Final Award in Quick Composing TT-207 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-207

Constant Checking | Дуэль на шахах

Theme | Тема

31 entries were received from 16 authors representing 9 countries | На конкурс поступило 31 композиций от 16 авторов из 9 стран

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I received 31 entries for this tourney. I think the overall quality was quite good – many well done implementations of the theme, even though I was hoping for some more moremovers (the longest entries were h#3, and very few had more than 2 moves). Also, I think there were not so many entries that had really original and unexpected solutions.

My main criteria for judging have been the following:
• Artistic effect: Elegant, unexpected solutions, and advanced play, preferably also model mates, is something that is always appreciated.
• Analogous solutions: The solutions should preferably have some kind of common theme, and feel homogenous.
• Originality: Entries that stand out from the rest in terms of nice, unusual implementations of the theme are always easy to appreciate.
• Few captures: This is also a feature I think is quite important in this specific theme. Implementing this theme without using captures – especially White captures - is usually much harder to achieve, and more elegant. Above all, I am not very fond of entries in the same style as my own(!) example problem – that is, Black's last move just interferes the checking line with a check, and is captured in order to mate. (Very sorry if this example problem gave anyone the impression that this was a good feature...)
• Good economy: Always important – heavy positions always give a bad first expression.

Finally: Thanks to all participants for your fine entries, and of course also to the SuperProblem tourney director Aleksey Oganesjan for his excellent work! And congratulations to all awarded composers!

After the provisional award I received some notes, and I must to do following:
- No 19 (Kf5-Kc5) is excluded because bBc8 is superfluous piece in twin b). So, the first check is artificial (not necessary), and this practically makes the second solution obsolete;
- No 30 (Kb1-Kc5) is excluded because bPb5 could be placed instead bR in initial position. So, the first check is artificial in twin a). This simple and very natural change makes both solutions non-thematic – and this is also the case in the improved version that was presented by authors after provisional award.
- the distinctions of No 21 (Ka5-Kd5) and No 22 (Kc1-Kc4) are downgraded by the similar reasons (see the award).

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 1
Janez Nastran
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 6
V.Medintsev, A.Skripnik (after J.Szughy)
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
h#2b) Qa8->e1(9+13)
Special Prize, 3rd Place - No 21
Aleksandr Kostyukov
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 1, Janez Nastran (Slovenia) 8/q2rp3/4kp1b/3nB3/2N5/1B2n3/3KR3/2r5

1.Sc2+ Bf4+ (A) 2.Sde3+ Sd6# (B)
1.Sb6+ Sd6+ (B) 2.Sed5+ Bf4# (A)
Two very elegant and analogous solutions, without a single capture, where Black makes a self-interference on his first move, and then on the second move occupies the field vacated on the first move. Just as in many other entries in the tourney, White plays the same moves in both solutions, but in reverse order. A very nice implementation of the theme!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 6, Vitaly Medintsev & Anatoly Skripnik, Russia (after J. Szughy)qb6/p3p3/4P1p1/R2PnkN1/p2B3P/r2b2K1/2P2p2/1B1n1r2

a) diagram: 1.Sc6+ d6+ (A) 2.Bb5+ c3# (B)
b) Qa8->e1: 1.Be2+ c3+ (B) 2.Sd3+ d6# (A)
This entry resembles the 1st Prize a bit, with reversed White moves, and several elegant self-interferences and line-openings by Black. The economy here is however clearly worse than in the 1st Prize, and also, twinning is used, and therefore, it is ranked one step lower.
Anyway, it is a very nice correction of the cooked original (pdb/P0530681)!
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Special Prize, 3rd Place - No 21, Aleksandr Kostyukov (Russia) POS

a) Rh2->h3: 1.Rc4+ Sc3+ 2.Kxd4+ Bxe5#
b) Rh2->h7: 1.Rc7+ Sb4+ 2.Kxd6+ dxe5#
c) –Pd4: 1.Rb3+ Rd2+ 2.Kc4+ Sxe5#
The only entry in the tourney with 3 thematic variants – a very impressive achievement! Also, very good connection between the variants, with mates by 3 different pieces on the same square, and with the Black King on different fields in all mates. Also, a Zilahi in a) and b).
Unfortunately, though, it has a clear weakness: In b), Be1 is superfluous, meaning that the first check is only virtual. This, of course, clearly decreases the value of this entry. I was very uncertain about how to rank this entry – but, despite this weakness, I think it has several good features. And also, the construction is good, with a nice, clean position, even though the b) variant 'just happens' to be thematic. So, I finally decided on a Special Prize.
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1st Honorable mention - No 25
Phani Bhushan
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
2nd Honorable mention - No 29
A. Ivunin & A. Pankratyev
TT-207, SuperProblem, 30-06-2018
h#2b) Qa3->d8(6+9)
3rd Honorable mention - No 5
Anatoly Skripnik
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018

1st Honorable mention - No 25, Phani Bhushan (India) 8/8/q5p1/2pP1k1b/7P/p2r1r1p/2R1KN2/1B3R2

1.Rb3+ Rc4+ (A) 2.Rfd3+ Sg4# (B)
1.Rg3+ Sg4+ (B) 2.Rdf3+ Rc4# (A)
A fine entry, in similar style as the 1st and 2nd Prize entries. This entry, however, is not quite as elegant, as the first moves by Black are just hideaways by the Rooks, instead of self interferences.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 29, Aleksey Ivunin & Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) 4b3/2B2p2/3N4/3Kn1r1/R1B2k2/q2n4/7N/2br4

a) diagram: 1.Sc5+ Bd3+ (A) 2.Sc4+ Sf5# (B)
b) Qa3->d8: 1.Sd7+ Sf5+ (B) 2.S3e5+ Bd3# (A)
Another fine entry, in similar style as the 1st and 2nd Prize entries. This entry, however, has a little heavy position, and the Black play is not quite as analogous: in the first solution, the Black Knight occupies the field vacated by the White Bishop, and in the second solution, it occupies the field vacated by the Black Knight from the first move.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 5, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia) 1bBB4/8/4Nq2/R2Prk2/8/6K1/8/4n1n1

