Final Award in Quick Composing TT-174 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-174

Continued Forsberg | Продолженный Форсберг

Theme | Тема

62 entries were received from 26 authors representing 12 countries | На конкурс поступило 62 композиции от 26 авторов из 12 стран

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We received 62 entries in anonymous form for this tourney, some of them in two different versions. The large amount forced the judges to examine about 250 positions, but the work was pleasant and interesting, given the variety and quantity of ideas.
A few remarks relating to proposed twinning theme: it is not new, but was seldom used by composers, perhaps never as theme in a competition (thanks to V. Nefyodov for his advice).

[Editorial. In 1994, in 12-13th issues of Russian magazine "Интеллектуальные игры" ("Intellectual games"), Vladislav Nefyodov & Nikolay Vasyuchko have published the article "Конец это только начало" ("End is just a start") about some different types of continued twins which are formed from mating position of previous twin via shifting or changing color/type of mating piece. Among all problems in that article, there were four Vasyuchko's problems which are thematic for TT-174: yacpdb/418092, yacpdb/418093, yacpdb/418094, yacpdb/418095.
So, perhaps there were first problems with continued Forsberg.

Participants created Forsberg twins in two ways, both permitted:
a) each twin always had a different Forsberg piece;
b) at least one twin reused a Forsberg piece already used in a previous twin.
This different rendering produced excellent results and the level of the tournament is very satisfying.

A few words about our criteria of evaluation when judging:
- unifying idea. As the proposed theme was not difficult, an idea that binds the twins together unifying them - a theme inside the theme – is a must for a high ranking;
- economy. Good economy, i.e. light, clear positions, is also important. Above all, the pieces should preferably be active in all variants, especially the white ones;
- originality. Some entries matched the theme with other ideas (for instance: perpetuum mobile, repeated manoeuvres, double solutions, retrograde analysis etc.) thus creating pleasant problems.

We had to exclude as non-thematic the following entries:
- No 16 (Kd5-Ke1) – promoted wS in b);
- No 45 (Ka5-Ke3) – promoted wB in a);
- No 4 (Ka8-Kf6) – stipulation h#1.5 (h#2 was required);
- No 2 (Kg1-Kd1), No 43 (Kg1-Kh8) – multiple Forsberg pieces in at least one twin because of mate by double check in the previous variant.

And partially exclude the following, because of one non-thematic or dualistic twin (which also makes all following twins obsolete):
- No 5 (Kh8-Ke3) – e) is non-thematic;
- No 10 (Kh1-Ke4) – d) is dualistic;
- No 36 (Kc2-Ka8) – d) is non-thematic.

We finally decided on the following ranking (see below). We want to thank all participants, awarded and not awarded, for all their entries: they made this tourney a success for participation! And of course we want to thank the tourney director Aleksey Oganesjan for his perfect organizing and his help to the judges.
Thanks and congratulations to everybody!

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 31
Emanuel Navon
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(8+9)
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 61
Evgeni Bourd
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(5+12)
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 26
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(3+8)

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 31, Emanuel Navon (Israel) 4b3/4rp2/3p4/1p2pB2/1Pk1Pn1Q/2P1pP2/4P3/6K1

a) diagram: 1.Sd5 exd5+ 2.Kxd5 Qe4#
b) mating position of a) wRe4: 1.Re6 Rc4 2.bxc4 Be4#
c) mating position of b) wSe4: 1.Bc6 Sd2 2.exd2 e4#
A very difficult, original and most elegant way of showing the theme. Mate on e4 in all phases, and also Forsberg-twinning on this square, plus sacrificing the Forsberg-piece on the first move in each phase, and then mating with another piece on the same field! A thematically excellent, very powerful and beautiful performance, well worth a 1st Prize!
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 61, Evgeni Bourd (Israel) 6K1/pP4b1/Pp6/Ppk3rq/1prn1n2/8/b7/7B

