Final Award in Quick Composing TT-222 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-222

It’s time for neutral pieces | Это время нейтральных фигур

Theme | Тема

17 entries were received from 12 authors representing 8 countries | На конкурс поступило 17 композиций от 12 авторов из 8 стран

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The thematic theme of the tourney was challenging, and I expected only few problems, with hopes that the best ones will be good candidates to FIDE album. The reason for my hopes was that if 4 neutral pieces are used wisely in each solution then the problem must be of high quality.
And indeed, the first two problems in this award were so good, that it was not easy to decide about the order of the prizes. I finished the ranking 2 months ago and put the award in freeze in order to look later and see if I change my mind.
In problems with extensive neutral moves, it is very interesting to see how the order of the moves is controlled. If, for example, two neutral pieces move one after the other, what causes the order of these moves? Interesting reasons for deciding about the exact order are always appealing.
I had to exclude one problem from the award, no. 7 (Kc2-Ke5), because the neutral pawns e4, c5 are artificial: pc5 can be black and pe4 can be removed from the board without any change in the solutions. According to the tourney definition this makes the problem unthematic. I really liked the problem and it should receive a prize in other tournies. This problem could have very light setting (5 pieces less!) with almost the same solutions plus additional element in the final mating position. [Editorial. The author was informed about it.]
Furthermore, I excluded problems without convincing thematic content.
I want to thank to all participants and to the tournament director, Alexey, for his dedicated work in this tournament and in the whole active website.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st-2nd Prize, 1st-2nd Place - No 12
Vlaicu Crişan
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#3.52 sol.(3+4+5)
1st-2nd Prize, 1st-2nd Place - No 15
Julia Vysotska & Marjan Kovačević
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#3.52 sol.

c5, h2: Nightrider (N)
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 4
Dirk Borst
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019

1st-2nd Prize, 1st-2nd Place - No 12, Vlaicu Crişan (Romania) 2N5/3p4/3P4/1P1(!k)4/3pp3/3(!r)1(!b)2/4(!r)(!b)2/5q2

1...nRb3 2.nBxd4 nBc5 3.nRxe4 Qxb5 4.Se7+! nKxc5#! [4.Sb6+?; 4...nRxe7??]
1...nBh5 2.nRxe4 nRe6 3.nBxd4 Qf7 4.Sb6+! nKxe6#! [4.Se7+?; 4...nBxb6??]
Intensive neutral moves with perfect harmony. The preparation of the final selfmate is very neat and the construction is superb. The creation of the batteries and the original ways that they are used in the final maneuver is original and surprising. Only wPb5 is a bit annoying, because it could be better if the bQ would play to b5 without capturing this pawn.
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1st-2nd Prize, 1st-2nd Place - No 15, Julia Vysotska (Latvia) & Marjan Kovačević (Serbia) 5B2/8/6(!r)1/2(!n2)5/1k2p3/1P6/(!r)6(!n2)/2NK4

1...nRa2-e2 2.Bf8-g7 nNc5-a4 3.nRg6-b6+ nNh2-b5+ 4.Bg7-c3+ nNa4xc3# (5.nNc3~??)
1...nRg6-g5 2.Bf8-h6 nNc5-b7 3.nNh2-f6+ nRg5-d5+ 4.Bh6-d2+ nRa2xd2# (5.nRd2~??)
Another perfect problem this time with a rare “ODT” of nightriders and rooks. The solutions end beautifully with 4 consecutive checks.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 4, Dirk Borst (Netherlands) 8/1k1(!p)4/1(!p)2(!p)3/4K3/8/8/(!p)7/8

1.e7! a1=nQ+ 2.Kd5 nQa3 3.d8=nS+ nSc6 4.e8=nR nSa7 5.bxa7 nRe4 6.a8=nB+ K~#
[1.d8=nS+? nSc6+ 2.nSa7 (Kd5??) – Black has no move | черные не имеют ходов]
Very light and beautiful neutral AUW. Great achievement!
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1st Honorable mention - No 9
Jacques Dupin & Maryan Kerhuel
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#3.52 sol.

f3, f5: Locust (LO)
2nd Honorable mention - No 6
Sébastien Luce
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#5b) LOb7->b3

a4, b7, c8, c6, c4,
e6, e4, e2: Locust (LO)
3rd Honorable mention - No 13
Maryan Kerhuel
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019

h6: Moa (MOA)
h7: Bishop Locust (BL)
f5: Moose (MOO)

1st Honorable mention - No 9, Jacques Dupin & Maryan Kerhuel (France) 8/8/8/1P3(!q1)1p/(!p)2k1K(!p)1/5(!q1)2/4P3/4B3

1...Kc4 2.e3 nLOxe3-d3+ 3.Ke4 g3 4.b6+ nLOxg3-h3#
1...Kc5 2.e4 nLOxe4-d5+ 3.Ke5 a3 4.Bf2+ nLOxf2-f1#
Interesting locust batteries creation and activation on both kings. One neutral pawn is unused in each solution, and I wonder if this was in order that the problem would be thematic...
EN <-> RU

