Final Award in Quick Composing TT-234 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-234

An indefatigable sacrificing | Неуёмное жертвоприношение

Theme | Тема

126 entries were received from 39 authors representing 17 countries | На конкурс поступило 126 композиций от 39 авторов из 17 стран

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I supposed the set theme will cause some interest in chess composers. So it happened, but reality exceeded all expectations: 126 (!) problems (h#2 – 39, h#2.5-3 – 53 and h#3.5-N – 34). I divided the award into two subcestions: h#2-3 and h#n.
I sincerely thank the composers for participating in this tourney! I wish all good health, well-being and success in the field of chess composition!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

92 entries were received from 33 authors representing 14 countries | На конкурс поступило 92 композиций от 33 авторов из 14 стран
1st Prize, 1st Place - No 74
Anatoly Skripnik
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 42
Michal Dragoun
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 29
János Csák
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 74, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia) 4R3/2p1qp1N/2K3p1/1r3k2/Rr6/1p1P1p2/5P2/8

1.Rh4 Rxh4 2.Qe4+ dxe4#
1.Kf4 Rxe7 2.Rf5 Rxb4#
1.Ke5 Rxb4 2.f5 Rxe7#
1.Qe3 fxe3 2.Rf4 Rxf4#
Double implementation of the theme. Pure (without captures) active sacrifices. Cross movements of thematic Black pieces. Reciprocal change of White moves. Excellent construction. The undisputed leader!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 42, Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic) 8/2p1K3/p2P4/r1b1k1n1/p7/2PBPp1b/1prq2p1/2Qn4

1.Rxc3 Qxc3+ 2.Bd4 Qxd4#
1.Qxe3 Qxe3+ 2.Se4 Qxe4#
1.Sxc3 Qxc2 2.Sb5 Qxc5#
1.Sxe3 Qxd2 2.Sg4 Qxg5#
And here double implementation of the theme too. But here active sacrifices are combined with annihilation. Ambush and interference. It is interesting that all White moves are executed by the same piece – Queen.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 29, János Csák (Hungary) 5N2/2pP3n/2pbPn2/2pkp1p1/K3b3/2r1P3/1N2P3/3r4

1.Se8 dxe8S 2.Sf6 Sxf6#
1.Bf5 Sxh7 2.Bxe6 Sxf6#
1.Rdd3 exd3 2.Rc4+ dxc4#
1.Bd3 Sxd1 2.Bc4 Sxc3#
A demonstration of other theme possibilities. In first case thematic pieces are Knights, in second – Rooks. Function permutation of moves. Pity that one mate is not model...
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Special Prize - No 72
Vitaly Medintsev (after M. Dragoun)
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
1st Honorable mention - No 33
Gábor Tar
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#2b) Sb6->h6(7+11)
2nd Honorable mention - No 57
Boris Shorokhov
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

Special Prize - No 72, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia), after M. Dragoun 2r3Q1/2p5/qbp1Kprp/2pN4/P1k1n3/2P5/4P1p1/4n3

1.Rg3 Qxg3 2.Sxc3 Qxc3#
1.Qb5 Qxg6 2.Qb3 Qxe4#
1.Ra8 Qxa8 2.Qxa4 Qxa4#
1.Sd2 Qxc8 2.Sb3 Qxa6#
Awarded to the author for “sincere recognition” coupled with excellent product. In one pair of solutions – blocking of b3 by different Black pieces, in another – sacrificial hideaway with unblocking sacrifice. Between pairs – function permutation between BQ/BSe4 (active blocking / active sacrifice) in accordance with extended interpretation of Chumakov theme. The problem that inspired the author – Michal Dragoun E822, SuperProblem-2019.
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1st Honorable mention - No 33, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 1B1n2Nb/5q1P/1Np1kpn1/2pr4/1Pr2pK1/3P4/8/8

a) diagram:
1.Re4 dxe4 2.Rf5 exf5#
1.cxb4 dxc4 2.c5 cxd5#

b) Sb6->h6:
1.Sf8 Sxf7 2.Sd7 Sxd8#
1.Qxg8 hxg8Q+ 2.Sf7 Qxf7#
A Slightly chaotic play in phases. But double implementation of the theme is welcome, although with twins form and incomplete loading of White pieces.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 57, Boris Shorokhov (Russia) 8/8/3pbp2/3rkp1n/3p1np1/5pPN/2P2Pr1/7K

