Final Award in Quick Composing TT-178 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-178

Almost a tempo-move | Почти темпоход

Theme | Тема

59 entries were received from 33 authors representing 14 countries | На конкурс поступило 59 композиций от 33 авторов из 14 стран

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I have received 59 anonymous problems from the TT Director. All problems are thematic.
The theme was proposed by Mihail Krojtor in Russian LJ-community ru_chess_art. The theme is quite difficult. The fact is that it contains an “anti-art” element – repetitive set play moves in actual play. And it requires specific skills for convincing realization. Perhaps this shortcoming (repetitive moves) pushed some authors to participate in this TT.
Pity that only few authors decided to research possibilities of change-motivations of repetitive moves.
I didn’t distinguish problems, authors of which chose the easiest way – in one solution (or in Perpetuum mobile twins) they showed a switching of guard (as in the example in the announcement), change of square-block or black simple valve on 1st move without any additional nuances. But I tried to show every tactic idea in the award.
Also I didn’t distinguish problems in which a piece/pawn, that checkmates in one thematic phase, is not need in another phase. Especially sorry for No 49 (Kb4-Kd6) with HOTF which could qualify for high place, but it has wBa3 which checkmates in 1st pair of solutions and is not need in 2nd pair. Apparently, the author understood it and presented simple version No 48 (Kf7-Kd5) without this shortcoming (I hope I was not mistaken and it is really the same author).
I want to thank all composers for courage for a participation in this TT and to congratulate winners.

After notes for provisional award, two problems were excluded:
- No 48 (Kf7-Kd5) – in view of wBa4 which is excess in two solutions;
- No 55B (Kb1-Kc4) – in view of wSc1 which is excess in thematic set play in both phases.

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 50
Luis Miguel Martin
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
h#2*b) Bc2->g8(6+9)
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 31
S. Manikumar & N. Velmurugan
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
1st Hon. Mention, 3rd Place - No 20
R. Wiehagen & C. Jonsson
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 50, Luis Miguel Martin (Spain) 7N/2K1p1pb/4pkp1/6r1/2Pn1Pp1/6P1/2B5/8

a) diagram:
*1...fxg5+ 2.Ke5 Sf7#
1.Bg8 fxg5+ 2.Ke5 Sxg6#
b) Bc2->g8:
*1...Sf7 2.Sf5 fxg5#
1.Re5 Sf7 2.Sf5 fxe5#
Excellent concept. Two different thematic pairs are united by change-function of moves Sf7 and fxg5. This change is combined with the TT theme very good. Solid and independent piece of art.
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 31, Solaiappan Manikumar & Nallusamy Velmurugan (India) 8/8/6K1/4p3/4Q3/4q1k1/3P4/2B5

*1...Qg2+ 2.Kf4 dxe3#
1.Qa7 Qg2+ 2.Kf4 d4#
1.Qb3 Qg2+ 2.Kf4 d3#
1.Qc3 Qg2+ 2.Kf4 dxc3#
1.Qxd2 Qg2+ 2.Kf4 Bxd2#
Amazing finding. Albino + Hideaway of Black Queen in miniature! It is interesting: if there were no a solution with a move 1.Qxd2 (which is thematic for this TT but non-thematic for Albino) then the problem would be better or not? I think there is no a definite answer.
Editorial. Also the authors have composed the version without a solution with Qxd2 – 8/8/3K4/6k1/4Q3/4qp2/3P4/2B5.
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1st Honorable mention, 3rd Place - No 20, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) & Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 8/8/8/K7/4k3/1P2B2P/3PB1NP/n3b3

*1...Bd3+ 2.Kf3 Sxe1#
*1...Bf3+ 2.Kd3 Sxe1#
1.Bh4 Bd3+ 2.Kf3 Sxh4#
1.Sc2 Bf3+ 2.Kd3 Sf4#
Two thematic pairs in position without twin – it is the only such problem in the tourney which claimed to distinction. Unfortunately the scheme is quite symmetrical and contains a repetitive Sxe1# (despite this is different mates).
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2nd Honorable mention - No 26
Maryan Kerhuel
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
h#2*b) Sc4->b2(7+5)
3rd Honorable mention - No 36
Nallusamy Velmurugan
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
4th Honorable mention - No 6
Anatoly Vasilenko
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016