2nd Honorable mention - No 6, Sébastien Luce (France) 2(!q1)5/1(!q1)6/2(!q1)1(!q1)3/4K3/(!q1)1(!q1)1(!q1)3/7k/4(!q1)3/8

a) diagram: 1.Kd4 Kh2 2.Ke3 Kg1 3.nLOxe6-f6 nLOxc4-c3+ 4.nLOxc3-b2 Kf1 5.nLOxb2-b1+ nLOxe4-f5#
b) LOb7->b3: 1.Kd5 Kh4 2.Kd6 nLOxc4-d5+ 3.nLOxe4-f3 Kg5 4.nLOxf3-g4+ nLOxg4-h3+ 5.Ke7 nLOxc6-d7#
Nice solutions with multiple locust captures and clever control on the order of the moves.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 13, Maryan Kerhuel (France), dedicated to Alain Biénabe 3K4/(!p)(!p)5(!b3)/1k5(N3)/p4(q3)2/8/1P6/(!p)(!p)5(!p)/8

1...b1=nBL 2.b8=nMOA Kb7 3.a8=nR a1=nMOO 4.nBLxf5-e4 h1=nB 5.nBLxe4-f5+ nMOAc6#
Five different neutral promotions by both sides in a single solution. All fairy types that exist on the board are promoted. The Moa h6 role is slightly “weak” but it is used to prevent a cook, and also to allow the promotion 2.b8=Moa!
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1st-2nd Commendation - No 11
Juraj Lörinc
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#3.5b) –nLOg4
c=b) –Pg5
d=c) –Pf6

g4, h5, h4: Locust (LO)
1st-2nd Commendation - No 17
Aleksandr Tyunin
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#42 sol.

e3, b5: Nao (NA)
d3: Vao (VA)
b4: Pao (PA)
3rd Commendation - No 16
Aleksandr Tyunin
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#3.52 sol.

c3, d4,
e6, f5: Nightrider (N)

1st-2nd Commendation - No 11, Juraj Lörinc (Slovakia) 8/4(!p)3/3k1P2/6p(!q1)/3K1(!p)(!q1)(!q1)/5P2/8/8

a) diagram: 1...gxf4 2.e8=nB nBd7 3.nLOxd7-c8 nLOxf3-e2 4.f7 f3#
b) –nLOg4: 1...Kc7 2.nLOxg5-f5 nLOxf6-f7 3.Kc5 nLOxf4-e4 4.e8=nQ+ nLOxf3-f2#
c=b) –Pg5: 1...nLOxf3-e2 2.e8=nB nBc6 3.f7 nLOxf4-e4+ 4.nLOxc6-b7 nLOxf7-g7#
d=c) –Pf6: 1...Ke6 2.e8=nQ+ nQb8 3.Ke4 nQa7 4.nLOxh5-h6+ nLOxf4-e3#
Spectacular striptease with promotions. The weakness here is the repetition of the promotion moves.
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1st-2nd Commendation - No 17, Aleksandr Tyunin (Russia) 8/7n/3p4/1(!n3)pPk3/1(!r3)6/3(!b3)(!n3)1n1/3Q1PP1/2K5

1.Qd2-d1 nVAd3-b1 2.Kc1-d2 nNAe3-c2 3.Kd2-e3 nPAb4-d2 4.Qd1-d4+ c5xd4#
1.Kc1-d1 Sg3-f1 2.Kd1-e2 nNAe3-c4 3.Ke2-f3 nVAd3xb5 4.Qd2-g5+ Sh7xg5#

3rd Commendation - No 16, Aleksandr Tyunin (Russia) 8/8/3R(!n2)3/4n(!n2)2/2k(!n2)4/1p(!n2)5/8/4K3

1...Kc4-d3 2.nNf5-h6 Kd3-e3 3.nNd4xb3 Ke3-f3 4.Rd6-d3+ Se5xd3#
1...nNe6f8 2.Rd6-f6 Kc4-d3 3.nNd4xb3 nNf5-d6 4.Rf6-f3+ Se5xf3#
4th Commendation - No 3
Karol Mlynka
TT-222, SuperProblem, 19-08-2019
hs#4b) Pe2->e4
c) Shift a1->b1

4th Commendation - No 3, Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) 8/8/8/2p5/2Pp4/NppPp3/b(!n)p(!r)P3/(!k)n(!r)n4

a) diagram: 1.nSxd1 cxd1Q 2.Sb5 Qh1 3.Sxd4 Qa8 4.Sxb3+ Bxb3#
b) Pe2->e4: 1.nRcxd1 c1S 2.nRxb2 e2 3.nRxb3 e1S 4.Sc2+ Sxc2#
c) Shift a1->b1: 1.nRdxd2 cxd2 2.nKxb2 nSa3 3.Sxd2 nKa1 4.Sb3+ Sxb3#

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Kerhuel M. – No 8*, 9*, 10*, 13
Kochulov I. – No 5
Kovačević M. – No 15*
Kuhn R. – No 14
Lörinc J. – No 11
Luce S. – No 6
Mlynka K. – No 1, 2, 3
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