Final Award in Quick Composing TT-206 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-206

The Shooter | Челночная стрельба

Theme | Тема

46 entries were received from 21 authors representing 15 countries | На конкурс поступило 46 композиций от 21 авторов из 15 стран

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It was a great pleasure for me to judge this tourney. And I was surprised to get 46 problems by Aleksey. Many thanks to him for the work to anonymize all of them.
The great number of entries demanded a little bit more time to me to create this award. The quality was satisfying, but I wished to see more funny ideas or the use of strange fairy combinations. Some problems showing nice ideas, was not composed till to the end, in my mind. Some other one’s could be constructed without additional fairy elements, I think. For me it is not necessary to show as much as possible thematic moves. The reasons for the moves are more important for me.
My thanks go to all participants and especially to Aleksey Oganesjan. Congratulations to the honoured authors.

After provisional award I have to answer some notes and to change my decisions:
- No 30B (Ka7-Kh6) has a non-thematic second solution in twin a). That’s why I have to exclude this problem from the award;
- More difficult are the problems No 28 (Kb8-Kc5), No 15 (Kh6-Kh8) and No 38 (Kh5-Kb4). Secretly I wanted exactly such tasks and novel ideas. But indeed, they do not fullfill the theme exactly, due the sentence "The position is therefore the same as before the shot, only the captured B is missing". And that is why I have to exclude the numbers No 28, No 15 and No 38 too.
In this connection, now the No 45 (Ka4-Ke1) becomes a Honourable Mention (the only one). All other problems in the award stay unchanged.
I thank the attentive readers, hope for their understanding and apologize for any changes from all participants.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 40
Franz Pachl & Dieter Müller
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
Take & Make Chess
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 32
Igor Kochulov
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
h#2b) Kc4->g3
Parrain Circe,Take & Make

e3, e4, d6,
e8, h6: Sparrow (SW)
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 7
Pierre Tritten
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
Take & Make Chess

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 40, Franz Pachl & Dieter Müller (Germany) 8/8/p7/B1pB4/1bN1p3/2krR3/2p5/4K3

1.Rxe3-d3 Bxb4-a3 2.e3 Sxe3-e2#
1.Bxa5-b4 Rxd3-d1 2.a5 Sxa5-a4#
Shots with unblock of a square later occupied by a black pawn to realize a T&M move in the mate. Interesting reason to clear a square from a obstructive piece. The construction is perfect too. The missing model mate in the second solution did not influence my decision. No doubt, my favorite.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 32, Igor Kochulov (Russia) 4(n3)3/8/3(N3)3(n3)/8/2k1(N3)3/4(N3)3/8/8

a) diagram: 1.SWd5 SWd3+ 2. Kxd3-c4 SWxd5-c5(+wSWb4)#
b) Kc4->g3: 1.SWxe4-f4 SWe4(+wSWf2) 2.Kxf2-g3 SWxf4 f3(+wSWg2)#
At first I was scared away. But then I wanted to get to the bottom, how this mechanism works. Difficult to see is the after-mate-play with rebirth of pawns. It is a pity that in every solution one black sparrow is not in use.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 7, Pierre Tritten (France) 2b5/1p2pp2/1pn1p3/3BN3/p2kp1P1/p2qR1P1/1n4P1/4K3

a) diagram: 1.Qxe3-d3 Bc4 2.Ke3 Sxd3-c2#
b) Pg2->g5: 1.Sxe5-c6 Rxd3-d2+ 2.Ke5 Bxc6-b8#
c) Pg2->b3: 1.exd5-e6 Sxf7-f5+ 2.Kd5 Rxd3-b5#
A beautiful idea too. Avoidance of obstructive captures transporting the black king to a wrong square. That shows a cyclic Zilahi. But I wished to see a T&M move in W1 of twin a). This missing detail impairs the harmony.
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Honorable mention - No 45
Ricardo de Mattos Vieira
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
a) Take & Make Chess
b) AntiCirce
Commendation - No 17
Sergey Smotrov
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
Take & Make Chess
Commendation - No 18
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018

Honorable mention - No 45, Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil) 1n6/b2p4/8/8/K3R1Pp/2p1Pp2/2P3n1/2BNkr2

a) Take & Make: 1.Bd4 exd4->f2+ 2.Se3 Sxe3->d1#
b) AntiCirce: 1.Sf4 exf4(wPf2)+ 2.Be3 Bxe3(wBc1)#
This problem shows a funny combination of the most used conditions for the theme in a witty twin style. And it is the only one. Both phases are very fine linked by the change of function of black bishop and knight.
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Commendation - No 17, Sergey Smotrov (Kazakhstan) 3nrn2/8/4N1b1/8/6kp/2p3pp/1b6/1rB1K3