*1... ... 2.Sd3 cxd3 3.Shf4 gxf4#
1...Sxf4 2.Ke4 Sxh5 3.Re5 Sxf6#
The theme is showed in block-problem form with Black FML in each phase and model mates.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 76
M. Witztum & E. Navon & O. Comay
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Ka2->a1(4+14)
4th Honorable mention - No 102
Borislav Atanasov
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
5th Honorable mention - No 25
János Csák
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Kc8->c7(9+10)

3rd Honorable mention - No 76, Menachem Witztum & Emanuel Navon & Ofer Comay (Israel) 8/6p1/4p3/4K1p1/2pr2p1/b4q1r/kpP2pPR/1b1n4

a) diagram: 1.Rh8 Rxh8 2.Bf8 Rxf8 3.Qa8 Rxa8#
b) Ka2->a1: 1.Bxc2 Rxh3 2.b1R Rxf3 3.Sb2 Rxa3#
In 1st phase sacrificial “throws” of three Black pieces on 8th rank is impressive. In 2nd phase captures of these pieces are also executed on the same rank. Additional nuance – substitution of blocking pieces.
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4th Honorable mention - No 102, Borislav Atanasov (Bulgaria) 6b1/3p4/5K2/5N2/4kbq1/1Bpn4/3p1rpN/4r3

1.Se5 Sxg4 2.Sf3 Sxf2#
1.Qd1 Bxd1 2.Rf3 Bxf3#
Black active sacrificing. Function permutation between White pieces. Position without White Pawns. Multi-solution form. Model mates.
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5th Honorable mention - No 25, János Csák (Hungary) 1rkr4/1p4n1/3p1n2/8/B1PK4/2P1PP2/2P2RP1/bb3q2

a) diagram: 1.Bxc2 Rxc2 2.Bxc3+ Rxc3 3.Qxc4+ Rxc4#
b) Kc8->c7: 1.Kb6 Rxf1 2.Ka5 Rxb1 3.Kxa4 Rxa1#
Active Black sacrifices open a file “c” that allows to perform epaulette mate. In 2nd phase bK is checkmated on another file with united help of earlier eliminated White Pawns. Model mates.
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6th Honorable mention - No 69
Misha Shapiro
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Rf6->b4(4+16)
Special Hon. mention - No 105
Victor Zheglov
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Kb8->d3;
c) Se6->d6
Commendation - No 28
Gábor Tar & János Csák
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Kd8->b7(3+9)

6th Honorable mention - No 69, Misha Shapiro (Israel) b5K1/p4rR1/3n1rqp/2pp2np/2k1pbNN/2p1p3/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Qf5 Sxf5 2.Rb7 Rxb7 3.Be5 Sxe5#
b) Rf6->b4: 1.d4 Sxg6 2.Kd5 Rxf7 3.Ke6 Sxf4#
Active sacrifices of Queen, Rook and Bishop and passive – in the same order – in the twin. White material without Pawns against full set of Black pieces.
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Special Honorable mention - No 105, Victor Zheglov (Russia) 1k6/3K4/4N3/2q5/8/2r5/3B4/8

a) diagram: 1.Qc7+ Sxc7 2.Ka7 Kc8 3.Re3 Bxe3#
b) Kb8->d3: 1.Kc4 Sxc5 2.Kb4 Kc6 3.Ka5 Bxc3#
c) Se6->d6: 1.Qa5 Ke6 2.Kc7 Bxc3 3.Kd8 Bxa5#
Three-phases-problem. In 1st phase – active sacrifices, in 2nd and 3rd – passive. Ideal echo-mates. Miniature, aristocrat.
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Commendation - No 28, Gábor Tar & János Csák (Hungary) 3K4/3b1pn1/4pkn1/1R2r3/3q4/2r5/3P4/8

a) diagram: 1.Rce3 dxe3 2.Qf4 exf4 3.Rg5 fxg5#
b) Kd8->b7: 1.Ke7 dxc3 2.Kd6 cxd4 3.Se7 dxe5#
Commendation - No 49
Petr Zabirokhin
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
Commendation - No 52
Ivan Antipin
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Ph7->e5(4+10)
Commendation - No 66
Misha Shapiro
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

Commendation - No 49, Petr Zabirokhin (Russia) 1N3q2/6r1/pk3r2/b2KP3/8/8/8/8

1.Kc7 exf6 2.Kd8 fxg7 3.Bc7 gxf8Q#
1.Rd6+ exd6 2.Rc7 dxc7 3.Qxb8 cxb8Q#

Commendation - No 52, Ivan Antipin (Russia) 8/3pppbp/6k1/2rn4/2PnP1K1/4P3/b7/8

a) diagram: 1.Sf4 exf4 2.Rg5+ fxg5 3.Sf5 exf5#
b) Ph7->e5: 1.Kf6 exd4 2.Ke6 dxc5 3.Bf6 exd5#

