Final Award in Quick Composing TT-212 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-212

O tempora, o moves! | Игра черно-белого темпа

Theme | Тема

59 entries were received from 29 authors representing 13 countries | На конкурс поступило 59 композиций от 29 авторов из 13 стран

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In our opinion the set theme was new and rather difficult. We were pleasantly surprised at the number and the quality of entries. We received 59 anonymous originals altogether. We divided them into two groups – h#3 and h#3.5-6.
No 34C (h#3) was sent in a twin form, and No 48 (h#4) is not thematic (1.Kh4 is not a tempo move).
A solution starting with a tempo move is in most cases an artificially prolonged set play; we called it a “wild” set play, and such tempos “weak” tempo moves. We treated such tempo moves as a serious weakness, and they are not in the spirit of a set theme, although not forbidden in the announcement.
Little author’s corrections were welcome.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

17 entries were received from 12 authors representing 9 countries | На конкурс поступило 17 композиций от 12 авторов из 9 стран
1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5A
Rolf Wiehagen & Christer Jonsson
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 52
Aleksandr Kostyukov
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 6
Rolf Wiehagen & Christer Jonsson
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5A, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) & Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 6N1/2p4p/2P3kP/3p3p/1N5K/8/b2P4/8

1.d4 Sd3? 2.Be6 ?? 3.Bf5 Se5#
1.d4 d3 (tempo) 2.Be6 (tempo) Sd5 3.Bf7 Sde7#
1.Bb1 d4
(tempo) 2.Be4 (tempo) Sd3 3.Bf5 Se5#
A difficult theme realized in two nice and harmonious phases. A huge and pleasant surprise. In short words – brilliant.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 52, Aleksandr Kostyukov (Russia) 8/8/1p1p2p1/1P1P3b/1P2k1NP/6r1/3pKpN1/8

1.Kf5 Kxf2 (tempo) 2.Rf3+ Kxf3 3.d1R (tempo) Se3#
1.Kxd5 Kxd2
(tempo) 2.Rd3+ Kxd3 3.f1S (tempo) Sf4#
Two harmonious phases again. Capturing of black rook in both solutions spoils the general impression a while, but still a successful composition.
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Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 6, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) & Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 8/8/8/1N3p2/3P1p2/1ppk1p1p/1p5P/nN2K1n1

1.Kc2 d5 (tempo) 2.Kxb1 Kd1 3.f2 (tempo) Sb5xc3#
1.Ke4 Kd1
(tempo) 2.c2+ Kd2 3.c1S (tempo) Sb1-c3#
A solid two-phase realization of a theme.
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Special Prize - No 2B
Branislav Djurasevic
TT-212, SuperProblem, 02-10-2018
Commendation - No 21
Zoltan Labai
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

Special Prize - No 2B, Branislav Djurasevic (Serbia) 5N2/5p2/1P1P1k1P/b7/1p6/3p4/pP2p3/qb2K3

1.Qxb2! (tempo) d7 2.Ke7 Kf2! (tempo) (b7?) 3.Ke7xf8 d8Q#
(tempo) h7 2.Kg7 Kd2! (tempo) (b3?) 3.Kg7xf8 h8Q#
Tempo moves in B1 are actually not "weak" since they determine white tempos with dual avoidance in W2.
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Commendation - No 21, Zoltan Labai (Slovakia) 3k1Nb1/2p3R1/2p1p3/2P1P3/8/pp6/1p6/1K6

*1...Re7 (tempo) 2.Bf7 Rxc7 3.Be8 Sxe6#
1.Bf7 Rh7 (tempo) 2.Bh5 (tempo) Rxc7 3.Be8 Sxe6#
A simple presentation with additional white tempo move in set play.
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42 entries were received from 23 authors representing 11 countries | На конкурс поступило 42 композиций от 23 авторов из 11 стран
1st Prize, 1st Place - No 43B
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 56
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 14
Gábor Tar
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 43B, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia) 8/8/8/5p2/3p3p/1ppP1P1P/2p2P2/n1K1kB2

1.f4 (tempo) Bg2 2.Ke2 Bh1 (tempo) 3.Kf1 (tempo) Bg2+ 4.Ke1 (tempo) Bh1 (tempo) 5.Ke2 Bg2 6.Kxd3 Be1#
A limited moving freedom of thematic pieces (white bishop and black king) enables a rich thematic play combined with Rundlauf of bK and double tempo switchbacks of wB. Unexpected true finding.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 56, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 4Bq2/4r1n1/4br2/4k1K1/8/8/8/8

