize - No 39
Marko Klasinc & Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
3rd Prize - No 10B
Michael Lütt
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
h#4b) Sd2->d1(7+5)

1st Prize - No 2, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) r7/2Pn4/1nk1p3/2pr4/p7/2K5/7b/1q3b2

1...c8S 2.Ra5 Sd6 (S~?) 3.Ba6 Sc8 4.Kb5 Sa7#
1...c8B 2.Bd6 Ba6
(B~?) 3.Re5 Bc8 4.Kd5 Bb7#
Two-phases-problem with White underpromotions and model mates in the center of the board. Thematic content is supplemented by tempomoves with switchbacks, distant self-blockings and a play without Black pieces. Best composition of the subsection.
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2nd Prize - No 39, Marko Klasinc (Slovenia) & Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 2rnnK2/1q2p3/2kPp3/4p2b/3p4/b7/8/8

1...d7 2.Kd6 dxe8Q 3.Qd5 Qf7 4.Rc6 Qxe7#
1...dxe7 2.Sd6 e8R 3.Kd7 Rxe6 4.Qc6 Re7#
Promoted Queen and Rook execute tempomove from e8 and checkmates on the same square e7. Square-blocking of c6 by different pieces is a pleasant bonus.
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3rd Prize - No 10B, Michael Lütt (Germany) 8/2p5/2P5/1K6/1p6/pP4P1/P2Nkp2/4B3

a) diagram: 1.f1B! Kc4 2.Bh3! Sf1 3.Kf3 Kd3 4.Bg2 Sh2#
b) Sd2->d1: 1.f1R! Kxb4 2.Rh1! Kc3 3.Kf1 Kd2 4.Rg1 Se3#
Black promoted Bishop and Rook execute tempomoves with White-Black and Black-Black “come-and-go”. Model mates. Meredith.
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Special Prize - No 19
Nikola Predrag
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
1st Honorable mention - No 1
Mihail Hramtsevich
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
2nd Honorable mention - No 11
Borisas Gelpernas
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

Special Prize - No 19, Nikola Predrag (Croatia) 7K/2p5/2Pp4/1p1P4/N7/1P3P1B/kB4p1/8

1...b4 2.g1Q! Bf1 3.Qg6 Bxb5 4.Qb1 Bc4#
1...Bf5 2.g1R Bc2 3.Rb1 Bc1 4.Ra1 Sc3#
In multi-solutions-form we see pericritical tempomaneuver of Black Queen with outcoming loss of tempo before line-opening a1-h1 by White Bishop on f1 – as a “counterweight” of anticritical incoming tempomove of Black Rook before line-closing 1st rank by another White Bishop on c1.
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1st Honorable mention - No 1, Mihail Hramtsevich (Belarus) 8/P7/k1bp4/pp1n4/8/pq6/8/K5b1

1...a8B 2.b4 Bb7+! 3.Kb5 Ba8! 4.Ka4 Bxc6#
1...a8S 2.Ba7 Sb6! 3.Bb7 Sa8! 4.Sb6 Sc7#
Thematic content reminds 1st Prize but mates are on the egde of the board and in a) there is a capture of piece that plays in b)...
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2nd Honorable mention - No 11, Borisas Gelpernas (Lithuania) 8/8/3pp3/8/2kPB3/K7/7p/8

1.h1B Ba8 2.Bc6! (2.Bb7?) Kb2 3.Kd5 Kc3 4.Bb7! Bxb7#
One-phase-miniature ends with ideal mate. Maslar and bicolor Bristol.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 30
Mihail Gershinsky, Aleksandr Pankratyev
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
4th Honorable mention - No 31
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
5th Honorable mention - No 49
Misha Shapiro
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

3rd Honorable mention - No 30, Mihail Gershinsky (Ukraine) & Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) 8/8/3pp3/3p1p2/4kp2/7p/p4P1p/4B2K

1.a1B Bc3 2.Bb2 Bh8 3.Bg7 f3+ 4.Ke5 Bxg7#
Play reminds No 11 but quantity of pieces are more.
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4th Honorable mention - No 31, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) B7/1Rp4K/2P5/8/8/1p6/P7/3kn3

