Final Award in Quick Composing TT-218 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-218

And Then There Were Captured None | И никого не взяли

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20 entries were received from 16 authors representing 11 countries | На конкурс поступило 20 композиций от 16 авторов из 11 стран

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The problem No 13 (Kd1-Ke7) is non-thematic because it has 2 solutions.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Place - No 18
Ofer Comay
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
2nd Place - No 6 (version)
Balasubramanian S. K.
TT-218, SuperProblem, 09-01-2019
3rd-4th Place - No 20
Henry Tanner
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018

1st Place - No 18, Ofer Comay (Israel) 8/8/4p2B/3pP2p/k2Pp2P/1p1pPp2/1P1P1P2/Kb6

1.Bc2 Bf8!! (tempo) 2.Bd1 Kb1 3.Be2 Kc1 4.Bf1 Kd1 5.Bh3 Ke1 6.Bf5 Kf1 7.Kb5 Kg1 8.Kc6 Kh2 9.Kd7 Kg3 10.Ke8 Kf4 11.Kf7 Kg5 12.Kg8 Kf6 13.Kh8 Kf7 14.Bh7 Bg7#

2nd Place - No 6 (version), Balasubramanian S. K. (India) k7/8/Bp1p4/1PpP2p1/2Pp2P1/1KpPp3/1bP1P3/8

1...Ka2 2.Ba3 Kb1 3.Bb4 Kc1 4.Ba3+ Kd1 5.Bc1 Ke1 6.Bd2+ Kf1 7.Be1 Kg2 8.Bg3 Kf3 9.Be5 Ke4 10.Bf6 Kf5 11.Bd8 Ke6 12.Bc7 Kd7 13.Bb8 Kc8 14.Ba7 Bb7#
(1...Ka2 2.Ba1? Kb1 3.?? – now black is in zugzwang | черные в цугцванге)
The author is very much thankful to Mr. Ofer Comay for suggesting the improvement in the problem by reducing 2 pawns.
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3rd-4th Place - No 20, Henry Tanner (Finland) 4k3/p2p1p2/P2P1p1p/1p3p2/1P3P2/KPpP4/B1P4P/8

1.Kf8 Bb1 2.Kg7 Ka2 3.Kg6 Ka1 4.Kh5 Ba2 5.Kg4 Kb1 6.Kf3 Kc1 7.Ke3 Kd1 8.Kd4 Ke2 9.Kd5 Ke3 10.Ke6 Kd4 11.h5 Kc5 12.h4 d4 13.h3 d5#
3rd-4th Place - No 19
Jorma Paavilainen & Henry Tanner
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
5th Place - No 5 & No 17
Sébastien Luce & Luis Miguel Martin
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
6th Place - No 11
Henry Tanner
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018

3rd-4th Place - No 19, Jorma Paavilainen & Henry Tanner (Finland) k7/b1p2p2/1pP2P1p/1p2p3/1P2P2P/KPp5/B1P1P3/8

1.Kb8 Bb1 2.Kc8 Ka2 3.Kd8 Ka1 4.Ke8 Ba2 5.Kf8 Kb1 6.Kg8 Kc1 7.Kh7 Kd1 8.Kg6 h5+ 9.Kg5 Ke1 10.Kf4 Kf1 11.Ke3 Kg2 12.Kd4 Kf3 13.Bb8 e3#

5th Place - No 5 & No 17, Sébastien Luce (France) & Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) Bk6/1P1p1p2/1PpP1P2/B1Pb1p2/1Kp1pP2/2P1P3/8/8

1.Be6 Ka4 2.Bd5 Bb4 3.Be6 Ba3 4.Bd5 Bc1 5.Be6 Bd2 6.Bd5 Be1 7.Be6 Bh4 8.Bd5 Bg5 9.Be6 Bh6 10.Bd5 Bf8 11.Be6 Be7 12.Bd5 Bd8 13.Be6 Bc7#
Editorial. Both authors independently sent exactly the same problem. So both composers considered the co-authors of it.
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6th Place - No 11, Henry Tanner (Finland) k7/b1p2p2/1pPp1P2/1p1p3p/1P1P3P/KPp2P2/B1P5/8

