Final Award in Quick Composing TT-187 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-187

The Lonely King | Одинокий король

Theme | Тема

85 entries were received from 28 authors representing 15 countries | На конкурс поступило 85 композиций от 28 авторов из 15 стран

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85 entries were received for the tourney:
- h=n – 37;
- hs#n – 29;
- others – 19 (hs=n – 10, r#n – 5, =n – 2, s#n – 1, r=n – 1).

Both the amount of entries and the overall quality was a very positive surprise. I am most impressed by the participants' great imagination, though they only had a single White King to work with!
As the stipulations for the tourney were quite many and quite different, the types of entries were also quite different, and I definitely considered splitting the award into several subcategories. However, some categories would then be extremely small, and also, I did not like the idea of having two main categories for h= and hs# (the vast majority of entries were one of these types), and one for "other types", as the third category would feel almost like a 'waste bin' for entries that did not fit into the 'normal' categories. So, I finally decided to place all entries in one single category.

My main criterias for the ranking have been:
- Artistic effect. Entries with original, unexpected solutions, have often been placed quite high in the ranking list. Also, as the tourney name suggests, the Lonely White King is in focus – I think that it is important that the White King's performance is a notable part of the solution in order to get a top ranking.
- Notable theme. Both White and Black should preferably perform some kind of notable theme, e. g. Rundlauf/Switchback by White, and AUW, Bristol, Phoenix etc by Black. The difficulty of the theme, and how well it is performed, are of course also important factors.
- Cooperative play. As a vast majority of the entries are of help-type with quite many moves, this factor has been a quite important one in these entries. In other words, I have given special consideration to entries where White and Black really help each other during the solution. For example, White can help Black by capturing pieces to clear the way for other pieces/pawns, and Black can help White by paving the way for the White King. Help-type entries where White and Black are working quite independently of each other, have usually not been ranked quite as highly.
- Economy. Always an important factor – cumbersome positions with many passive pieces do usually not give a good impression.

I also excluded the following entries:
- No 18 (Ka7-Kd3, hs#14). This entry is cooked, for example: 1.Ka6 Qh3 2.Kxa5 Rg7 3.Kb4 Rg1 4.Kxa3 Rb1 5.Kb4 Qf1 6.Kc5 Qc1 7.Kxd6 e1B 8.Kxd7 Ke2 9.Ke6 Sh1 10.Kf5 Kd1 11.Kg4 Rh3 12.Kxh3 a1B 13.Kg2 f3+ 14.Kf1 Sg3# (some Black moves can be interchanged);
- No 81 (Kd2-Kb1, r#2). Anticipated by pdb/P1009137;
- No 43 (Ka1-Ka3, s#3). Non-thematic; the zero position has a lonely White King, but in all twins, an extra White piece is added.
Considering the large amount, and the quite different types of entries, it was very hard to produce a good, fair award. Several entries went both up and down in the list, before I finally settled on the presented ranking. I certainly hope that all composers can at least find my ranking and motivations acceptable!..

Finally, I want to thank all participants for all their fine entries, and last but not least, I want to thank the SuperProblem tourney director Aleksey Oganesjan for his excellent work, and for letting me judge this tourney.
Thank you all, and congratulations to all awarded composers!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 50
Gábor Tar
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 16
Anatoly Kirichenko
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 5, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 1n3b2/r7/8/8/8/1p1p1p1p/2p1pppK/qr1b1k2

1...g1S!! 2.Kg3 Qg7+ 3.Kf4 Qg2 4.Ke5 Bg7+ 5.Kd6 Raa1 6.Kc7 Rc1 7.Kxb8 Rab1 8.Kc7 Ba1 9.Kd6 b2 10.Ke5 Ke1 11.Kf4 Qf1 12.Kg3 d2 13.Kh2 zz Qg2#
A very difficult task. First of all, I am most impressed by the way the author has managed to make the move order unique. At several occasions, Black must think several moves ahead, in order to make sure that the White King can make his way all the way across the board and back, just to capture a poor little Knight! This is definitely a help-selfmate task, where the word 'help' is highlighted!
Also, I am most impressed by Black's spectacular Queen maneuver a1-g7-g2-f1, and then back to g2 for mating! This is definitely not something I expected from this starting position.
All in all, I think this is a most impressive entry, very rich of content, and therefore, I present it with a most well-deserved 1st Prize!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 50, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/8/8/3p2r1/4p1k1/5n2/7p/7K