1.bxa2! Rb2 2.a1R! Bb7 3.Rb1 Ba6 4.Rc1 Be2#
2.a1Q? Bb7 3.Qb1+
2.a1B? Bb7 3.Bxb2? ... 4.Bc1
2.a1S? Bb7 3.Sb3 Ba6 4.Sc1 Be2+ 5.Sxe2!
1.b2? Rxb2 2.b1R??
Curious reciprocal changing captures of Black Pawn and White Rook on b2 in tries.
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5th Honorable mention - No 49, Misha Shapiro (Israel) 8/P7/3p4/nn1P4/kb6/p5p1/3p2Pp/7K

1...a8S 2.d1B Sc7 3.Bc2 Sa8 4.Bb3 Sb6#
One-phase-problem with tempomove of promoted Black Bishop and tempomaneuver of promoted White Knight with its switchback on promotion square.
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Special Hon. mention - No 8
Michael Lütt
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
1st Commendation - No 9
Michael Lütt
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
2nd Commendation - No 44
Christer Jonsson
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

Special Honorable mention - No 8, Michael Lütt (Germany) 8/8/8/7K/8/8/p3k1N1/2B5

1.a1R (a1Q?) Bd2 2.Rh1+! (Rg1?) Kg4 3.Kf1 Kf3 4.Rg1 Se3#
Check-tempomove by Rook from corner to corner. Special distinction – for 5-pieces-form.
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1st Commendation - No 9, Michael Lütt (Germany) 8/8/1r4B1/1k6/8/4K3/7p/3N4

1.h1B (h1Q?) Kd4 2.Ba8! (Bb7?) Sc3+ 3.Kc6 Sb5 4.Bb7 Be8#
Miniature with tempomove by Black Bishop from corner to corner. Come-and-go. Ideal mate.
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2nd Commendation - No 44, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 8/7N/2K5/4k3/1P5P/6PP/5p2/8

a) diagram: 1.f1R Sf8 2.Rf7 Sg6+ 3.Kf5 Kd5 4.Rf6 Se7# b) Pf2->b2: 1.b1B Sf6 2.Bh7 Sh5 3.Kf5 Kd5 4.Bg6 g4#
Although this problem has two phases but a repetition of 3rd move is a strong shortcming. Also technical wPb4 is unpleasant...
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3rd Commendation - No 21
Nikola Predrag
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
4th Commendation - No 15
Nikolai Kolesnik
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
5th Commendation - No 3
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

3rd Commendation - No 21, Nikola Predrag (Croatia) 1K3b2/Pb1q4/k7/pnp5/r7/8/8/r7

1...a8R+! 2.Kb6 Ra7 3.Bd5 Ra8 4.Kc6 Ra6#
One-phase-meredith where promoted White Rook executes two tempomoves and checkmates.
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4th Commendation - No 15, Nikolai Kolesnik (Ukraine) 3b1n2/4pP2/4p3/r3p2p/1K1pPkp1/3P1p2/b7/8

1.Sg6 f8B 2.Sh4 Bg7! 3.Sf5 Bf8! 4.Sg3 Bh6#
Also one-phase-meredith where promoted White Bishop executes two tempomoves and checkmates a Black King that don’t execute any move.
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5th Commendation - No 3, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 8/8/1b1n4/3k4/8/2RK4/2p5/8

1.c1R Rc8! (Rc7?) 2.Rc7! (Rc6?) Re8 3.Kc5 Kc3 4.Rc6 Re5#
Bristol tempomove of Black Rook with well-known ideal mate.
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45 entries were received from 21 authors representing 13 countries | На конкурс поступило 45 композиций от 21 авторов из 13 стран
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I excluded an interesting No 40 (Ke1-Kg4) in view of strong anticipation – pdb/Р1087642 (Z.Hernitz, «Lander-kampf Kroatien-Sachsen», 2005, 1 Platz). Initially marked by 4th HM No 51 (Ka1-Kg7) is excluded in view of strong anticipation pdb/P1268282.