1.Kb8 Bb1 2.Kc8 Ka2 3.Kd8 Ka1 4.Ke8 Ba2 5.Kf8 Kb1 6.Kg8 Kc1 7.Kh7 Kd1 8.Kg6 Ke2 9.Kf5 Ke3 10.Ke6 Kf4 11.Bb8 Kg5 12.Ba7 f4 13.Bb8 f5#
7th Place - No 1
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
8th Place - No 4
Evgeny Fomichev & Mečislovas Rimkus
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
9th Place - No 14 (version)
Anton Bidlen & Viktor Yuzyuk
TT-218, SuperProblem, 09-01-2019

7th Place - No 1, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 1q6/3p4/3k4/K7/B7/r7/8/8

1...Ka6 2.Kc7 Ka5 3.d5 Ka6 4.d4 Ka5 5.d3 Ka6 6.d2 Ka5 7.d1S Ka6 8.Sc3 Ka5 9.Sb5 Kb4 10.Kc8 Kc5 11.Sc7 Kd6 12.Rb3 Ke7 13.Rb7 Bd7#

8th Place - No 4, Evgeny Fomichev (Russia) & Mečislovas Rimkus (Lithuania) 8/1p6/8/2q4k/8/5r2/2r5/3B3K

1...Be2 2.Kg4 Bb5 3.Rb3 Ba4 4.Rcc3 Kh2 5.Kf3 Kh3 6.Ke4+ Kg4 7.Kd5 Kf5 8.Kc4+ Ke6 9.b5 Kd7 10.Qd4+ Kc6 11.b4 Bb5#

9th Place - No 14 (version), Anton Bidlen (Slovakia) & Viktor Yuzyuk (Ukraine) kb6/2p5/1pP5/1P6/B7/1Pp1p1p1/2P1P1P1/7K

1.Ba7 Kg1 2.Kb8 Kf1 3.Kc8 Ke1 4.Kd8 Kd1 5.Ke7 Kc1 6.Kd6 Kb1 7.Kc5 Ka1! (tempo) 8.Kb4 Ka2 9.Ka5 Ka3 10.Bb8! (tempo) b4#
10th Place - No 2
Yuri Bilokin (after E. Fomichev)
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
11th Place - No 9
Gábor Tar
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
12th Place - No 10
Rolf Wiehagen
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018

10th Place - No 2, Yuri Bilokin (Ukraine), after E. Fomichev 8/8/1p6/1r6/8/6kq/8/5BK1

1.Kf4 Bg2 2.Qa3 Kh2 3.Ke3 Kg3 4.Kd4+ Kf4 5.Kc5 Ke5 6.Kb4+ Kd6 7.Ka5+ Kc7 8.Ka6 Kb8 9.Qa5 Bb7#
After E671, SuperProblem IT 2018

11th Place - No 9, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 1q6/1p1K4/4B3/7r/8/2r5/8/7k

1...Bf5 2.b5 Ke6 3.b4 Kd5 4.b3 Kd4 5.b2 Bd3 6.b1S Ke3 7.Sd2 Kf2 8.Sf3! (Sf1?) Bf1 9.Sh2 Bg2#

12th Place - No 10, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) 8/p7/8/8/8/p1p1p3/P1P1P3/2K3kB

1...Kd1 2.Kh2 (Kf2?) Ke1 3.Kg3 Kf1 4.Kf4 Kg2 5.Ke5 (Ke4?) Kf3 6.Kd6 Ke4 7.Kc7 Kd5 8.Kb8 Kc6 9.Ka8 Kc7#
13th Place - No 8
Viktor Yuzyuk
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
14th Place - No 3
Rainer Kuhn
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
15th Place - No 7
Viktor Yuzyuk
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018