2nd Honorable mention - No 26, Maryan Kerhuel (France) n7/1pR5/1P6/2pkp3/P1N5/4PK2/3P4/8

a) diagram:
*1...Rd7+ 2.Kc6 Rd6#
1.Sxb6 Rd7+ 2.Kc6 Sxe5#
b) Sc4->b2:
*1...e4+ 2.Kd4 Rd7#
1.c4 e4+ 2.Kd4 Rxc4#
Two “honest” thematic pairs without shortcomings (as in No 20), but the twin is not very lucky.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 36, Nallusamy Velmurugan (India) 1q6/1pp5/rPk5/4B3/2K5/8/8/8

*1...bxc7 2.Rb6 cxb8S#
1.Qa7 bxc7 2.Rb6 c8Q#
Hideaway of Black Queen and change of promotion. It seems easy but showily.
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4th Honorable mention - No 6, Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine) 8/8/8/8/bp5r/B7/1Pr1P3/k3K2R

*1... b3! 2.Ra2 0-0# (legal)
1.~??? b3 2.Ra2 0-0#? (illegal!)
1.Re4! b3 2.Ra2 Kf2# (2...0-0#? – illegal!)
Ingenious idea of change-play with retro-rationale of impossibility of castling in view of change-order of priority moves.

The author of No 52 (Ke1-Kd3) showed miracles of composing technique and realized this concept with long white castling (at that Rook checkmates on file “d”), but he needed for 14 (!) pieces more. But the position No 6 can be rotated mirror – 8/8/8/8/r5pb/7B/4PrP1/R3K2k – and the castling become long, so the attempt not to be counted.
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5th Honorable mention - No 39
Ingemar Lind
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
6th Honorable mention - No 29
S. Manikumar & S. Kalyan
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
h#2*b) Sh6->a3(4+3)
1st Commendation - No 38
Ingemar Lind
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016

5th Honorable mention - No 39, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) 8/B7/8/2ppp1N1/3k4/8/3K4/8

*1...Bb8 2.c4 Ba7#
1.e4 Bb8 2.c4 Se6#
Rare problem with change-motivation of move. 1...Bb8 is pure unpinning in set play and guarding e5 – in actual play. If the author could double this idea...
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6th Honorable mention - No 29, Solaiappan Manikumar & Seetharaman Kalyan (India) 8/2bkp3/7N/3P4/1KN5/8/8/8

a) diagram:
*1...Sb6+ 2.Kd6 Sf7#
1.e5 Sb6+ 2.Kd6 Sf5#
b) Sh6->a3:
*1...Sb6+ 2.Kd6 Sac4#
1.Be5 Sb6+ 2.Kd6 Sb5#
In the tourney there were many miniatures in which on 1st move Black execute unblocks one square and blocks another square (it is a quarter of sent problems!) As a rule, diagonal square changes on diagonal, rarely – on orthogonal. In No 29 the author managed to combine two such mechanisms (diagonal) in one problem.
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1st Commendation - No 38, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) 4r3/3P4/3R1p2/5k2/3K4/8/8/8

*1...Rd5+ 2.Ke6 dxe8Q#
1.Re7 Rd5+ 2.Ke6 d8S#
This problem is better technically than No 36, but is worse for concept. I distinguish this problem lower but it is a matter of taste and another judge can do vice versa.
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2nd Commendation - No 13
Ivars Ozols
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
h#2*b) Sg7->d3(9+10)
3rd Commendation - No 23
Zoltan Labai
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016
4th Commendation - No 12
Ivars Ozols
TT-178, SuperProblem, 26-12-2016

2nd Commendation - No 13, Ivars Ozols (Latvia) 2b5/1p4N1/1KQ2P2/p4ppP/r4pk1/p1BP1p2/P4P2/8

a) diagram:
*1...Sxf5 2.Kxf5 Qxc8#
1.Bd7 Sxf5 2.Kxf5 Qxd7#
b) Sg7->d3:
*1...Sxf4 2.Kxf4 Qxa4#
1.Rc4 Sxf4 2.Kxf4 Qxc4#
Diagonal-orthogonal analogy with Kniest theme. But unlucky twin and very formal change-mates.
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3rd Commendation - No 23, Zoltan Labai (Slovakia) 8/8/8/5p2/4p1b1/4BNkp/3N3p/7K

*1...Bg5 2.f4 Bh4#
1.exf3 Bg5 2.f4 Se4#
Sympathetic problem with change-motivation of 1...Bg5. Author noted that there are model mates, but this is not true.
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4th Commendation - No 12, Ivars Ozols (Latvia) R7/p7/8/1K6/8/k7/8/8

*1...Kc4 2.Ka4 Rxa7#
1.a6+ Kc4 2.Ka4 Rxa6#
Perhaps, the author was serious, but I give a distinction for the wittiness.
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