1st-2nd Prize - No 18
Aleksandr & Valery Semenenko
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
1st-2nd Prize - No 52
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
3rd Prize - No 28
Aleksandr Pankratyev & Aleksey Ivunin
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

1st-2nd Prize - No 18, Aleksandr Semenenko & Valery Semenenko (Ukraine) 3q4/P4p1K/1ppp1br1/kr1bp3/1p2p3/1p2P1n1/8/8

1...a8B 2.Rc5 Bb7! 3.Kb5 Bxc6+ 4.Kc4 Bd7! 5.Bc6 Be8 6.Kd5 Bxf7#
The problem has only one phase but here a Pawn on 7th rank promotes in Bishop (!) that executes two tempomoves on two different diagonals. Model mate.
EN <-> RU

1st-2nd Prize - No 52, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) r2nk3/b5n1/5p2/2p1p3/8/6p1/2P1p1p1/2r2bK1

1...c3 2.Rd1! c4 3.Rd5 cxd5 4.Sde6 dxe6 5.0-0-0 e7 6.e1R e8Q 7.Rb1 Qa4! (Qb5?, Qe6+?) 8.Rb8 Qc6#
Slow excelsior is “woven” into saturated strategy with helpmate nuances with choice of tempomove by promoted Queen from one edge of board to another. Black phoenix. Epaulette model mate.
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3rd Prize - No 28, Aleksandr Pankratyev & Aleksey Ivunin (Russia) B7/8/2ppr3/3pk3/2bp4/p4p2/p4P1p/K7

1...Bb7 2.c5 Bxd5 3.h1B Bxf3 4.Bg2 Ba8 5.Bb7 f4+ 6.Kd5 Bxb7#
Thematic tempomove of promoted Black Bishop is supplemented by initial tempomove of White Bishop. Switchback, Maslar, Kluver, Meerane.
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Special Prize - No 36
Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Marko Klasinc
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
1st Honorable mention - No 13
Nikolai Kolesnik
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
2nd Honorable mention - No 33
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

Special Prize - No 36, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) & Marko Klasinc (Slovenia) 5kb1/6nP/8/8/8/p3q3/p1p5/K7

1.c1S h8S 2.Sd3 Sf7 3.Se5 Sh8 4.Sf7 Kxa2 5.Qe8 Sg6#
Tempomaneuver of promoted White Knight with switchback on promotion square. Tempomove by White King that is prepared by Black during a solution.
Compare to pdb/P0522220 – two tempomoves on the same square by two different White pieces.
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1st Honorable mention - No 13, Nikolai Kolesnik (Ukraine) nqb5/1kp5/4p3/2p1p3/K1P1P3/p2pP3/P2P2p1/8

1.g1B Kb5 2.Bf2! Kxc5 3.Bxe3+ Kb5 4.Bb6! c5 5.Ba7 c6#
White King executes a line-opening for promoted Black Bishop that, waiting for the king, executes two tempomoves in order to go to desired square a7. An annihilation of bPc5 has a double motivation.
EN <-> RU

2nd Honorable mention - No 33, Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia) 2B5/rbk5/pp1p4/8/8/7K/7p/8

1.h1R+! (h1Q?) Kg4 2.Rh8 Bd7 3.Rha8! (Rb8?) Kf5 4.Bc8 Ke6 5.Kb7 Kxd6 6.Rb8 Bc6#
After promotion, Black Rook execute two moves from corner to corner, and second of them is a tempomove. At the same time White King “creeps up” to Black the one. Ideal mate.
EN <-> RU
3rd Honorable mention - No 17
Aleksandr & Valery Semenenko
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
1st Commendation - No 38
Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Marko Klasinc
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
2nd Commendation - No 23
Nikola Predrag
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

3rd Honorable mention - No 17, Aleksandr Semenenko & Valery Semenenko (Ukraine) 8/4kp2/1p4p1/pP1K1p2/P7/3p4/p2P4/1N6

1.a1B Sc3 2.Bb2! Se4 3.Bh8! Sg5 4.Kf6 Kd6 5.Bg7 Sh7#
Promoted Black Bishop at first executes “short” tempomove and at second, after diagonal-opening, – “long” the one. Model mate by Knight. But technical both White and Black Pawns are unpleasant.
EN <-> RU

1st Commendation - No 38, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) & Marko Klasinc (Slovenia) 8/2q3k1/8/3p4/3P4/1p2p1n1/pP2p3/K7