1.Kg2 Kh5+! 2.Kf2 Rg2+ 3.Ke3 Rd2!! 4.Kf4 e3 5.Kg3 e2 6.Kg2 e1S+! 7.Kh1 ~=
This task is very different from the 1st Prize in style – but very similar in regards of rich content! White's King Rundlauf – which does not capture a single piece! - is very well done. It is definitely not obvious why the King must walk this winding road, in order to force a stalemate.
And, maybe most importantly, the Black play is also very precise. I am especially impressed by the 1st and 3rd moves by Black, where the point is shown several moves later. Finally, the economy is excellent, as the author has managed to reach the miniature limit. In conclusion, this is another masterpiece, well worth a Prize!
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 16, Anatoly Kirichenko (Russia) 8/8/8/3p4/5p2/5p2/pp1p1p2/k1bK1b2

1.Kc2 Bd3+ 2.Kxd3 d4 3.Ke4 f1B! 4.Kxf4 Bd3 5.Kxf3 Bb1! 6.Ke2 d3+ 7.Kd1 Bc2#
This task has definitely one of the most unexpected solutions of all entries in the tourney.
The fact that Black must sacrifice Bf1 on d3, and then promote a new Bishop on the same field, and move it to b1 – via d3! - is really nice and unexpected! And, to top it all, White's King makes a nice Rundlauf in the meantime. Very good!
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4th Prize - No 8
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
5th Prize - No 80
Ivo Tominić
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
6th Prize - No 12
Ofer Comay
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

4th Prize - No 8, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 1n6/3p4/3b4/8/6p1/1K4n1/ppp1ppp1/3k3b

1...a1B! 2.Kc4 c1R+ 3.Kd5 Rb1 4.Kxd6 Kc1 5.Kc7 d5 6.Kxb8 d4 7.Kc7 d3 8.Kd6 d2 9.Ke5 d1R 10.Kf4 Rg1 11.Kxg3 f1B 12.Kf2 g3+ 13.Ke1 zz Kc2#
This entry resembles the 1st Prize a bit in regards of style. This is also an entry with very rich content: 2x Bishop promotion and 2x Rook promotion by Black, and an Excelsior.
Unlike many other entries in the tourney, this is an entry where White really helps Black during the solution, as the White King must clear a path for two Black Pawns.
Unlike the first three entries, though, I don't think this entry has any quite as unexpected or spectacular maneuvers, and therefore, I rank it a little bit lower. Still, it is a very good achievement, well worth a Prize!
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5th Prize - No 80, Ivo Tominić (Croatia) 3b4/8/b3k3/3p4/rqn3Kp/8/3p1p1p/3r4

1.Kf3! – 2.Ke2 f1Q#
1...f1S/Re1 2.Kf4 Se5#
1...f1B 2.Kf2 Qf8#
1...f1R+ 2.Kg2 h1Q#
1...f1Q+ 2.Kg4 Qf5#
1...S~ 2.Ke3 Qf4#
A nice AUW, and mates on 6 different fields! Very nice!
However, I am a little disturbed by the fact that 1...Re1 leads to the same play as in one of the AUW variants. Without this weakness, I would probably have ranked this problem a little bit higher. Still, I think it is an impressive achievement, well worth a Prize!
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6th Prize - No 12, Ofer Comay (Israel) b7/8/2p2pq1/8/8/4pp1r/pp1p2np/5K1k

1...e2+ 2.Kf2 Se3 3.Kxe3 e1B 4.Kd4 d1R+ 5.Kc5 Ra1 6.Kb6 b1S 7.Ka7 Bf2+ 8.Kxa8 Bg1 9.Kb7 f2 10.Kxc6 Rf3 11.Kd5 Qe4+ 12.Kxe4 f5+ 13.Kxf3 f4 14.Ke2 f3+ 15.Kf1 S~# Tries | Попытки:
3...d1R? 4.Kd4?
3....f5? 4...f4 ... 10.Kxc6?
6...b1=B? ... 12.Kxe4?
10...Rd3? 11.Kd5?
Another long, very advanced hs#, with Black promotions to R, B and S, and a very long White King rundlauf! Very impressive! The tries are also a clear plus. Especially, I like the motivation of the Knight promotion in the 6th move.
One weakness, however, is that there are several Black active sacrifices, where the sacrificed piece is captured right away. In this type of problems, I don't find such moves very interesting. Still, I think this is a very impressive entry, well worth a Prize!
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7th Prize - No 78
Aleksey Oganesjan
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
Special Prize - No 85
Michel Caillaud
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
1st Honorable mention - No 9
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

7th Prize - No 78, Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia) 8/2K5/5n2/8/7p/qpp2pp1/pr1p4/nk2br2

1...Kc8!! (tempo!) 2.Rc2! (Bf2?) Kd8 3.Qc1 Ke7 4.Bf2! (Rb2?) Kxf6 5.Rd1 Kg5 6.Be1 Kxh4 7.f2 Kxg3 8.Rb2 Kg2 9.c2 Kf1=
Double Black Klasinc (author.)