1...Bg6 2.Qh8 (tempo) (Qg8?) Bf5 3.Rf8 Kg4 4.Kf6 Kf4 (tempo) 5.Kf7 Kg5 6.Qg8 Bg6#
A simple white play is prevented by black queen’s tempo move which cuts off the h-line for a white king. Consequently white king makes a tempo by Rundlauf and bishop switches back from f5 to g6. All this in aristocrat position.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 14, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/8/8/3p4/3k4/2pp1p2/2P1Pppp/2K1N1bb

1.f1B (tempo) cxd3 2.c2 Kd2 3.c1R e4 (tempo) 4.Rc5 Sxf3#
1.Ke3 exf3
(tempo) 2.Ke2 Sxg2 3.Kf1 Kd1 4.d2 (tempo) Se3#
The only longmover with two thematic phases. We had to ignore a small flaw – a “weak” black tempo in one solution.
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4th Prize - No 42
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
Special Prize - No 59
Ricardo Vieira
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
1st Honorable mention - No 44
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

4th Prize - No 42, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia) 8/6k1/4pp2/4ppb1/7p/1p5P/pP6/KB6

1.f4 Bh7 2.Bh6 (tempo) Bg8 3.Kg6 Bf7+ (tempo) 4.Kf5 Bg8 5.Bg5 Bh7#
Tempo switchbacks of both, white and black bishop.
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Special Prize - No 59, Ricardo Vieira (Brazil) 8/4p3/8/4P2p/4PPpk/3pp1bP/pp2pBP1/rrn1K2n

1.e6 (tempo) f5 2.Kg5 h4+ (tempo) 3.Bxh4 g3 (tempo?) 4.Sxg3 (tempo?) Bxe3#
After 3.Bxh4: wP waits and bS unpins (3...g3 = tempo) or wP unpins and bS waits (4.Sxg3 = tempo).

One “weak” black and one regular white tempo move are combined with one undefined – hermaphrodite – tempo move(s) in W3/B4. Only one is tempo but it is not possible to define which one. Very difficult combination in our opinion.
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1st Honorable mention - No 44, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia) 8/8/4p3/4Ppp1/5B1k/1p2pP1p/pP2P3/K7

1.h2? (tempo) Bxh2 2.Kh3 (tempo) Bg1 3.Kg3 Bf2+ (tempo) 4.Kf4 Bg1 5.?? Bh2#
1.Kh5 (tempo) Bh2 2.Kh4 Bg1 3.Kg3 Bf2+ (tempo) 4.Kf4 Bg1 5.h2 (tempo) Bxh2#
A surprise – black starts with a tempo move 1.Kh5! but it is not a “weak” tempo since a “wild” set play in 4.5 moves doesn’t exist. A try fails because of a lack of a third black tempo.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 54
Viktoras Paliulionis
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
3rd Honorable mention - No 50
Torsten Linß
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
Commendation - No 24
Boris Shorokhov
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

2nd Honorable mention - No 54, Viktoras Paliulionis (Lithuania) 8/3k4/8/6np/7p/r7/5K2/3b1B2

1.Rh3 (tempo) (Rg3?) Ba6 (tempo) 2.Bf3 Ke3 3.Ke6 Kd4 4.Kf5 Bd3+ 5.Kg4 Ke5 6.Rg3 Bf5#
A long black "Zugzwang avoidance" tempo move (1.Rh3!, not a “weak” tempo), and also a nice long white normal (clear) tempo move (1...Ba6!). Model mate.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 50, Torsten Linß (Germany) 8/8/5K2/3p4/8/8/2bq4/2kB4

1.d4 Bh5 2.d3 Kf5 3.Qh6 (tempo) Kg4 4.Kd1 Kf3 5.Qc1 Bg4 (tempo) 6.d2 Kf2#
A combination of set theme and white Indian in a nice miniature.
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Commendation - No 24, Boris Shorokhov (Russia) 8/1p6/1P1kp3/pP2p3/1pK1P3/1P3p2/5P2/5B1b

1.Bg2 (tempo) Kd3 2.Kc5 Be2 (tempo) 3.Kxb5 Bf1 4.Ka6 Kc4 5.Bh1 Kc5#
(2...Bxg2? 3.Kxb5 Bf1 4.Ka6 Kc4 5. ?? Kc5#)
Nice try with a lack of black tempo move in B5.
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Commendation - No 29
Stojoski Petre
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
Commendation - No 41
Zlatko Mihajloski
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018
Commendation - No 25
Zlatko Mihajloski & Stojoski Petre
TT-212, SuperProblem, 21-09-2018