Commendation - No 66, Misha Shapiro (Israel) 6bb/7k/6pn/2p3pq/2p1PPp1/pp2KR1r/r2NPP2/7R

1.Rxd2 Rfxh3 2.Rd7 Rxh5 3.Rg7 Rxh6#
1.Rxf3+ Sxf3 2.Qh4 Sxh4 3.Sf5+ Sxf5#
Commendation - No 70
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
Commendation - No 78
Menachem Witztum
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
Commendation - No 79
Emanuel Navon
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#3b) Ba1->b1(7+12)

Commendation - No 70, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 2r5/b1p4B/2K1b3/3R1r2/3PP3/1P1k4/2p1p3/3N4

1.Bd7+ Rxd7 2.Rc5+ dxc5#
(c1Q+?) exf5 2.Bd2 fxe6#

Commendation - No 78, Menachem Witztum (Israel) 8/8/K2p2p1/P2P2PR/kq1r3b/1bP5/3p4/8

1.d1R Rxh4 2.Ra1 Rxd4 3.Ra3 Rxb4#
1.Bxg5 Rxg5 2.Rxd5 Rxd5 3.Qxa5+ Rxa5#

Commendation - No 79, Emanuel Navon (Israel) 7b/4p3/2rkPp1K/2pp1P2/2p2P2/2Pq1rp1/3Pn3/B7

a) diagram: 1.Sxc3 Bxc3 2.Qxd2 Bxd2 3.Rxf4 Bxf4#
b) Ba1->b1: 1.d4 Bxd3 2.Kd5 Bxe2 3.Rd6 Bxf3#
Commendation - No 80
Emanuel Navon
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#2b) Sg3->h3(6+4)

Commendation - No 80, Emanuel Navon (Israel) 8/4K3/4RB2/3B4/3Prk1b/4N1n1/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Re5 Rxe5 2.Bg5 Bxg5#
b) Sg3->h3: 1.Sg1 Bxh4 2.Sf3 Rxe4#
34 entries were received from 19 authors representing 10 countries | На конкурс поступило 34 композиций от 19 авторов из 10 стран
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After provisional award I excluded 4 problems that turned out to be non-thematic (because thematic Black Rook can be replace by Black Pawn – but, according the conditions, Pawns as thematic pieces are not allowed):
- No 27 (Kh4-Kg6), 5th Prize – there is enough a Pawn on d6;
- No 50 (Kb1-Kd6), 1st Honorable mention – there is enough a Pawns on с3 and d4;
- No 65 (Kh4-Kh6), Special Honorable mention – there is enough a Pawn on d5;
- No 104 (Kh1-Kh7), Commendation – there is enough a Pawn on c6.

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 54B
Ivan Antipin
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#5b) Pa2->a3(2+9)
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 31
János Csák
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 107
Aleksandr Semenenko & Valery Semenenko
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 54B, Ivan Antipin (Russia) 4K1k1/5r1p/4n3/3q4/2n5/1r1p4/Pb6/8

a) diagram: 1.d2 axb3 2.d1Q bxc4 3.Q1d4 cxd5 4.Qh8 dxe6 5.Bg7 exf7#
b) Pa2->a3: 1.Rb4 axb4 2.Qc5 bxc5 3.Sd6+ cxd6 4.Re7+ dxe7 5.Sf8 exf8Q#
Minimal problem with ideal twin. 5 active and 5 passive sacrifices. That's really an indefatigable sacrificing! All play goes on two adjacent diagonals.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 31, János Csák (Hungary) 5q2/4n1pp/3r1bpk/2r2pnb/8/1pp5/1PP5/4K3

1.bxc2 b4 2.Sf7 bxc5 3.g5 cxd6 4.Kg6 dxe7 5.h6 exf8S#
1.cxb2 c4 2.Rcd5 cxd5 3.Re6+ dxe6 4.Qf7 exf7 5.Sg8 fxg8S#
Four thematic pieces. Two 5-moves-excelsiors with underpromotions. Zilahi. Model mates. Multi-solutions form.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 107, Aleksandr Semenenko & Valery Semenenko (Ukraine) r7/1r6/1pnp4/1p1n4/2p1K3/8/3Pbp2/4k3

