Final Award in Quick Composing TT-224 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-224

Black and White reciprocal change | Черно-белое чередование

Theme | Тема

21 entries were received from 16 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 21 композиций от 16 авторов из 12 стран

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I received 21 compositions (one of which has two versions). I excluded 8 problems in view of its are non-thematic:
- No 2 (Ke1-Kb5), No 16 (Kf6-Ke2) – Black reciprocal change of squares (not moves!);
- No 5 (Kh4-Ke3) – this is the same – in 1st and 2nd solutions;
- No 3 (Kf2-Kd4), No 15 (Ke1-Ke8), No 18 (Kh7-Kh1), No 19 (Ka8-Kh1) – only change of order of Black moves;
- No 10 (Ka1-Ka4) – there is no a reciprocal change of Black moves in any phase.

One problem – No 13 (Kh6-Kd5) – was excluded in view of strong anticipation: pdb/P0524342 (Mikola Nagnibida, “Schachmaty”, 5/1971).
As a result, I selected 6 problems of the remaining.

I thank all participates for their sent compositions and wish new creative successes!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

Prize, 1st Place - No 21
Michel Caillaud
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019
Special Prize, 2nd Place - No 9
Mario Parrinello
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019
1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 1
Stephen Taylor
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019

Prize, 1st Place - No 21, Michel Caillaud (France) 4r1Rb/6R1/8/8/1p3P2/1p1k4/5P2/K4b2

1.Kc3 (A) Rd7 (a) 2.Re2 (B) Rc8# (b)
1.Kd4 (C) Rc7 (c) 2.Re4 (D) Rd8# (d)
1.Re2 (B) Rd8+ (d) 2.Kc3 (A) Rc7# (c)
1.Re4 (D) Rc8 (b) 2.Kd4 (C) Rd7# (a)
Double realization of the theme in Meredith form with light location of pieces on board.
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Special Prize, 2nd Place - No 9, Mario Parrinello (Italy) k1r2r2/2p2p2/8/3pp3/1p1PP1pn/P2R3P/1P2R1P1/3nK3

a) diagram: 1.Sxb2 (a) Rxb2 (A) 2.bxa3 (b) Rxa3# (B)
b) Ka8->b8: 1.bxa3 (b) Rxa3 (B) 2.Sxb2 (a) Rxb2# (A)
c) Ka8->d8: 1.dxe4 (c) Rxe4 (C) 2.exd4 (d) Rdxd4# (D)
d) Ka8->e8: 1.exd4 (d) Rxd4 (D) 2.dxe4 (c) Rexe4# (C)
e) Ka8->g8: 1.gxh3 (e) Rxh3 (E) 2.Sxg2 (f) Rxg2# (F)
f) Ka8->h8: 1.Sxg2 (f) Rxg2 (F) 2.gxh3 (e) Rxh3# (E)
A record presentation of the theme in this TT. Though at the expense of shiftings of bK.
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1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 1, Stephen Taylor (England) 8/2Q1q1p1/1rPn4/8/8/2pk1n2/3P1K2/b7

1.Rb2 Qa5 2.Qe4 Qa5xc3#
1.Qe4 Qxg7 2.Rb2 Qg7xc3#
1.Sf5 Qd6+ 2.Ke4 d3#
1.Kd4 d3 2.Qe8 Qxd6#
HOTF-problem with also double realization of the theme. Technical wPc6 reduces an impression slightly.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 20
Michel Caillaud
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019
1st Commendation - No 12
Antal Harl
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019
h#2b) Kc3<->Sd3(7+5)
2nd Commendation - No 14
Gábor Tar
TT-224, SuperProblem, 28-05-2019
h#2b) Kd6->e6(4+8)

2nd Honorable mention - No 20, Michel Caillaud (France) 1r6/1N5b/2p2r2/P7/2kPN3/b1B5/3Pp3/1K6

1.Kb5 (A) Sc5 (a) 2.Rf5 (B) Sd6# (b)
1.Kd3 (C) Sd6 (b) 2.Bb2 (D) Sc5# (a)
1.Rf5 (B) Sc5 (c) 2.Kb5 (A) Sd6# (d)
1.Bb2 (D) Sd6+ (d) 2.Kd3 (c) Sc5# (c)
And again – double demonstration of the theme with alternate unpinning of White Khights. The distinction is downgraded in view of partial anticipations:
- pdb/P0537916 (L.Toogkhuu, S.Chimedzeren, “Diagrammes”, p. 28, 04-06/1997);
- pdb/P0537917 (M.Witstum, S.Shamir, “Diagrammes”, p. 29, 04 06/1997).
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1st Commendation - No 12, Antal Harl (Hungary) 8/N5p1/7b/1p6/2P5/2kN1p2/P4P2/R3K3

a) diagram: 1.g5 (a) 0-0-0 (A) 2.bxc4 (b) Sb5# (B)
b) Kc3<->Sd3: 1.bxc4 (b) Sb5 (B) 2.g5 (a) 0-0-0# (A)
Pleasant addition of castling to content.
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2nd Commendation - No 14, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 4q2r/1Pp2pP1/2nk1n2/5p2/2K2P2/8/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Rf8 (x) gxf8S (X) 2.Qc8 (y) bxc8S# (Y)
b) Kd6->e6: 1.Qc8 (y) bxc8S (Y) 2.Rf8 (x) gxf8S# (X)
Demonstration of the theme in Meredith form. Underpromotions in both solutions are attractive.
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Participants | Участники

Akimov N. – No 2
Bidlen A. – No 3*
Caillaud M. – No 20, 21
Harl A. – No 11, 12
Krampis I. – No 4
Labai Z. – No 18, 19
Packa L. – No 3*
Pankratyev A. – No 16, 17A, 17B
Parrinello M. – No 9
Pitton P. – No 6, 7
Sayman U. – No 5*
Svítek M. – No 8
Tar G. – No 13, 14, 15
Taylor S. – No 1
Tyunin A. – No 10
Velikhanov K. – No 5*

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Michel Caillaud
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Ivan Antipin

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Aleksey Oganesjan

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