Final Award in Quick Composing TT-229 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-229

Pinned but unbroken II (selfmate edition) | Связан, но не сломлен – 2 (обратноматовая версия)

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17 entries were received from 12 authors representing 10 countries | На конкурс поступило 17 композиций от 12 авторов из 10 стран

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Aleksey Oganesyan transmitted me 17 problems (one with 2 versions) in anonymous form.
Some defects I consider acceptable only with a sufficient content:
- key capturing a unit other than a Pawn: No 1B (Ke8-Kd6);
- checking key: No 2 (Ke1-Ka1), No 8 (Ke3-Kc5);
- unprovided check:
- No 1A (Kh4-Kf4) – Bxf2+;
- No 1B (Ke8-Kd6) – Sd7+, Sc6+;
- No 2 (Ke1-Ka1);
- No 8 (Ke3-Kc5);
- No 9 (Kf3-Kd4);
- No 10 (Kh8-Kf7) – Rxd8+.
For those problems, I considered the content was not sufficient and they were eliminated.
Some other entries were eliminated because the content was estimated too weak or not enough original (using known matrixes).
A general remark for selfmates with variations is that often are found some units needed for only one variation. This is tolerated in selfmates and directmates but would not be in helpmates. My feeling is that the technical level of the problem is more satisfying if the number of “one- variation-units” is limited.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 6
Miodrag Mladenović
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 12
Frank Richter
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020
1st Hon. mention, 3rd Place - No 3
Mihail Hramtsevich
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 6, Miodrag Mladenović (Serbia) 8/8/r2N3b/1R3PB1/1p3Q2/ppkP2R1/2p2ppq/2K2br1

*1...Rxd6 (a) 2.Qe5+ (A) Rd4 3.Bd2+ Bxd2#
*1...Qxg3 (b) 2.Bf6+ (B) Kxd3 3.Qd2+ Bxd2#

1.Rd5! – 2.d4+ Qxg3 3.Qxg3+ Bd3#
1...Rxd6 (a) 2.Bf6+ (B) Rxf6 3.Qd2+ Bxd2#
1...Qxg3 (b) 2.Qe5+ (A) Qxe5 3.Bd2+ Bxd2#
[1...Qh5 2.d4+ Qf3 3.Rxf3+ Bd3#]
The mechanism using white half-pin is known (see pdb/P1323107) but extending it in 2 phases with reciprocal change is an excellent technical achievement!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 12, Frank Richter (Germany) q7/5N2/4B2B/5N1p/2pPk2r/p4R1p/P6p/K2Q1R1r

1.Rg3! – 2.Rf4+ Rxf4 3.Qe1+ Rxe1#
1...Rxf1 2.Sg5+ Kf4 3.Qc1+ Rxc1#
1...Rf4 2.Qd3+ cxd3 3.Re1+ Rxe1#
1...Qb8 2.Re1+ Rxe1 3.Qb1+ Q/Rxb1#
White half-pin is used with good variety (3 different mating squares) and strategic play (closing line of white Bishop).
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1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 3, Mihail Hramtsevich (Belarus) 2b5/PpPN4/1K1R2nr/PR6/2k1P3/1r2Q1N1/B3P2b/8

1.Re6! – 2.Qc1+ Kd4 3.Rb4+ Rxb4#
1...Bg1 2.Se5+ Sxe5 3.Qc5+ Bxc5#
1...Se5 2.Qxb3+ Kd4 3.Rd6+ Rxd6#
Good key and 3 thematic variations with 3 Pelle moves on 3 different lines.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 5
Mihail Hramtsevich
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020
3rd Honorable mention - No 16
Ivo Tominić
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020
1st Commendation - No 13
Frank Richter
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020

2nd Honorable mention - No 5, Mihail Hramtsevich (Belarus) 8/1p2p3/1Nk1r1Rp/KR3p1r/pPp2B1p/4P3/3Qp1q1/3bb2B

1.Rxf5! – 2.Rc5+ Rxc5+ 3.b5+ Rxb5#
1...Qd5+ 2.b5+ Kc5 3.Qb4+ Bxb4#
1...Rd6 2.Qxd6+ exd6 3.Rc5+ Rxc5#
1...Rxf5+ 2.b5+ Kc5 3.Qb4+ Bxb4#
Having Pelle moves by White and by Black was expected for this tourney. With this feature, the problem could have been higher in the award, but the content is not so harmonious as in previous problems and there are technical weaknesses (1…Rxf5+ is “black dual” to 1...Qd5+; Bh1+Qg2 and Rg6+Re6+Pe7 are “one-variation-clusters”).
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3rd Honorable mention - No 16, Ivo Tominić (Croatia) b7/pP1N4/5B2/5p2/R1N1n1q1/1p1k2rR/p2n3P/r2Q3K

1.b8B! – 2.Sc5+ Sxc5#
1...Re3 2.Sce5+ Kc3 3.Qc1+ Rxc1#
1...Rf3 2.Sb2+
(Sce5+?) Ke3 3.Qe1+ Rxe1#
2 harmonious variations with black and white Pelle moves. Would have been placed higher, if not the short threat.
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1st Commendation - No 13, Frank Richter (Germany) 6n1/B3N2b/6B1/1k6/2p5/R1PQ4/Rp6/bK6

1.Qc2! – 2.Qb3+ cxb3 3.Bd3+ Bxd3#
1...Sxe7 2.Be8+ Sc6 3.Qf5+ Bxf5#
1...Bxg6 2.Rb3+ cxb3 3.Qd3+ Bxd3#
White half pin again. Neat with 2 mating squares.
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2nd Commendation - No 7
José A. Garzón
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020
3rd Commendation - No 11
Frank Richter & Hartmut Laue
TT-229, SuperProblem, 09-01-2020

2nd Commendation - No 7, José A. Garzón (Spain) 3B4/4p3/1NRnkPP1/2R1P1p1/3P2Pb/1r2NKp1/Q3P1P1/8

1.Rc3! exf6 2.Sf5 fxe5 3.Re3 e4#
Funny with a mating Pelle move by a Pawn (and also a Pelle move by white Rook). Rather heavy. I guess the composer didn't use a Bishop on a2 because of Pawns e2 and g2 (“obtrusive” Bishop)
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3rd Commendation - No 11, Frank Richter & Hartmut Laue (Germany) 1B6/3p3N/3q4/1RpQ4/1PR1Pk1p/2PK2nr/2PPB1pp/5brn

*1...Q~/Qe5! 2.Qf5+/Qf7+ S(x)f5#
1.Qd4! zz
1...Q~ 2.Qf6+ Sf5#
1...Qe5! 2.Qf2+ Sxf2#
1...c:b4/d4 2.Rf5+ Sxf5#
A Pelle key and 2 changes after unpinning Pelle moves, but the impression is schematic and the changes not very interesting.
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