1...d4 2.Se5 dxe5 3.Sf6+ exf6 4.Rg7 fxg7 5.Rh8 gxh8Q 6.Kf1 Qh1#
1...d3 2.Kd2 dxc4 3.Kc3 cxd5 4.Kb4 dxc6 5.Ka5 cxb7 6.Ka6 bxa8Q#
Four thematic pieces are sacrificed actively in one phase and passively – in other. Quick and slow excelsiors with promotions in Queen on different corner squares. Model echo-mates.
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4th Prize - No 85
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
1st Honorable mention - No 46
Yuri Bilokin
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
2nd Honorable mention - No 75
Anatoly Skripnik
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

4th Prize - No 85, Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia) 5b2/1n2q2p/3r1pp1/p1n5/1r1p4/2p1k3/P7/5K2

1...a4 2.Rb5 axb5 3.Rc6 bxc6 4.Sd7 cxd7 5.Qe8 dxe8Q+ 6.Kd3 Qe2#
1...a3 2.Kf4 axb4 3.Kg5 bxc5 4.Kh6 cxd6 5.Kg7 dxe7 6.Kh8 exf8Q#
Four thematic pieces are sacrificed actively and passively. Quick and slow excelsiors with promotions in Queens. Model mates.
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1st Honorable mention - No 46, Yuri Bilokin (Ukraine) bnq5/n2r2pK/kb2r3/pp1p4/p4P2/4p3/8/8

*1... ... 2.Re5 fxe5 3.Rd6 exd6 4.Qc7 dxc7 5.Bb7 cxb8S#
1...f5 2.Bc6 fxe6 3.Kb7 exd7 4.Ka8 dxc8S 5.Bb7 Sxb6#
Three thematic Black pieces. The theme is showed in block-form.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 75, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia) 5k2/1p1p1n2/2b1rpK1/1p1n4/2r4p/b1q5/1P6/8

1...b4 2.Rc5 bxc5 3.Rd6 cxd6 4.Sc7 dxc7 5.Sd8 cxd8Q#
1...b3 2.Kg8 bxc4 3.Bf8 cxd5 4.f5+ dxe6 5.Qh8 exf7#
Four active and four passive sacrifices of Black pieces. But only one excelsior. Promoted Bc6 is not very good.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 84A
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#6b) Ph3->g2(2+13)
Commendation - No 23
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
Commendation - No 83
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020

3rd Honorable mention - No 84A, Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia) 7K/p1r5/1ppn4/8/4r2p/5bpP/4kpp1/5n2

a) diagram: 1.Bg4 hxg4 2.Sf5 gxf5 3.Re6 fxe6 4.Rd7 exd7 5.Sh2 d8Q 6.Kf1 Qd1#
b) Ph3->g2: 1.Kd3 gxf3 2.Kc4 fxe4 3.Kb5 e5 4.Ka6 exd6 5.Kb7 dxc7 6.Ka8 c8Q#
Two 6-moves-solutions. But the set theme is realized only in 4x4. Unlucky twinning.
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Commendation - No 23, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 8/3q4/5K2/1r6/2k5/8/6B1/6B1

1...Bb6 (A) 2.Re5 Kxe5 3.Qd6+ Kxd6 4.Kb5 Kc7 5.Ka6 Bf1# (B)
1...Bf1+ (B) 2.Kd5 Bxb5 3.Kd6 Bxd7 4.Kc7 Ke6 5.Kd8 Bb6# (A)

Commendation - No 83, Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia) 8/5r1p/8/1p2b3/3q4/K1pk4/1Pp5/8

1...b4 2.Qc5 bxc5 3.Bd6 cxd6 4.Re7 dxe7 5.Kd2 e8Q 6.Kc1 Qe1#
1...bxc3 2.Ke4 cxd4 3.Kf5 dxe5 4.Kg6 e6 5.Kg7 exf7 6.Kh8 f8Q#
Commendation - No 95
Aleksandr Pankratyev
TT-234, SuperProblem, 30-01-2020
h#5b) Sb6->f5(2+14)

Commendation - No 95, Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) 4q3/5r2/Kn2b3/6p1/2p1P1pp/2p5/2rbpp2/4k3

a) diagram: 1.Bd5 exd5 2.Qc6 dxc6 3.Rb7 cxb7 4.Sa8 bxa8Q 5.Kf1 Qh1#
b) Sb6->f5: 1.Rb2 exf5 2.c2 fxe6 3.Bb4 exf7 4.Kd2 fxe8Q 5.Kc3 Qe3#

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