Another fine entry, resembling the 1st Prize a bit in regards of style. This entry also has an impressive way of making the move order unique, as Black must think several moves ahead. The tempo key move is also very nice.
However, as for the 4th Prize, I don't think this entry is quite as spectacular in terms of the actual play, and therefore rank it a bit lower. Still, it is a very good achievement, well worth a Prize!
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Special Prize - No 85, Michel Caillaud (France) 8/6p1/6p1/3p4/3r2k1/1p3np1/1r3nK1/8

1.Kf1 g5 2.Kg2 Se1+ 3.Kg1! Kh3 4.Kf1 Rh4 5.Kg1 d4 6.Kf1 d3 7.Kg1 d2 8.Kf1 d1B 9.Kg1 Bh5 10.Kf1 Sg4 11.Kg1 Rh2 12.Kf1 b2 13.Kg1 b1B 14.Kf1 Be4 15.Kg1 Bh1 16.Kf1 Sg2 17.Ke2 g6 18.Kf3 S2~#/S4~#
A quite original solution, where the White King is kept imprisoned at the edge of the board, while Black moves his forces into place – and is then let out on the middle of the board, in order to force a mate! Very unexpected and funny! Also, White's move 3.Kg1!, in order to get the tempo right, is nice.
I was very uncertain about how to rank this entry – I think that most of the solution, where the White King only pendulates between f1 and g1, while Black moves his forces in place, is rather straightforward, and could perhaps have been made a few moves shorter – but all the previously mentioned good aspects definitely deserve attention. Therefore, I finally decided on a Special Prize.
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1st Honorable mention - No 9, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 8/8/8/7n/1pbp4/1p2p3/3p3p/1kbK4

1...Bg8! 2.Ke2 b2 3.Kf3 h1Q+ 4.Kg4 Qa8 5.Kxh5 Qa1 6.Kg4 Ba2 7.Kf3 b3 8.Ke2 d3+ 9.Kd1 e2#
Very nice play by the Black Bishop, which first goes to one end of the board, for paving way for the White King – and then the opposite way, in order to be incarcerated at the other end of the board! Also some nice corner-to corner moves of the Promoted Black Queen, and a fine King's walk by White. Very good!
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2nd Honorable mention - No 7
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
3rd Honorable mention - No 67
Sergey Shumeiko
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
h=62.1..   C+(1+5)
4th Honorable mention - No 74
Sergey Shumeiko
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

2nd Honorable mention - No 7, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 8/8/8/1K6/1p6/1pp2n2/1ppprp2/k7

1...c1S 2.Kc4 Sa2 3.Kd3 f1R 4.Kxe2 Rb1 5.Kxf3 c2 6.Ke2 c1B 7.Kd1 Sc3#
Three Black minor promotions – two on the same square – and two Phoenixes! Also a good motivation of the Black move order, it is not obvious why the Knight promotion must be done first. Impressive!
The play by the White King is, however, not that interesting, and therefore, this entry 'only' gets an Honorable Mention.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 67, Sergey Shumeiko (Russia) 8/8/8/5k2/7p/6p1/4K1pp/8

1.Ke5 Kf3 2.Kd4 Kxg2 3.Ke3 Kh3 4.Kf2 Kxh4 5.Kg1 Kxg3 6.Kh1 Kf2 =
1.Kg4 Ke3 2.Kh3 Kf4 3.g1B Kg5 4.Kg2 Kxh4 5.Kh1 Kxg3 6.Bf2+ Kхf2 =
One of quite few entries with multiple solutions – and a very interesting pair of solutions!
The two Kings walk quite different paths in the two solutions – and still, it all ends up in the exact same ideal stalemate position! Also very good economy. Nice!
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4th Honorable mention - No 74, Sergey Shumeiko (Russia) 3q4/8/8/8/8/4nbK1/pppppppp/k2nrrb1