a) diagram: 1.Sb3 b8Q 2.Rd4 Qc7#
b) mating position of a) wBc7: 1.Rc4 Bd8 2.Sd4 Be7#
c) mating position of b) wRe7: 1.Sb3 Re6 2.Rd4 Rc6#
d) mating position of c) wSc6: 1.Rc4 Sd8 2.Sd4 Sb7#
e) mating position of a) wPb7: ... perpetuum mobile
The tourney featured several Perpetuum Mobile problems - but this is definitely the best one! It contains a full Forsberg-set in the twins, and also most ingenious play by Black, who must block d4 by the Knight or the Rook alternately, depending on the mating piece, while being careful not to put the White King in check. Another most impressive entry, well worth a Prize!
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 26, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) B3K3/n1P5/k2bn3/4p3/1rpq4/8/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Sb5 c8Q+ 2.Ka7 Qb7#
b) mating position of a) wPb7: 1.Kb6 b8S 2.Kc5 Sd7#
c) mating position of b) wPd7: 1.Bc7 d8B 2.Kd6 Be7#
d) mating position of c) wPe7: 1.Sf8 exf8R 2.Qc5 Rf6#
A very nice, original AUW, in a very light position! Very clever use of the theme! One small weakness is that it is not perfectly homogenous: in d), unlike the other variants, the Pawn promotes by capturing a piece. Also, it had been very nice if the Forsberg Pawn had been moved one step to the right in each twin (i.e. b-c-d-e instead of c-b-d-e)... Still, it is another very impressive entry, and another most worthy Prize winner!
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4th Prize - No 30
Emanuel Navon
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(6+11)
5th Prize - No 59
Ilija Serafimović
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(6+7)
1st Honorable mention - No 57
Gennadi Chumakov
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(8+8)

4th Prize - No 30, Emanuel Navon (Israel) 8/2p2p2/1p3P2/1Pr1pP2/1pkpK3/2q1P2r/8/1B2b3

a) diagram: 1.Qb3 Bc2 2.Bc3 Bd3#
b) mating position of a) wSd3: 1.Rxb5 exd4 2.c5 Sxe5#
c) mating position of b) wRe5: 1.Ra5 Rd5 2.b5 Rxc5#
A very fine, homogenous way of displaying the theme: Tempo moves by White and Umnov + self-interferences by Black in all variants! Maybe not quite as original as the first three places, but still a very powerful implementation of the theme, and a well-deserved Prize!
EN <-> RU

5th Prize - No 59, Ilija Serafimović (Serbia) 8/5N1r/8/3P1k2/8/4b2P/1q1Pn2K/4nr1B

a) diagram: 1.Qf6 d3 2.Sf4 (Rf4? Bf4?) Be4#
b) mating position of a) wSe4: 1.Sg6 d4 2.Rf4 (Bf4? Sf4?) Sg3#
c) mating position of b) wPg3: 1.Re4 Kh1 2.Bf4 (Sf4? Rf4?) g4#
Very nice play by black, with 3 different self-blocks on f4! Also a relatively light position. A little sadly, though, the author did not manage to use a Rook as a mating Forsberg piece in c) - that would have resulted in a most impressive cyclic combination of self-blocker and mating Forsberg piece (S/B - R/S - B/R)! Still, it is a very good implementation of the theme, and another well-deserved Prize!
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1st Honorable mention - No 57, Gennadi Chumakov (Russia) 8/5n2/K3pNp1/2b3P1/p5P1/P1P3k1/4P3/1Qr2b2

a) diagram: 1.Kf4 Qd3 2.Ke5 Qg3#
b) mating position of a) wRg3: 1.Rxc3 Re3+ 2.Kd4 Re4#
c) mating position of b) wSe4: 1.Kc4 e3 2.Bd3 Sd2#
d) mating position of c) wRd2: 1.Bd6 Rxd3 2.Kc5 Rxc3#
e) mating position of d) wBc3: 1.Be5 Kb7 2.Kd6 Bb4#
f) mating position of e) wSb4: 1.Ke7 e4 2.Kd8 Sc6#
g) mating position of f) wPc6: 1.Bd6 e5 2.Be7 c7#
7 model mates plus full Forsberg set is a respectable achievement, but no clear common theme binding the variants together, as in the Prize winners; that is why we rank it a little lower.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 7
Gábor Tar
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(2+7)
3rd Honorable mention - No 18
Solaiappan Manikumar
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(3+4)
4th Honorable mention - No 38
Aleksandr Kostyukov
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(5+10)

