Final Award in Quick Composing TT-238 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-238

Full-length reflex defense | Полновесная рефлексная защита

Theme | Тема

3 entries were received from 3 authors representing 3 countries | На конкурс поступило 3 композиции от 3 авторов из 3 стран

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From neutral judge I received three problems without author names. I was hoping to get more problems but it looks like difficult theme resulted in small number of composed problems.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

Prize - No 3
Marcel Tribowski
TT-238, SuperProblem, 03-05-2020
1st Commendation - No 1
Gábor Tar
TT-238, SuperProblem, 03-05-2020
2nd Commendation - No 2
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-238, SuperProblem, 03-05-2020

Prize - No 3, Marcel Tribowski (Germany) 8/1p6/1B1p4/2R3pP/n4NB1/4pP1K/4p2p/4Rn1k

1.h6? – 2.Sh5 ~ 3.Sg3+ Kg1 4.S~ h1Q/R#, 1...dxc5!
1.S~? – 2.f4 ~ 3.Bf3+ Kg1 4.Bg4 h1Q/R#, 1...Sxc5!
1.Rc3/Rc8? zz gxf4 2.Bd8 ~ 3.Bh4 ~ 4.Rxf1+ exf1Q/B#, 1...Sxb6!
1.Sd5! –(Sxb6) 2.f4 ~ 3.Bf3+ Kg1 4.Bg4 h1Q/R#
1...dxc5 2.Bc7 ~ 3.Bg3 ~ 4.Rxf1+ exf1Q/B#
(2.f4? c4! 3.Bf3+ Kg1 4.Bxe3#)
1...Sxc5 2.h6 zz S~ 3.Bxe3 ~ 4.Bg1 hxg1S# (2.f4? S~! 3.Bf3+ Kg1 4.Bxe3#)
Without any doubt the best problem participating in this tournament. I believe this is the only reflexmate in 4 moves doubling required theme. Excellent play and two very nice tries. After the quite threat by white the only way for black to defend is to open wBb6 line to force white to checkmate 4.Bxe3#. But the absurd is that in the second variation (1...Sxc5) white will use as a weakness opening of line b6-e3 to bring wBb6 to g1. I enjoyed a lot while solving this problem. Beautiful problem and I think it deserves to be selected for FIDE-ALBUM.
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1st Commendation - No 1, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 6b1/B6r/p1rN2pn/kp1P1p1P/5p1P/2P2p1K/5PpP/6N1

*1...Be6 2.Sxf5 Bf5#
1.Se4! – 2.Sd2 ~ 3.Sf1 gxf1Q/B#
1...Rc4 2.Sf6!
(2.Sd2? Ra4 3.Sb3#!) – 3.Sg4 fxg4#, 2...Sg4 3.Bb8 Sxf2#, 2...Sf7 3.h5xg6 Sg5#
(1...fxe4? 2.d6! Be6#, 1...Sg4? 2.Sc5! Sxf2#)
There is only one thematic defense by black in this problem. But there are several problems with several variations (I think that 5 thematic variations is task for this theme). However there are two additional non-thematic defenses by black on the 2nd move so problem definitely deserves Commend.
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2nd Commendation - No 2, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) nk6/8/B4prb/6N1/5P2/1p1pR3/1N1p4/BK1R4

1.Sf3! – 2.Sd4 ~ 3.Sc2 dxc2#
1...Bxf4 2.Re8+
(2.Sd4? Bc7 3.Sc6#) 2...K~ 3.Rc1 dxc1Q#
1.Re4? – 2.Rc4 ~ 3.Rc2 dxc2#, 1...Rg7! 2.Rc4 Ra7 3.Rc8# (1...Sb6 2.Rc4 Sxc4 3.~ Sa3#)
1.Se6? – 2.Sd4 ~ 3.Sc2 dxc2#, 1...Bxf4! 2.Sd4 Bc7 3.Sc6#
1.Re8+? Kc7 2.Rc8+ K~ 3.Rc2 dxc2#, 1...Ka7! 2.Rc8 Sc7
One simple thematic variation with couple additional tries. WBa1 and WSb2 are underused. Their only role is to block squares around WKb1.
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