1.h1B Kh3 2.Bh2 Kxh2 3.Rg1 Kg3 4.f1B Kxf3 5.Sf2 Kxf2 6.d1B Kxe3 7.Qd2+ Kxd2 6.b1B Kc1 =
The 4 (!) Black Bishop promotions is a very nice feature in this entry. However, the White King's play is not that interesting here, as it mainly just captures the 'superfluous' Black pieces. Also, as in the 6th Prize, several Black moves show active sacrifices, which I don't find very interesting in this type of problem. Still, the impressive achievement of 4 Bishop promotions is good enough to at least grant this entry an Honorable Mention!
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5th Honorable mention - No 79
Aleksey Oganesjan
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
6th Honorable mention - No 3
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
7th Honorable mention - No 37
S.K.Balasubramanian & S.Kalyan
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

5th Honorable mention - No 79, Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia) K7/8/8/8/bp6/1q1p3p/pp1ppp2/nrn1k1br

1.Qd1! (Bh2?) Kb7 2.Bc2 Kc6 3.Bh2! (b3?) Kd5 4.Rf1 Ke4 5.Bg1 Kf3 6.h2 Kg2 7.b3 Kh1=
Black Bristol and Klasinc. (author.)

The White King walks to the opposite corner and stalemates Black – who has all his 16 pieces on the board! Perhaps not very advanced play, but very funny and original!
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6th Honorable mention - No 3, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 8/2q5/8/8/2p1p1p1/p4p2/p1p1p3/brkbK3

1...Bh8! (Bg7/Bf6?) 2.Kf2 Qg7 (Qe5?) 3.Kg3 Qa1 4.Kxg4 Bb2 5.Kg3 c3 6.Kf2 e3+ 7.Ke1 zz f2#
Very nice Bristol maneuver by Black, combined with a good dual avoidance! Also a nice 'forward-and-back' walk by the White King. Not very difficult, but nice!
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7th Honorable mention - No 37, Balasubramanian S.K. & Seetharaman Kalyan (India) 8/8/8/8/Kpp5/1pp5/kpp1p3/nb6

1...c1B 2.Kb5 Bb1-c2! 3.Kc5 b2-b1R 4.Kd4 Ba3 5.Ke3 Rb1-b2 6.Kxe2 Bc2-b1+ 7.Kd1 c2+ 8.Kc1 c3=
Very nice play by Black, with 2 minor promotions and double switchbacks! The move 2...Bc2! is especially nice, at this point it is definitely not obvious why the Bishop must go to this specific field.
However, the White play is not that interesting, and, unlike e. g. most Prize winners, this entry does not have much cooperative play between White and Black, i.e. almost all moves by both sides can be done without being careful not to obstruct the opponent.
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8th Honorable mention - No 6
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
Special Hon. mention - No 48
Gábor Tar
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
1st Commendation - No 42
Dieter Müller
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

8th Honorable mention - No 6, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 8/8/8/3p4/3pp3/8/pp6/k2Kbb2

1...Bd2! 2.Kc2 d3+ 3.Kb3 d4 4.Kc4 Bc1 5.Kd5 d2 6.Kxe4 Bd3+ 7.Kf3 Bb1 8.Ke2 d3+ 9.Kd1 zz Bc2#
A nice rhombus-shaped rundlauf by the White King, combined with precise Black play to get the Bishops in place, while making way for the White King. Also a quite light position. Nice!
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Special Honorable mention - No 48, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 1q6/8/8/2n1p3/1pp5/3pp1pn/pp1rb3/1k2K3

1.Bd1 Kf1 2.e2! Kg2 3.Sb3 Kxh3 4.Sa1 Kg4! (Kxg3?) 5.b3 Kf5! (Kxg3?) 6.Qb4 Kxe5 7.Qc3+ Kf4 8.Qc1 Kxg3 9.c3 Kf2 10.c2 Ke1=
A nice rundlauf by the White King, and – most appropriately – in the shape of a boomerang! Funny and quite original!
However, the Black play is not that interesting, and quite straightforward, and that lowers the overall effect a bit. Still, I really liked the White King's original shaped rundlauf, and therefore decided to present this entry with a Special HM.
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1st Commendation - No 42, Dieter Müller (Germany) 8/3p4/8/p7/bp6/p1p5/1b1p4/kn1K4