2nd Honorable mention - No 7, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 8/5P2/8/1p1b4/p7/pr5r/8/k1K5

a) diagram: 1.Rbg3 f8Q 2.Bf3 Qxa3#
b) mating position of a) wBa3: 1.Bd5 Kc2 2.Ba2 Bb2#
c) mating position of b) wRb2: 1.Bd5 Rb3 2.Bf3 Ra3#
d) mating position of c) wSa3: 1.Bd5 Kc1 2.Ba2 Sc2#
A fine minimal in a light position, with a nice, funny use of the black bishop, which goes like a pendulum between f3 and a2, as it is used as a blocker for the rooks in 2 variants and a self-blocker for the king in the other 2.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 18, Solaiappan Manikumar (India) 8/P1B3p1/4K3/8/7b/7k/4p3/8

a) diagram: 1.g5 a8Q 2.g4 Qh1#
b) mating position of a) wBh1: 1.g3 Be4 2.g2 Bf5#
c) mating position of b) wRf5: 1.g1R Rf2 2.Rg4 Rh2#
d) mating position of c) wSh2: 1.e1S Sf3 2.Sg2 Sg1#
Rich content for a light setting: black Excelsior and also 3 different mixed promotions. The best miniature among the contestants.
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4th Honorable mention - No 38, Aleksandr Kostyukov (Russia) 7Q/r1np2K1/3p2p1/P1p5/2pp4/7P/3P1b2/7k

a) diagram: 1.Kg2 Qh4 2.Kf3 Qg4#
b) mating position of a) wBg4: 1.Ke4 Kf6 2.Kd5 Bf3#
c) mating position of b) wRf3: 1.Kc6 Rb3 2.d5 Rb6#
d) mating position of c) wPb6: 1.Kb7 bxc7 2.Ka8 c8Q#
e) mating position of d) wSc8: 1.Bg3 a6 2.Bb8 Sb6#
Black king's walk from h1 to a8, combined with 5 different model mates and full Forsberg set. Very nice idea, though the play is a bit simple.
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5th Honorable mention - No 11
Dieter Müller
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#22.1.. see text(6+4)
6th Honorable mention - No 19
Menachem Witztum
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(6+11)
7th Honorable mention - No 28
Emanuel Navon
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(7+15)

5th Honorable mention - No 11, Dieter Müller (Germany) K4R1b/8/8/8/1P2n3/1P2N3/3P1n2/2k5

a) diagram:
a1) 1.Sd1 Rf1 2.Bb2 Rxd1#
a2) 1.Sxd2 Rxf2 2.Sb1 Rc2#
b1) mating position of a1) wSd1: 1.Kb1 Sc3+ 2.Ka1 Sc2#
b2) mating position of a2) wSc2: 1.Bc3 Se1 2.Bd2 Sd3#
2 different branches in the twinning (the same idea was followed by No 19 and other compositions) and also model mates in all of them; economical position too, but perhaps not that advanced play.
EN <-> RU

6th Honorable mention - No 19, Menachem Witztum (Israel) 8/B3p3/5b2/1p3npK/b1kqn2R/R1P2pp1/8/1N6

a) diagram:
a1) 1.Sxc3 Rb3 2.Sd5 Sd2#
a2) 1.Qd5 Bc5 2.Bxc3 Rxc3#
b1) mating position of a1) wPd2: 1.b4 Ra3 2.Bb5 d3#
b2) mating position of a2) wPc3: 1.Bc2 Bb4 2.Bd3 Sd2#
Another entry with 2 branches of twinning. This one, though, does not feel quite as balanced as the previous one: the play in a) is good, with 2 pin mates, one with each piece in the original half-pin as pinned piece, but the two twins have much simpler play.
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7th Honorable mention - No 28, Emanuel Navon (Israel) q7/3pK2p/3Pp1p1/2p1kr1p/3r2n1/2P3PP/p1Pn4/1bb1N3

a) diagram: 1.Se4 c4 2.Bf4 Sf3#
b) mating position of a) wPf3: 1.Bh6 hxg4 2.Rg5 f4#
c) mating position of b) wSf4: 1.Rd2 c3 2.Rc2 Sd3#
d) mating position of c) wRd3: 1.Sxd6 Rf3 2.Sb7 Re3#
Black performs several self-interferences: the idea is rather advanced and nice. A little inhomogeneous though: in a) and b) Bc1 and Rf5 interfere each other once per variant, but in c) and d), there are two completely different interferences; the position is quite heavy.
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Special Hon. mention - No 44
Andrey Frolkin & Chris Tylor
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(3+11)
Special Hon. mention - No 60
Evgeni Bourd
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(8+6)
1st Commendation - No 25
Fadil Abdurahmanovic
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(2+5)

