Final Award in Quick Composing TT-163 | Окончательные итоги блицконкурса TT-163

Promoted piece on the same square | Превращенная фигура на том же поле

Theme | Тема

15 entries were received from 7 authors representing 5 countries | На конкурс поступило 15 композиций от 7 авторов из 5 стран

Award is the following | Отличия распределились следующим образом

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 10
Ingemar Lind
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 11
Ingemar Lind
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 8
Gábor Tar
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016

1st Prize, 1st Place - No 10, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) 8/6p1/6P1/8/7N/p3p3/PBp1P1R1/K1Rn3k

1.Bf6! gxf6 2.g7 f5 3.g8Q f4 4.Qb8! f3 5.Rh2+ Kg1 6.Sxf3+ Kf1 7.Qb2 axb2#
Very spectacular and unexpected are the moves 5 and 7 which are possible because of 4.Qb8!! A queen-phoenix is possible (similar to No 8 but without check). But it would be necessary additional pieces (+wPc4 & bPc5).
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2nd Prize, 2nd Place - No 11, Ingemar Lind (Sweden) 1RK1b1r1/3R1pB1/2k1nQ1P/2p3p1/2P3P1/4p3/4P3/8

*1...Rf8/Rxg7/Rh8 2.Bxf8/hxg7/Bxh8 Bxd7#
1.h7! Rxg7 2.h8Q Rg6 3.Rd6+! Kxd6 4.Qh2+ Kc6 5.Qh1+ Kd6 6.Qd1+ Kc6 7.Qd7+ Bxd7#
A strong conception. Without the bRg8 there is the mate Bxd7#. But there is no way to capture it. Therefore white plays the promoted queen from h8 to d7 in order to give check with sacrifice. A very powerful and beautiful problem! Unfortunately the wQf6 and the bSe6 are underemployed in the solution.
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3rd Prize, 3rd Place - No 8, Gábor Tar (Hungary) 4k1N1/4P2p/4P2P/8/8/6Q1/5pPp/5Kbn

1.Qg6+! hxg6 2.h7 g5 3.h8Q g4 4.Qg7 g3 5.Qxg3 Sxg3#
A queen-phoenix is presented with simple means, but in a perfect presentation. The check in the key is necessary due to the idea.
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4th Prize - No 14
Gennadi Chumakov
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
1st Honorable mention - No 5
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
2nd Honorable mention - No 12
Gennadi Chumakov
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016

4th Prize - No 14, Gennadi Chumakov (Russia) 8/5p2/5p2/2p2P2/2P5/2Rp4/3BRPP1/3k1KQ1

1.Bh6!! d2 2.Re6! fxe6 3.fxe6 f5 4.e7 f4 5.e8Q f3 6.Qe2+ fxe2#
That is a beautiful concept. The key is very interesting: why does white play seemingly this useless move to h6? We find the reason during the solution. After 1.Bh6! there is the threat 2.Bd2 dxe2# with switchback of the wB. In this problem we see additionally a change of sacrifice pieces and mate pieces. Because the sacrifice in the solution has to be on e2 therefore 5.e8R? is not enough. But we see also a blemished wQ on g1.
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1st Honorable mention - No 5, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 8/4p2p/3pPpNP/2pB1k1K/2P3pQ/6P1/8/8

*1... hxg6#
1.Sxe7+! Ke5 2.Sc6+ Kf5 3.Qg5+! fxg5 4.e7 Kf6 5.e8Q Kf5 6.Qg6+ hxg6#
Nice play: the wQ (in set play a block) has to sacrifice itself. Therefore the field h4 is observed by black in the solution.
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2nd Honorable mention - No 12, Gennadi Chumakov (Russia) 8/p4p2/P4P1p/1p5P/1Pp4R/2P3p1/1P1NBBk1/3RK3

1.Bb6! axb6 2.a7 Kg1 3.Sf3+ Kg2 4.b3! cxb3 5.Bf1+ Kxf3 6.a8Q+ Ke3 7.Qg2! b2 8.Qf2+ gxf2#
A good presentation with additional sacrifice of wSd2 and a walk of bK to e3.
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3rd Honorable mention - No 4
Aleksey Oganesjan
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
Commendation - No 1
Aleksey Oganesjan
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
Commendation - No 3
Karol Mlynka
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016

3rd Honorable mention - No 4, Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia) 6k1/1p1pP1bR/1P1P1pQp/1PP1NP1p/p3NK1P/Pr6/B7/8

1...bxc6 2.b7 cxb5 3.b8S! b4 4.Sxd7 bxa3 5.Se5 fxe5#
(3.b8B? b4 4.d7?? – 5.Be5??)
1...dxc6 2.d7 cxb5 3.d8B! b4 4.Bc7 bxa3 5.Be5 fxe5# (3.d8S? b4 4.Sc6?? dxc6! or 4.Sf7?? R~!)
Underpromotion in two variations – but without substance in the black play.
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Commendation - No 1, Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia) 8/5p1p/5P1P/8/8/Bpk1P3/1NBpP3/3K4

1...hxg6 2.h7 g5 3.h8Q g4 4.Qh7 g3 5.Qc2+ bxc2#
1...fxg6 2.f7 g5 3.f8Q g4 4.Qf5 g3 5.Qc2+ bxc2#

Commendation - No 3, Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) 8/5Pp1/6P1/p4p2/Pp3B2/p7/PPk2N2/K7

*1...b3 (a) 2.f8Q (A) zz bxa2 3.Qxf5+ Kb3 4.Qe4 axb2#
1.b3? (C) – 2.f8Q (A) zz Kc3 3.Qxg7+ Kc2 4.Qb2+ axb2# & 2.f8B (D) zz Kc3 3.Bxg7+ Kc2 4.Bb2 axb2#, 1...Kc3!
1.f8B? (D) – 2.b3 (C) zz Kc3 3.Bxg7+ Kc2 4.Bb2 axb2#, 1...b3!
1.f8Q! (A) – 2.b3 (C) zz Kc3 3.Qxg7+ Kc2 4.Qb2+ axb2#,
1...b3 (a) 2.Qf7 (B) zz bxa2 3.Qxf5+ Kb3 4.Qe4 axb2#
Commendation - No 6
Ralf Krätschmer
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016
Commendation - No 13
Gennadi Chumakov
TT-163, SuperProblem, 11-05-2016

Commendation - No 6, Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 8/1p1p2p1/1p1BRpPp/1p1K1k1P/1P1RN3/4pP2/4P3/8

1.Rxf6+! gxf6 2.Sg3+ Kg5 3.g7 f5 4.g8Q Kf6 5.Se4+ fxe4 6.f4 Kf5 7.Qe6+ dxe6#

Commendation - No 13, Gennadi Chumakov (Russia) 8/3p4/p2p4/P2P4/Qp6/4p3/1pN1P3/1k1KB3

*1...b3 2.Qa3 bxc2#
1.Sd4! b3 2.Qxb3! Ka1 3.Qa3+ Kb1 4.Sc6! dxc6 5.dxc6 d5 6.c7 d4 7.c8Q d3 8.Qc2+ dxc2#

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Chumakov G. – No 12, 13, 14
Krätschmer R. – No 5, 6, 15
Kuhn R. – No 9
Lind I. – No 10, 11
Mlynka K. – No 2, 3
Oganesjan A. – No 1, 4
Tar G. – No 7, 8

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Ingemar Lind
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