1.Ke2! Ka2 2.Kd3 Ba1 3.Kc4 Bb3+ 4.Kb5 Kb2 5.Kxa5 Ba2 6.Kb5 b3! 7.Kc4 d5+ 8.Kd3 d4 9.Ke2 d3+ 10.Kd1 c2#
A nice King's walk by White, combined with a change of places between Ka1 and Bb2!
Nice, but not quite as advanced play as in the higher ranked entries, and also, White's King is in check in the starting position, with only one possible move.
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2nd Commendation - No 61
Zoltán Laborczi
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
3rd Commendation - No 17
Anatoly Kirichenko
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
4th Commendation - No 65
Zoltán Laborczi
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

2nd Commendation - No 61, Zoltán Laborczi (Hungary) 8/8/8/4p3/8/pp1k4/2p5/2K5

1...a2 2.Kb2 e4 3.Ka3 Kc3 4.Ka4 Kb2 5.Kb4 Ka1 6.Kc3 b2 7.Kd2 b1B 8.Kc1 e3=
A nice miniature, with a capture-free rundlauf by the White King. Not very hard, perhaps, but nice!
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3rd Commendation - No 17, Anatoly Kirichenko (Russia) 1b6/3b2r1/8/2K5/4p3/3k4/ppppp1p1/8

1.Kb6 g1B+! 2.Kb7 Be3 3.Kxb8 Rg1 4.Kc7 Ra1 5.Kxd7 d1B! 6.Ke6 Kd2 7.Kf5 Kc1 8.Kg4 Kb1 9.Kg3 Bc1 10.Kf2 e3+ 11.Ke1 Bd2#
The black-square Bishop Phoenix in this entry is a nice and unexpected feature, as the reborn Bishop makes a maneuver that the original b8-Bishop also could have made.
However, the White-square Bishop phoenix is merely artificial, as the Bishop on d7 could have been replaced with a Pawn. Also, like e. g. the 7th HM, there is not very much cooperative play between White and Black.
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4th Commendation - No 65, Zoltán Laborczi (Hungary) 5K2/8/1q6/7b/3p4/5p2/ppppr1pp/k7

1...h1Q 2.Kg7 Qh6+ 3.Kxh6 Qb1 4.Kxh5 c1B 5.Kg4 g1R+ 6.Kxf3 Rd1 7.Kxe2 d3+ 8.Kxd1 Qc2#
A three-fold Phoenix – impressive! But also rather straightforward play, and the Phoenix Bishop switches from white-squared to black-squared...
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5th Commendation - No 84
Michel Caillaud
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
hs=4.52.1..   C+(1+8)
6th Commendation - No 22
Alberto Armeni
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
7th Commendation - No 82
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

5th Commendation - No 84, Michel Caillaud (France) 8/8/8/4K3/4pp2/2k5/pppp4/5r2

1...Ra1 2.Kxe4 c1B 3.Kf3 Kc2 4.Ke2 Kb1 5.Kd1 f3=
1...Rc1 2.Kxf4 b1B 3.Ke3 Kb2 4.Kxd2 Ka1 5.Kxc1 e3=
A fine chameleon echo! Also, one of quite few entries with multiple solutions. Rather easy, but nice!
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6th Commendation - No 22, Alberto Armeni (Italy) 8/8/2K5/8/3p1b2/2p5/p2ppppp/rk6

1.Kd5 h1B 2.Ke4 e1R+ 3.Kxf4 Rg1 4.Kf3 f1S 5.Ke2 d3+ 6.Kd1 Kb2/c2/Se3/Sg3/Sh2#
Three minor promotions by Black – nice! But perhaps not that advanced play.
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7th Commendation - No 82, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) 1q6/1pr1n3/8/5n1p/8/1b1ppKp1/2k4p/6br

1.Kg2! – 2.Kxh1 Bd5#
1...Bd5+ 2.Kf1 Bf2#
1...Rc4 2.Kf3 Sh4#
1...Sd5 2.Kh3 Sf4#
A nice White King Star, but a little heavy position, where several Black pieces play quite passive roles.
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8th Commendation - No 4
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
9th Commendation - No 47
Gábor Tar
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
h=42.1..   C+(1+6)
10th Commendation - No 10
Karol Mlynka
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
h=42.1..   C+(1+6)

8th Commendation - No 4, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) 3K4/p6p/8/7b/2p5/1p2n3/2p1ppp1/4krr1