Special Honorable mention - No 44, Andrey Frolkin (Ukraine) & Chris Tylor (England) 8/4p3/6np/4pp1k/4p1np/4p3/6KP/3N3r

The theme definition has been modified to involve retroanalysis: in twin b) the mating piece is substituted for by a white piece in such a way that the resulting position is legal, all other substitutions leading to illegal twins.

a) diagram: 1.Kg5 Sf2 2.Kf4 Sh3#
b) in the mating position, change the type of the mating piece to produce a legal position:
wRh3 (last move: Rg3-(x)h3); if the mating knight is replaced with a white queen and White retracts - 1.Kg1-g2 followed by -1...g2xh1=R+, black pawns will have to have made one capture too many.
1.Kg5 Rf3 2.Kh5 Rxf5#

This entry does not define the type of the Forsberg piece in b), thus adding a plus of retroanalysis to the theme. Very original!
EN <-> RU

Special Honorable mention - No 60, Evgeni Bourd (Israel) 6b1/3K2p1/6P1/3kq3/4n1P1/2P1R1P1/1P4P1/3r4

a) diagram: 1.Qd4 Rf3 2.Qc4 Rf5#
b) mating position of a) wSf5: 1.Qd4 b4 2.Qe5 Se3#
c) mating position of b) wRe3: 1.Qd4 Rf3 2.Qc4 Rf5#
d) mating position of c) wSf5: 1.Qd4 g5 2.Qe5 Se3#
e) mating position of d) wRe3: 1.Qd4 Rf3 2.Qc4 Rf5#
f) mating position of e) wSf5: 1.Qd4 g4 2.Qe5 Se3#
g) mating position of f) wRe3: 1.Qd4 Rf3 2.Qc4 Rf5#
h) mating position of g) wSf5: 1.Qd4 g3 2.Qe5 Se3#
i) mating position of h) wRe3: 1.Qd4 Rf3 2.Qc4 Rf5#
j) mating position of i) wSf5: 1.Ke5+! Sd4 2.Bd5 Sf3#
An endless sequence of repeated manoeuvres by bQ, wR and wS: at last, in j) we can breathe again! Funny and original!
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1st Commendation - No 25, Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) b7/2P5/8/8/7K/8/3pp2b/7k

a) diagram: 1.Bg1 c8Q 2.Kh2 Qh3#
b) mating position of a) wBh3: 1.Kh1 Kg3 2.Bg2 Bxg2#
c) mating position of b) wRg2: 1.Bf2+ Rxf2 2.e1S Rf1#
d) mating position of c) wSf1: 1.Sf3 Kf2 2.Sh2 Sg3#
Minimal and miniature; rather simple play, but still quite rich content considering the limited material; a pity that Pd2 is used only in c, as cook stopper.
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2nd Commendation - No 56
Gennadi Chumakov
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(3+6)
3rd Commendation - No 35
Rolf Wiehagen & Christer Jonsson
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(4+11)
4th Commendation - No 23A
Vladimir Koci
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(5+10)

2nd Commendation - No 56, Gennadi Chumakov (Russia) 2b5/1p5K/1Np5/4b3/5k2/n6Q/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Bd6 Kg6 2.Ke5 Qe3#
b) mating position of a) wBe3: 1.Bc5 Kf7 2.Kd6 Bf4#
c) mating position of b) wRf4: 1.Bd4 Sa8 2.Kd7 Rxd4#
d) mating position of c) wSd4: 1.Kd8 Sb6 2.Be6+ Sxe6#
e) mating position of d) wPe6: 1.Sb5 Kf8 2.Sc7 e7#
5 model mates in light position and full Forsberg set, but the play is rather simple in most variants.
EN <-> RU

3rd Commendation - No 35, Rolf Wiehagen (Germany) & Christer Jonsson (Sweden) 1bk5/2p1p1P1/1p1p1P1n/P5n1/8/p7/4p2p/K7

a) diagram: 1.h1B fxe7 2.Bb7 e8Q#
b) mating position of a) wRe8: 1.Kd7 g8S 2.Bc6 Sf6#
c) mating position of b) wBf6: 1.e1R+ Ka2 2.Re6 Rd8#
d) mating position of c) wSd8: 1.Kc8 axb6 2.Bd7 b7#
Mixed AUW; the Forsberg piece never mates, which is quite original, but bK in check in b) is a weakness.
EN <-> RU