1.Re4+ d6+ 2.Qe5+ Sf4#
1.Qg6+ Sg5+ 2.Re6+ d6#
Good economy, and two nice solutions without a single capture. The solutions are, however, not quite as analogous as in the similar higher ranked entries.
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4th Honorable mention - No 20
Aleksandr Kostyukov
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
1st Commendation - No 28
A. Ivunin & A. Pankratyev
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
a) +wBh3
b) +wRh4
2nd Commendation - No 11
Christer Jonsson
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
a) Pc4->d5
b) Pd3->d2

4th Honorable mention - No 20, Aleksandr Kostyukov (Russia) 3r4/1NpkP1q1/1n6/4r3/3K2Nb/6p1/8/8

1.Rb5+ Sf6+ 2.Kc6+ exd8S#
1.Rg5+ Se5+ 2.Ke8+ exd8Q#
Mate by two different promotions on the same square – nice! Also good economy, and no twinning – but also no model mates, and not completely analogous solutions: in the first solution, Black's first move is a distant self-block, and in the second solution, it is a self-interference.
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1st Commendation - No 28, Aleksey Ivunin & Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) 3q2b1/4R1p1/3p2p1/r2k2K1/1P2N1N1/2B1rp2/2n5/2bn4

a) +wBh3: 1.Qxe7+ Sef6+ 2.Ke6+ Se5#
b) +wRh4: 1.Rxc3+ Se3+ 2.Kd4+ Sc5#
Black captures two different White pieces, to make room for his King at the mating field, and the capturing piece also acts as a self-blocker. Nice! The two solutions are however not quite analogous: in the second solution, Black's first move is a discovered check, and also, White works with a half-battery. In the first solution, though, Black's first move is a direct check, and White's mating battery stands ready in the starting position. The heavy twinning is also a slight minus.
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2nd Commendation - No 11, Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 4N3/b7/2pN4/4k3/2pn4/2RP1pP1/5K2/B3r1n1

a) Pc4->d5: 1.Sde2+ d4+ 2.Bxd4+ Re3#
b) Pd3->d2: 1.Se6+ d4+ 2.cxd3 e.p.+ Rc5#
The en passant capture here is a really nice and original feature! Unfortunately, though, the zero position and the repetition of 1...d4+ prevents a higher ranking.
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3rd Commendation - No 24
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
4th Commendation - No 16
Zoltan Labai & Miroslav Svítek
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
Special Commendation - No 22
Mykola Vasyuchko & Mykhailo Halma
TT-207, SuperProblem, 20-06-2018
h#2b) Pa2->d3(5+9)

3rd Commendation - No 24, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) 8/2p2p2/1P1p4/K2k3r/2N3P1/3PBpP1/1nP5/4R3

1.Sxc4+ dxc4+ 2.Ke4+ Bc5#
1.cxb6+ Sxb6+ 2.Ke6+ Bg5#
Two different mates by the same White battery – a very rare achievement in this tourney! Could have been ranked a little higher, if the author had managed to improve the analogy between the solutions a little. I am mainly concerned by the fact, that White's first move in solution 1 opens up the mating field for the Black King, but this is not the case in solution 2. Also, none of the mates are model mates.
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4th Commendation - No 16, Zoltan Labai & Miroslav Svítek (Slovakia) B4R2/2pp4/1b3Np1/rppK1b1q/2n3pr/R1Pn1k2/PP2p1p1/8

1.Sb4+ cxb4+ 2.Se3+ Ke5+ 3.Be4+ Sxh5#
There were very few entries in more than 2 moves in the tourney – this one was my favorite among them. A quite heavy position, and only one solution – but I like the way the author manages to clear both the 3rd line and the f-file, and also manages to open a 3rd battery along the a8-h1 diagonal – all in a fully thematic entry! I think this is at least well worth a Commendation!
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Special Commendation - No 22, Mykola Vasyuchko & Mykhailo Halma (Ukraine) 8/8/8/2qpp3/NBknp3/P7/pnP5/b1K5

a) diagram: 1.Sd3+ cxd3+ 2.Kb3+ Sxc5#
b) Pa2->d3: 1.Sb3+ cxb3+ 2.Kd4+ Bxc5#
Dedicated to Grigory Popov – «ГП» in left-bottom part of board (ГРИГОРИЙ ПОПОВ)

Resembles the 4th HM in style. 2 nice model mates on the same field. Unfortunately, though, Qc5 can be replaced by a bPa7, with the same solutions – which would be a clearly better, but course non thematic, construction. This prevents a higher ranking. Anyway, I am sure that Grigory is happy for the nice, well deserved dedication!
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Bhushan P. – No 25, 26, 27
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Halma M. – No 22*, 23
Ivunin A. – No 28*, 29*, 30*
Jonsson C. – No 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Kostyukov A. – No 19, 20, 21
Labai Z. – No 14, 15, 16*
Martin L. M. – No 24
Medintsev V. – No 6*, 7*
Mlynka K. – No 2, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4, 8
Nastran J. – No 1
Pankratyev A. – No 28*, 29*, 30*
Parrinello M. – No 31
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Vasyuchko M. – No 22*

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