1...a5 2.Ke7 a4 3.Kf6 a3 4.Kg5 a2 5.Kxh5 a1S! 6.Kg5 h5 7.Kf4 h4 8.Kxe3 h3 9.Kd4 h2 10.Kc3 h1B! 11.Kb2 c3+ 12.Kc1 b2#
Double Phoenixes, and double Excelsiors with minor promotions – nice! But still, rather straightforward play by both sides.
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9th Commendation - No 47, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/8/8/5K2/8/1p1p1b2/pkp5/8

1.c1R Kf4 2.Ra1 Kxf3 3.Kb1 Ke3 (Ke2?) 4.b2 Kd2=
1.Be4+ Kxe4 2.Ka1 Kxd3 3.b2 Kd2 4.b1B Kc1=
Two nice variants, with different minor promotions, and also a Phoenix. Rather easy, but nice!
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10th Commendation - No 10, Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) 8/8/8/3Kp3/8/5p2/5ppp/5k2

1.g1R Kxe5 2.Rg3 Kf4 3.Kg1 Kxg3 4.Kh1 Kxf2=
1.e4 Kxe4 2.Kg1 Kxf3 3.Kh1 Ke2 4.g1B Kf1=
Quite similar to the 9th Commendation, but without the Phoenix. Therefore, it is ranked one step lower.
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11th Commendation - No 1
Vitaly Medintsev
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
Special Commendation - No 63
Zoltán Laborczi
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
Special Commendation - No 60
Zoltán Laborczi
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

11th Commendation - No 1, Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) b6b/7K/8/8/1p6/1p2p1p1/3pppp1/3nkr2

1...g1R! (1...g1Q/B/S?) 2.Kg6 Bh1 3.Kf5 g2 4.Ke4 Ba1 5.Kd3 b2 6.Kc2 b3+ 7.Kb1 zz Sc3#
2 nice corner-to-corner moves by the Black Bishops, with a fine dual avoidance! But still, the play is rather straightforward.
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Special Commendation - No 63, Zoltán Laborczi (Hungary) 8/8/8/8/2p5/K2p4/ppp5/k7

1.Ka4 Kb1 2.Kb4 Ka1 3.Kc3 b1B 4.Kd2 c3+ 5.Kc1 d2#
1.Kb4? b1B 2.Kc3 ?
1.Kb4? Kb1 2.Kc3 Ka1 3.Kd2 b1B 4.Kc1 c3 5.?
1.Ka4 b1B? 2.Kb4 Kb2 3.?
Similar schemes have been used in some previous problems, e.g. pdb/P1235642 and pdb/P1278849. However, the waiting moves by both parties at the beginning of this entry are quite nice and unexpected, and gives enough originality to at least grant this entry a Special Commendation.
EN <-> RU

Special Commendation - No 60, Zoltán Laborczi (Hungary) 8/8/8/pp6/8/K5p1/2pp1p1p/2krbrqb

1.Ka2? (A) – 2.Ka1/Ka3 Bd5=, 1...g2! (a)
1.Kb3! (2.Ka3 Bd5=) 1...a4+/g2 (a) 2.Ka2 (A) g2/a4 3.Ka1 a3/b4 4.Ka2 b4/a3 5.Ka1 b3=
Half-Dombrovskis (author.)

The only reflex stalemate entry in the tourney. Good tempo-winning key, but otherwise rather mechanical play. Special Commendation for the original stipulation!
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Special Commendation - No 52
Mikhail Halma
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017
Special Commendation - No 54
Mikhail Halma
TT-187, SuperProblem, 22-04-2017

Special Commendation - No 52, Mikhail Halma (Ukraine) 8/8/8/8/5p2/5p1p/6bp/4K2k

1.Kf2! Bf1 2.Kxf1 f2 3.Kxf2 f3 4.Kf1 f2 5.Kxf2 =
One of only two entries with a 'direct' stipulation. Rather simple – but with a single White King, it is not easy to perform miracles! I think it is at least worth a Special Commendation for the brave attempt!
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Special Commendation - No 54, Mikhail Halma (Ukraine) 8/8/4r3/4b3/4np1K/n7/p7/k7

1.Sg5 Kxg5 2.Bc3! Kxf4 3.Re3 Kxe3 4.Bd2+ Kxd2 5.Sc2 Kxc2=
“In diagram position Black pieces show letters “I” and “L” – dedicated to Ingemar Lind” (author)

Such a nice dedication must at least get a place in the award!
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