4th Commendation - No 23A, Vladimir Koci (Czech Republic) rb2K1b1/1nP5/2p5/2pppPP1/4k3/3p4/5P2/8

a) diagram: 1.Kxf5 c8Q+ 2.Ke4 Qg4#
b) mating position of a) wRg4: 1.Kf5 Rf4+ 2.Ke6 Rf6#
c) mating position of b) wBf6: 1.Kd6 f4 2.Be6 Bxe5#
d) mating position of c) wSe5: 1.Bc8 f5 2.Bc7 Sf7#
e) mating position of d) wPf7: 1.Bd8 f8Q+ 2.Be7 Qxe7#
Full Forsberg set in descending order (Q->R->B->S->P), and also, in the final variant, the Pawn promotes to Queen, completing the circle, but bK in check in b) is a fault.
EN <-> RU
5th Commendation - No 46
A. Ivunin & A. Pankratyev
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(4+12)
6th Commendation - No 53
C. G. S. Narayanan
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(3+8)
Special Commendation - No 50
Chris Tylor & Andrey Frolkin
TT-174, SuperProblem, 13-12-2016
h#2see text(2+3)

5th Commendation - No 46, Aleksey Ivunin & Aleksandr Pankratyev (Russia) 6K1/3pbPp1/3p3p/n3r1rP/2k5/4pp2/5P2/q7

a) diagram: 1.Kd5 f8Q 2.Ke6 Qf7#
b) mating position of a) wRf7: 1.Rgf5 Rxg7 2.Kf6 Rg6#
c) mating position of b) wSg6: 1.Re6 Sf8 2.Qe5 Sh7#
d) mating position of c) wPh7: 1.Bf8 h8Q+ 2.Bg7 Qxg7#
e) mating position of d) wPg7: 1.Ke7 fxe3 2.Rf8+ gxf8Q#
f) mating position of e) wRf8: 1.Rf6 e4 2.Ke6 Re8#
g) mating position of f) wSe8: 1.Sc6 Kg7 2.Se7 Sc7#
Many variants, but the Forsberg set lacks a B and the play is not that interesting.
EN <-> RU

6th Commendation - No 53, C. G. S. Narayanan (India) 5n1K/2P3r1/5rpp/8/7p/4kP2/8/2b5

a) diagram: 1.Kf4 c8Q 2.Kg5 Qg4#
b) mating position of a) wPg4: 1.h5 f4+ 2.Kh6 g5#
c) mating position of b) wRg5: 1.h3 Rg4 2.h4 Rxh4#
d) mating position of c) wBh4: 1.Rf5 Bf6 2.Rh5 Bxg7#
e) mating position of d) wSg7: 1.g5 Kg8 2.Sg6 Sf5#
Full Forsberg set and light position, but rather simple play.
EN <-> RU

Special Commendation - No 50, Chris Tylor (England) & Andrey Frolkin (Ukraine) 1br5/2k1P3/8/2K5/8/8/8/8

a) diagram: 1.Rd8 e8Q 2.Rc8 Qe7#
b) mating position of a) wPe7: 1.Rd8 e8Q 2.Rc8 Qe7#
Very original perpetuum mobile, with one forever repeating variant, in a 5 pieces position!
EN <-> RU

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Abdurahmanovic F. – No 25, 26
Aloni Y. – No 27
Bhushan P. – No 40, 41, 42
Bourd E. – No 60, 61
Chumakov G. – No 56, 57
Frolkin A. – No 43*, 44*, 45*, 50*
Ivunin A. – No 36, 37, 46*, 47*
Jonsson C. – No 5*, 33*, 34*, 35*
Koci V. – No 23A, 23B, 24
Kostyukov A. – No 38, 39
Krätschmer R. – No 54, 55
Lütt M. – No 51, 52
Manikumar S. – No 17, 18
Müller D. – No 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Narayanan C. G. S. – No 53
Nastran J. – No 1
Navon E. – No 28, 29A, 29B, 30, 31, 32*
Pankratyev A. – No 46*, 47*
Serafimović I. – No 58, 59
Shifrin S. – No 3
Tar G. – No 6, 7, 8, 9
Tylor C. – No 44*, 45*, 50*
Vasilenko A. – No 2, 43*, 62
Velmurugan N. – No 48, 49A, 49B
Wiehagen R. – No 4, 5*, 33*, 34*, 35*
Witztum M. – No 19, 20, 21, 22, 32*

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