13th Place - No 8, Viktor Yuzyuk (Ukraine) 8/8/2p5/1pP1p3/1P1pP3/Bp1Pp2P/kP2P2P/2K5

1...h4 2.Ka1 h5 3.Ka2 h6 4.Ka1 h7 5.Ka2 h8Q 6.Ka1 Qg8 7.Ka2 Qc4 8.Ka1 Qc2 9.Ka2 Qb1#

14th Place - No 3, Rainer Kuhn (Germany) 8/1p6/8/8/5p2/5P1n/7P/k6K

1.Sg1! h4 2.b6 h5 3.b5 h6 4.b4 h7 5.b3 h8Q+ 6.b2 Qf8 7.b1R Qa3#

15th Place - No 7, Viktor Yuzyuk (Ukraine) 4k3/8/b7/8/6B1/6b1/8/6K1

1.Bb8 Kf2 2.Kd8 Ke3 3.Kc7 Kd4 4.Kb7 Kc5 5.Ka8 Kb6 6.Bf1 Bf3#
16th Place, Special Comm. - No 16
Mykhailo Halma
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
17th Place - No 12
Anton Bidlen
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018
18th Place, Special HM - No 15
Mykhailo Halma
TT-218, SuperProblem, 28-12-2018

16th Place, Special Commendation - No 16, Mykhailo Halma (Ukraine) 4k3/8/1p6/bpp3q1/1p4N1/1K4n1/8/8

1.Kf7 Kc2 2.Kg6 Kd1 3.Kh5 Ke1 4.Kh4 Kf2 5.Kh3 Kg1 6.Qh4 Sf2#
New Year tree on the board, tree and bush – King e8. (Author.)
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17th Place - No 12, Anton Bidlen (Slovakia) B7/8/8/8/8/8/5k1n/7K

1...Bg2 2.Kg3 Kg1 3.Sf3+ Kf1 4.Kh2 Bh3 5.Kh1 Kf2 6.Sh2 Bg2#

18th Place, Special Honorable Mention - No 15, Mykhailo Halma (Ukraine) 8/8/r7/k7/b7/K7/P7/8

New Year chess fairytale. Cinderella (wPа2) with the help of a magic wand (location of pieces on the board) promotes in princess-queen: 1...Kb2 2.Bb5 a4. Clearing the way to the hall for Cinderella who arrived at the ball. 3.Kb4 a5 4.Rb6 a6 5.Ka5! (go-return). The prince (bK) is fascinated by beauty and follows Cinderella. 5...a7 6.Ka6 a8Q#. Magic happened, princess and prince dance at the ball. Happy New Year, friends!!! (Author.)
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Dedicated to the participants
of TT-218 -
Mykhailo Halma
SuperProblem, 09-01-2019

Dedicated to the participants of TT-218 - Mykhailo Halma (Ukraine) 8/8/2K5/8/1p6/8/2nPn3/5k2

1.Ke1 d4 2.Kd2 d5 3.Kc3 d6 4.Kb3 d7 5.Ka4 d8R! 6.Ka5 Ra8#
Dedicated to the participants of TT-218 and to ice hockey fans. In the diagram position there are: hockey stick, puck (bPb4) and goalkeeper (wKс6). In the final position: puck are in gates, model mate, Black gates (Sc2, Se2) are untouched. (Author.)
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Balasubramanian S. K. – No 6
Bidlen A. – No 12, 13, 14*
Bilokin Y. – No 2
Comay O. – No 18
Fomichev E. – No 4*
Kuhn R. – No 3
Luce S. – No 5
Martin L. M. – No 17
Mykhailo H. – No 15, 16
Paavilainen J. – No 19*
Paliulionis V. – No 1
Rimkus M. – No 4*
Tanner H. – No 11, 19*, 20
Tar G. – No 9
Wiehagen R. – No 10
Yuzyuk V. – No 7, 8, 14*

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Ofer Comay
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