Published: 31/03/2018Опубликовано: 31/03/2018

Saturday puzzle №12 | Субботняя головоломка №12

Gábor Tar(Hungary)
, SuperProblem, 31-03-2018

PG ? & #1

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Под кругами спрятаны белые и черные фигуры.
Необходимо найти кратчайшую доказательную партию и выполнить задание.
Задание – мат в 1 ход.

A specific position providing checkmate in one move is hidden under circles.
It is required to find the shortest prove game which ends with the hidden position and to point out the mating move.

Send solutions to the column editor Grigory Popov on his e-mail: until 5/04/2018

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1.b2-b4 d7-d6
2.b4-b5 Bc8-g4
3.b5-b6 Bg4xe2
4.b6xc7 Be2xf1
5.Sg1-e2 Bf1xe2
6.c7-c8=S Be2xd1
7. O-O Bd1-g4
8.Rf1-e1 Bg4-d7
9.Sc8xd6 #

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1. Zoltán Laborczi(Hungary) , 04/04/2018 22-14

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