1.Qc5 dxc5 2.Kf6 c6 3.Ke5 c7 4.Kd4 c8Q 5.e1Q+ Qc1 6.Qh1 Qe1 7.Qe4 Qc3#
Tempomove of White Queen along pin-line. Also there is Black Phoenix formally but Black Queen can be replaced with Sd7 of Pc6.
EN <-> RU

2nd Commendation - No 23, Nikola Predrag (Croatia) 8/8/8/4p3/1p1p3P/3p4/pPpP1pp1/2K1krrb

1.a1B! b3! 2.Bc3 h5 3.Ba1 h6 4.Bc3 h7 5.Ba1 h8Q 6.Bc3 Qxe5#
1.e4? h5 2.e3 h6 3.a1S/B h7 4.b3 h8Q 5.?? Qh6 (6.exd2+ Qxd2#)
It is curious that White must spend one move on order to provide 5 Black pendulum tempomoves. Pity that there is no White excelsior and that moves of promoted Bishop are “autonomous” (as well as a play of White Pawn).
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3rd Commendation - No 20
Nikola Predrag
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
4th Commendation - No 29
Aleksandr Pankratyev & Aleksey Ivunin
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
5th Commendation - No 65
Aleksandr Tyunin
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

3rd Commendation - No 20, Nikola Predrag (Croatia) 1b2k3/6Pq/4Kp2/5r2/8/7b/8/8

1...g8B 2.Qc7 Bh7 3.Qd8 Bg8 4.Bd6 Bh7 5.Bf8 Bg6#
As in previous problem, a goal of promoted Bishop (White the one this time) is wait while Black builds a “fence” around a King.
EN <-> RU

4th Commendation - No 29, Aleksandr Pankratyev & Aleksey Ivunin (Russia) 5N1k/6p1/8/8/3p4/3P1p1p/5p1p/1B3Kb1

1...Ba2 2.h1R Be6 3.Rh2 Bxh3 4.Rh1 Be6 5.Rh7 Sg6#
At first White take the only square for Black King, after that Black waits while White Bishop releases promoted Black Rook for square-blocking h7.
EN <-> RU

5th Commendation - No 65, Aleksandr Tyunin (Russia) 4k3/5b2/8/3p4/2p5/4K3/p2P4/b7

1...d3 2.Be5 dxc4 3.a1R c5 4.Ra7 c6 5.Rd7 c7 6.Re7 c8Q#
Tempomove of Black Rook with White excelsior and simple model mate.
EN <-> RU
Special Commendation - No 42
Mykhailo Halma
TT-239, SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

Special Commendation - No 42, Mykhailo Halma (Ukraine) k7/b7/1p6/pPp1p3/PpP1P3/N3P3/2K1P1P1/3B4

1...Kd2 2.b3 Sc2 3.b2 Sb4 4.b1B Sa6 5.Bd3! Bc2 6.Bxe4 Bxe4#
A distinction is given for the play where two White pieces go to c2 – initial square of White King. But promoted (extra set) White Bishop and many technical Pawns are unpleasant. That is why the distinction is only special.
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Annex | Приложение

Dedicated to the participants
of TT-239
- Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
Dedicated to the participants
of TT-239
- Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 05-04-2020
Dedicated to the participants
of TT-239
- Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 05-04-2020

Dedicated to the participants of TT-239 - Misha Shapiro (Israel) 8/8/8/8/6P1/1pP3KP/ppp1pppp/nkrbrqb1

1.h1R g5 2.Rh2 g6 3.Rh1 g7 4.Rh2 g8S 5.Rh1 Sf6 6.Rh2 Se4 7.Rh1 Sd2#

Dedicated to the participants of TT-239 - Menachem Witztum (Israel) 8/bp6/k7/p2p4/Pp1P4/1K1p4/p1PP4/1b6

1.a1B c3 2.Bb2 cxb4 3.Bbxd4 Ka3 4.Bdb6 b5#

Dedicated to the participants of TT-239 - Menachem Witztum (Israel) 8/1pn5/1k6/1pp5/1b1P4/PKp5/p1P5/8

1.a1R a4 2.Ra2 axb5 3.Ra7 Kc4 4.Ba5 dxc5#

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