Commendation - No 29, Stojoski Petre (Macedonia) 6bb/5nn1/8/4p3/8/p2k4/p4P2/K7

1.Ke4 f3+ (tempo) (f4?) 2.Kf5 f4 3.Kg6 f5+ 4.Kh7 f6 5.Sh6 f7 6.e4 (tempo) f8S#
A six-move Excelsior with a promotion to knight.
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Commendation - No 41, Zlatko Mihajloski (Macedonia) 8/8/8/3p4/3Pp1p1/2p1k1P1/2PpP2B/3K2b1

1.Bf2 Bg1 (tempo) 2.Kxd4 Bh2 3.Ke3 Bg1 (tempo) 4.d4 (tempo) Bh2 5.Bg1 Bxg1#
A black "tempo play" Bf2-Kxd4-Ke3 leads to the set mate in a schematic position.
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Commendation - No 25, Zlatko Mihajloski & Stojoski Petre (Macedonia) r3k2n/2p2q2/4pP2/4p3/8/pp6/p3P3/K7

1...e3 (tempo) (e4?) 2.Qg7 (Qg8?) fxg7 3.0-0-0 g8Q (gxh8Q?) 4.Sf7 (tempo) (Sg6?) Qg2 5.Rd7 Qa8#
Dual avoidance in W1, but it is still a "weak" tempo move. Authors were not interested in a little retro trick which can be seen in a simple example:
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Fadil Abdurahmanović

Fadil Abdurahmanović 1q6/1n6/1n6/2k5/6pp/6pb/2P4p/7K

White had not the last move --> White on move
1...c3! (tempo) 2.Sc8! c4 3 Kb6 c5+ 4 Ka7 c6 5.Ka8 c7 6.Sa7 c8S 7.Bf1! (tempo) Sb6#
White retro-zugzwang + usual white and black Zugzwang!! All in one single-liner. New??
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h#3 | h#3.5-6

Participants | Участники

Bilokin Y. – No 34A (h#3), No 34B (h#3), No 34C (h#3), No 35 (h#4), No 36 (h#5), No 49 (h#6)
Chumakov G. – No 31 (h#4.5), No 32 (h#6)
Csák J. – No 22 (h#4), No 23 (h#5.5)
Djurasevic B. – No 1 (h#3), No 2A (h#3), No 2B (h#3), No 3 (h#3)
Halma M. – No 48 (h#4)
Harl A. – No 16 (h#4), No 17 (h#4)
Jonsson C. – No 5A* (h#3), No 5B* (h#3), No 6* (h#3)
Klipachev V. – No 7 (h#3)
Kolesnik N. – No 37 (h#4.5), No 38* (h#6)
Kostyukov A. – No 52 (h#3)
Labai Z. – No 21 (h#3)
Laborczi Z. – No 18 (h#3), No 19 (h#3), No 20 (h#5)
Lind I. – No 45 (h#3, Kg7-Ke8), No 46 (h#4), No 47 (h#3, Ke3-Ke5)
Linß T. – No 50 (h#6), No 51 (h#5)
Mihajloski Z. – No 25* (h#4.5), No 30* (h#5.5), No 39 (h#4), No 40 (h#4.5), No 41 (h#5, Kd1-Ke3), No 42 (h#5, Ka1-Kg7), No 43A (h#6), No 43B (h#6), No 44 (h#5, Ka1-Kh4)
Müller D. – No 8* (h#3)
Navon E. – No 33* (h#4)
Paliulionis V. – No 54 (h#6), No 55 (h#4), No 56 (h#5.5)
Pankratyev A. – No 57 (h#4), No 58 (h#3.5)
Pitton P. – No 11 (h#3.5), No 12 (h#3), No 13 (h#3)
Semenenko A. – No 53 (h#4.5)
Shorokhov B. – No 24 (h#5)
Stojoski P. – No 25* (h#4.5), No 26 (h#4.5, Kc3-Ka3), No 27 (h#4.5, Kc3-Kc5), No 28 (h#5), No 29 (h#6), No 30* (h#5.5)
Tar G. – No 14 (h#4), No 15 (h#4)
Taylor S. – No 9 (h#4), No 10 (h#3)
Vieira R. – No 59 (h#4)
Wiehagen R. – No 4 (h#4.5), No 5A* (h#3), No 5B* (h#3), No 6* (h#3), No 8* (h#3)
Witztum M. – No 33* (h#4)
Zalokotsky R. – No 38* (h#6)

The Winners | Победители

Rolf Wiehagen (h#3)

Christer Jonsson (h#3)

Zlatko Mihajloski (h#6)

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Fadil Abdurahmanovic

Marko Klasinc

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