1.Kh5 Sxf8->e6 2.Rf8 Sxf8->f6#
1.Bf5 Bxb2->c1 2.Rb2 Bxb2->e2#
Shots because self-unpin. A pretty little idea.
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Commendation - No 18, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) 2K3B1/q4r2/k2p4/nn6/1p6/2b4R/8/8

1...Rxc3[wRc3->a1] 2.Rb7 Bc4 3.Rb6 Rxa5[wRa5->a1]# (3...Bxb5[wBb5->f1]+? 4.Rb5!)
1...Bxf7[wBf7->f1] 2.Bd4 Ra3 3.Bb6 Bxb5[wBb5->f1]# (3...Rxa5[wRa5->a1]+? 4.Ba5!)
Line opening and different blocks on b6. But the capture mechanism in the mating move is simple.
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Commendation - No 26
V.Crişan,P.Bhushan,Balasubramanian S.K.
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
h#2b) Ka1->d5
Commendation - No 27
Balasubramanian S. K.
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
Take & Make Chess
Commendation - No 42
Phani Bhushan
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
Take & Make Chess

Commendation - No 26, Vlaicu Crişan (Romania) & Phani Bhushan & Balasubramanian S. K. (India) r1bn1b2/3p4/3Pp3/1KP5/P7/8/P2pR3/k1qQ4

a) diagram: 1.Ra8*a4[bRa4->a8] Qd1*d2[wQd2->d1] (A) 2.Ra8*a2[bRa2->a8] Qd1*c1[wQc1->d1] (B)#
b) Ka1->d5: 1.Bf8*d6[bBd6->f8] Qd1*c1[wQc1->d1] (B) 2.Bf8*c5[bBc5->f8] Qd1*d2[wQd2->d1] (A)#
Indeed, the quantity is here the most important thing. That I appreciate.
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Commendation - No 27, Balasubramanian S. K. (India) 5K2/8/5bPr/4B2R/3p3p/5k2/8/8

1.Kg4 Rxh6-h5 2.Kxh5-h8 Bxf6-e5#
1.Ke4 Bxf6-e5 2.Kxe5-h8 Rxh6-h5#
Different ways to transport the black king to its far mating square with additional line clearance. Small and pretty.
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Commendation - No 42, Phani Bhushan (India) 5K2/3r1N2/1pb2pP1/1p6/1P1RBq2/3Pkp2/8/8

1.Qc7 Rxd7-d4 2.Kxd4-d7 Bf5#
1.Rc7 Bxc6-e4 2.Kxe4-c6 Sd8#
Square clearance with following long king’s move, but reciprocal change of functions I wished. Pity.
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Commendation - No 44
Theodoros Giakatis
TT-206, SuperProblem, 02-06-2018
h#2b) Ph7->g5
Take & Make Chess

a3: Senora (SE)
c8: Faro (FA)

Commendation - No 44, Theodoros Giakatis (Greece) 2(r3)1BK2/2p4p/6bk/1pR4r/3p4/(q3)p1b4/2p1p3/8

a) diagram: 1.FAc6 Rxh5-c5 2.SExc5-h5 Bxc6-c1#
b) Ph7->g5: 1.SEc3 Bxg6-e8 2.FAxe8-g6 Rxc3-h8#
Clean conception, harmonic performed. Could be found a scheme without Argentinian pieces?
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Armeni A. – No 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16
Balasubramanian S. K. – No 23**, 24*, 25*, 26**, 27, 28, 29*
Bhushan P. – No 24*, 25*, 26**, 42
Crişan V. – No 13, 14, 26**
Érsek T. – No 31
Gadjanski B. – No 46
Giakatis T. – No 44
Kochulov I. – No 32
Lind I. – No 33, 34, 35, 36
Manikumar S. – No 23**, 29*
Martin L. M. – No 18
Müller D. – No 37*, 38*, 39, 40*, 41*
Pachl F. – No 37*, 38*, 40*, 41*
Packa L. – No 30A, 30B
Rotenberg J. – No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Seetharaman K. – No 23**
Smotrov S. – No 17
Tar G. – No 19, 20, 21, 22
Tominić I. – No 43
Tritten P. – No 6, 7
Vieira R. – No 45

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Franz Pachl

Dieter Müller
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